GHOST NETS SUCK — Our Collaboration with NYC’s NOAH

For this special watch, we linked up with a brand we haven’t joined before — one that came together with us to back a cause we all care about. 


Noah, a NYC-based brand rooted where prep style and skate culture intersect, is cheeky and irreverent. Also a part of this effort, Spin Dye isn’t a watchmaker or an apparel brand — the company calls itself “an ingredient brand,” and rightly so. Instead of creating its own finished products, Spin Dye supplies sustainable polyester yarns and weaves to other manufacturers and lends its expertise to the rest of the apparel industry, helping companies to make their products in more environmentally-friendly ways. In this case, the final product is a watch strap made from recycled and sustainably-dyed fibers made with water-saving, low-impact manufacturing techniques.


At first glance, this watch might make you scratch your head. What are ghost nets, and why do they suck? Why is this turtle so mad at me? The watch has a story that belies its cheeky design — the turtle, the knife in one hand and the provocative gesture on the other. But once you know what inspired this watch and the collaborative effort behind it, the design starts to make sense. An awful lot of sense. 


Ghost nets are synthetic fishing nets that have been forgotten, lost or simply abandoned at sea. They can remain adrift for years, and since they don’t biodegrade, can wind up claiming the lives of countless fish, birds, turtles, sea mammals and other creatures of the deep, even damaging coral reefs and other underwater habitats. Scientists estimate that some 650,000 marine animals are injured or killed by ghost nets every year.  


Since this alarming form of pollution is rarely talked about outside the commercial fishing industry, we wanted to call attention to it. The good news is that there are solutions out there; animal rights groups are calling for electronic tagging of equipment, which would link ghost nets to the boats from which they came and allow governments to hold fishing companies accountable. Biodegradable commercial nets are also being produced, and some fishing legislation even calls for net sizing to change so that smaller fish can swim safely through while full-grown fish can be caught more intentionally. Several environmental organizations we admire are taking part in the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, which tracks and removes ghost nets and other marine litter from our oceans, and a portion of all proceeds from sales of this watch will go directly to Ocean Defenders, a group which actually tracks down and removes ghost nets and other oceanic pollution. 


The first step, as with so many other environmental issues, is awareness. Ghost nets suck, but there are things we can do about them, and this special collaboration watch is an early step we’re proud to take with Noah and Spin Dye.  


With a stainless-steel case construction, reliable quartz movement and an interesting dial design that’s highly engaging while still being easy to read, this is a watch with a message we endorse 100%. Get yours here. [link to Noah product page] 

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