The Evolution of the Waterbury

It’s been two years since Timex tinkered with its popular Waterbury line. But, in keeping with the Timex tradition of innovation and evolution, a brand-new Waterbury Traditional is now available. An update to a true classic, this timepiece honors our roots with ageless style.

timex waterbury

Three versions of the Waterbury Traditional have been created: a chronograph, day date and sub-second. The new line features case detailing that is more crisp and is defined by a separate looking top ring. The new case design adds a more modern, yet still classic, profile.

Available in genuine leather straps, the Waterbury Traditional has a 42mm dial, quartz analog movement and a stylized “T and X” decoration on the crown that will be featured on most new Boutique case designs. The Waterbury Traditional leather strap models include SB Foot Tanning leather and logo and all models have “The Waterbury” imprinted on the lower dial.

timex waterbury

Other features that will distinguish the Waterbury Traditional include a stainless-steel case, mineral glass crystal, full Arabic dials, two sub-dials and water-resistance up to 50 meters. The watch will also feature the INDIGLO® backlight and plans are being made to add new colorways and movement types by 2019.

Named for the Connecticut town where Timex began, the timepiece is the next generation of the Waterbury and is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and watchmaking.

timex waterbury

Timex and GREATS’ Ryan Babenzien Create the Bayman Watch

timex greats bayman watch

“When I was growing up, my grandfather gave me my first Timex. It was a Timex Mickey Mouse and it was my first tool for learning how to tell time. It was more than just an accessory.” – Ryan Babenzien

Timex sat down with Ryan Babenzien, founder and CEO of the GREATS brand, to talk to about his collaboration with Timex and the Bayman watch.

As founder of GREATS, Ryan has become well-known in streetwear and fashion circles. Taking inspiration from his childhood as well as his formative teenage years, Ryan has found a unique expression that combines urban staples including skate culture, Hip Hop, and sneakers. Now, with the chance to extend his reach into accessories, Ryan welcomed the opportunity to work with Timex.

timex greats bayman watch

“I love watches and grew up with a Timex so for me it was a great fit,” Ryan says. “When I consider collaborating with a brand, there has to be an authentic reason and with Timex, it just seemed natural.”

When Ryan set out to design the first GREATS watch collaboration, he leaned heavily on his past for inspiration. Growing up near the Great South Bay in Long Island, he had a strong affinity for the ocean and the people who made their living on the water.

“Since I spent so much of my childhood on the Bay it was only right that I do a diver’s style watch,” he says. “Timex has a long history of making great diver style watches and I wanted to build on that heritage and design something that would be a fitting testament to that lifestyle.”

timex greats bayman watch

Though footwear and watches are far apart when it comes to design, Ryan saw a great fit to get involved with timepieces.

“One quote I’m always fond of using is, ‘Women judge a man by his shoes and his watch’,” he says. “I’ve done apparel before, but watches are something new. I didn’t find the creative process all that different. When you have a mutual respect for the brand you are collaborating with, it comes down to working together and Timex was a great partner in terms of bringing a vision to life.”

The vision Ryan had was to pay homage to the great diver watches of the past and create a timepiece that would carefully balance style and function to achieve a product that would essentially capture a cherished moment in time.

“For me, that time when the Bay was full of people who would make their living off the water or use it for recreation is gone,” he says. “My inspiration was derived from those memories, from the times and moments I remember being so entwined with the Bay. Coming up with the concept was a pretty straight shot, the story is not fabricated at all.”

The result of Ryan’s collaboration with Timex is the Bayman, a classic diver style timepiece that combines a navy-blue face and fabric strap with a silver case to create a clean look that can be worn on the water or on land.

“I’m thrilled with the Bayman,” he says. “I’ve given a sneak peek to a few people around the office and everyone I’ve shown it to loves it.”

Knowing that consumers are less dependent on watches for time-telling functionality, Ryan paid close attention to the watch as a style accessory.

“The basic function of a watch hasn’t changed,” he says. “The core function has remained the same since watches were first made. But now a watch is part of your personal style statement, and your style says a lot about you.”

Timex Takes the Plunge

red bull cliff diving

In the 1950’s Timex conducted one of it’s famed ‘torture test’ commercials in Acapulco, Mexico. The site of the test was the La Perla cliffs where a popular diver dove 60 feet into the crystal blue waters of the Gulf while wearing a Timex® to demonstrate its amazing durability. Nearly 70 years later, it’s only fitting that Timex will be the official timing partner of the 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

red bull cliff diving

This summer, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will captivate audiences with thrilling dives from some of the most fearless athletes in the world. Hell’s Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas was the location for the event jump-off on June 2nd, followed by Bilboa, Spain on June 30th and San Miguel, Azores on July 14th. The World Series will feature four more competitions and culminate with a finale in Polignano a Mare, Italy on September 23rd. Timex will be on hand for every breathtaking dive as the official timing partner for the Series and as a sponsor for the winner of the Italian Stop of the World Series in 2017, Alessandro de Rose.

timex command watch

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series began in 2009 to provide a platform for aesthetic action and dives of incredible complexity from heights up to 27m (90 feet). The divers who compete enhance the free-fall with awe-inducing acrobatics in a pure extreme sport that is gaining worldwide popularity.

To celebrate the event, Timex has launched the exclusive Timex Command™ Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Edition watch. As bold as the athletes defying gravity, the Command features a blue silicone strap with the Red Bull logo and anodized aluminum details, is shock-resistant, and water resistant up to 100 meters. The commemorative watch also includes a stopwatch, countdown timer, hydration alerts and a vibration alarm.

timex command watch

Timex is also sponsoring Alessandro de Rose, an up-and-coming star who first completed in the World Series in 2013. Four years after his introduction to the sport, Alessandro defied the odds and captured first place at the finale in his home country of Italy at Polignano a Mare. De Rose also won a bronze medal at the FINA high diving world championships in 2017. The Timex Command™ Red Bull Cliff Diving watch is a perfect match for the fearless Alessandro de Rose. Check out the Timex YouTube channel for exclusive videos of Alessandro and the Timex™ Command.

The next stop will be in Sisikon, Switzerland on August 5th. Follow all the action at and on @Timex social media platforms that will feature regular posts on Instagram featuring exclusive videos of the incredible dives as well as content that provides a compelling narrative of  Timex and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series story.

Field Brief: The New Timex X Nigel Cabourn Military-Inspired NAM Watch

“It was a moonless night in No Man’s Land. A man in khaki stood silently waiting in a frontline trench. In the darkness, his eyes were drawn, fascinated, to the luminous figures on the watch dial at his wrist… ”

So says the 1919 book “Time Telling Through the Ages,” a history of the Ingersoll Watch Company, as it paints a scene from World War I. The predecessors of Timex manufactured watches for Ingersoll and through the years, Timex watches would continue to be regarded as thoughtfully-designed timepieces for soldiers and civilians alike.

Now, Timex proudly continues its tradition of blending military-inspired utilitarianism with detail-focused design through the release of its new limited-edition NAM watch, created in collaboration with legendary menswear designer Nigel Cabourn.

Timex nigel cabourn watchThe NAM is inspired by the original Timex military-spec watch, the MK-1.

The timeless designs of Nigel Cabourn 
Using the Camper-style watches Timex designed for soldiers in the Vietnam War as a reference point, the military-inspired NAM timepiece was developed in celebration of Cabourn’s 50 years of creating generation-spanning menswear designs.

Working out of his Garden House atelier outside of Newcastle upon Tyne, Cabourn calls upon his renowned collection of more than 4,000 vintage military and outdoor clothing items and accessories for each piece he creates. Cabourn and his designs lie outside the realm of passing fashion trends, instead crafting each vintage military-inspired number with lifetime wear in mind.

Cabourn’s covetable designs are sold in six highly successful stores across Japan, a high-concept shop in London’s Covent Garden and retailers of fine fashion goods.

The NAM: An inspired collaboration 
Cabourn brought his timeless design ethic to the NAM, drawing particular inspiration from Timex’s original military-spec watch, the MK-1. This Vietnam-era timepiece won the company a government contract with its simple, utilitarian, durable and inexpensive design, which featured a unique domed lens for visibility and sealed-in battery. Cabourn’s watch takes the practical, unfussy style of the MK-1 and updates it for vintage military enthusiasts.

Timex nigel cabourn watchThe NAM is packaged in a vintage-style cotton drill and herringbone army mending kit.

The NAM is a stainless-steel watch with a smooth black dial that features a broad arrow at the 12 o’ clock position. Broad arrows have been used on military watches for centuries for easy readability, and the NAM pairs it with a vintage orange second-sweep hand. The timepiece comes with a L34 Ventile® strap, a sleek update to the nylon found in the vintage Campers, as well as an additional distressed leather slip-through strap that can be easily changed out for versatility. This collectible timepiece is packaged in a vintage-style cotton drill and herringbone army mending kit.

Timex and military watchmaking
Timex has a long tradition of crafting quality timepieces for the U.S. military. The company’s military involvement began during World War I, in an era where pocket watches were the style of the day. The first military wristwatches were made from welding two loops on a pocket watch to hold a strap, and then moving the crown from 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock. Wristwatches were not only more convenient than pocket models, but they also helped soldiers coordinate military advances. As such, they quickly became the standard timepiece for the war effort and soon after for the everyday man and woman.

The NAM is a covetable, limited edition watch that we’re excited to introduce to fans of Timex’s watchmaking heritage, Nigel Cabourn devotees, military-inspired watch aficionados and new buyers alike.