Watches for the Great Outdoors

You get antsy when you’re indoors for too long. Your adventurous spirit takes you anywhere from the top of mountains to the deepest realms of the ocean. Can your watch keep up with you?

Outdoor watches do far more than tell time. With durable materials and battery life, you can rely on these watches to keep up with your adventurous lifestyle. Most are designed with features specific to particular outdoor activities, but others are versatile enough to manage various experiences.

timex expedition ranger

Features to look for include:

• Water resistance
• Weather resistance
• High-resolution display
• Light-up watch dial
• Stopwatch and timer
• Lap Timer
• Alarm
• Compass
• Time zone settings
• Date display
• Heart rate monitor
• Integrated apps

Designed especially for those with active, outdoor lifestyles, watches with the above features are as prepared for your next outdoor adventure as you are. From scaling mountains to playing fetch in the park with your dog, these timepieces are ready to go.

timex command

If you’re happiest in the ocean, consider outdoor watches with features that are best for water sports, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. That, of course, includes water-resistant materials, as well as GPS and local tide data. Add a stopwatch to the mix and you have a watch that’s ready to help you beat your personal record in the swimming pool.

Lightweight and durable watches with tools like stopwatches, countdown timers, and heart rate monitors are perfect for running and biking, helping you track your outdoor workouts or train for your next marathon.

For serious hiking and camping, heavy-duty watches with shock, altitude and weather resistance, navigation capabilities, built-in compasses and customizable alarms can guide you through the great outdoors with confidence.

If your adventures are limitless, consider a multi-functional outdoor watch that can easily adapt to various open-air activities. Alternatively, choose one that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. With rugged and durable construction, Timex outdoor watches are ready for adventure, but still carefully crafted for regular wear.

timex allied chronograph

Cater to your adventures

Before purchasing a watch, consider your frequent and upcoming outdoor events to narrow your options to a timepiece with the perfect features and styles to suit your needs. Ask yourself questions, such as:

• Does it need to be water resistant for swimming laps or deep sea adventures?
• Do you need a timer or stopwatch for outdoor training?
• Do you want to wear the watch when you’re adventuring outdoors as well as taking it easy?
• Do you prefer a digital or traditional clock face?
• Are styles, colors or materials important factors?

Make a list of your must-have features – down to the details. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to make your decision. Once you find the perfect outdoor watch, you’ll have a trusty timepiece to support all of your adventurous endeavors.

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