Introducing The Timex American Documents Series

“Timex watches are up there with the Ford Mustang and Budweiser beer as quintessentially American products. Even folks outside the watch world are familiar with the once-popular slogan ‘Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.’ The company is based in Middlebury, CT, and they’ve been around the area since 1854. In a way, they’ve transcended the typical role of a watch manufacturer and become a small slice of American culture. Bill Clinton was known to wear a Timex Ironman while holding office, for example.

But they haven’t produced any watches on American soil since well before the era of the quartz crisis in the 1970s. Globalization and market forces pushed (or rather, pulled) manufacturing overseas for many companies during that time. In 2019, Timex is getting involved in domestic production once again with a model that’s assembled in the U.S. from mostly domestically-made parts. The quartz movement is the only exception, and that comes from Switzerland. This project is called the American Documents series and at launch it includes four models, all in steel, with black, white, dark grey, and midnight blue dials. Each is priced at $495.”



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