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Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye – $179
Timex T80 34mm – $59
Timex x Todd Snyder Beekman – $168




Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic – $450
Navi XL Automatic – $269
Marlin Automatic 40mm – $249




MK1 36mm – $75
Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch – $138
Timex Navi Depth 38mm – $138




Waterbury Traditional Chronograph – $159
Weekender™ Chrono Oversize – $65
Fairfield Chrono Mesh – $129




Command Urban 47mm – $99
Ironman Original 30 Shock – $67
Ironman Transit 40mm – $50




Marlin Hand-Wound 34mm – $199
American Documents 41mm – $495
Fairfield Mesh 41mm – $99




Expedition Scout 40mm – $60
Command Shock 54mm – $99
Navi Harbor 38mm – $135




New England Patriots – $60
Top Brass Detroit Red Wings Edition – $120
MLB World Series Champs – Nationals – $65

Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye: Adding to Our Heritage-Inspired Lineup

Lightning doesn’t (usually) strike twice, and we didn’t want to just run an old formula again, but we knew after the runaway success of that first Q Timex Reissue watch that we wanted to give our fans more of what they loved. That meant going back to the same source again, where we did indeed find another great watch in our archives, waiting to be reborn as the Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye.

This new watch boasts all the features of its original version, which we debuted in 1978. It’s been carefully considered and executed, from the period-correct woven stainless steel bracelet and fully functional battery hatch to its two-tone case, luminescent paint and electric blue striated-pattern dial. The watch is finished with an interplay of brushed and polished surfaces that further demonstrate attention to detail and focus on quality, invoking the ’70s in a way that’s absolutely ready to be worn today.

Esquire writer Jonathan Evans agrees with our lean into the past, and thinks it’s a great blend of vintage and modern, a demonstration of us taking pride in recreating the period-specific details. “That’s why there’s a domed acrylic crystal, a woven stainless steel bracelet, and even a functional battery hatch on the back. It’s also the reason for the luminous dial-markers, and the reason those markers are gold,” Evans says. “But, like I said, not everything about the ’70s was perfect. The Falcon Eye ups the build quality, and brings 50 meters of water resistance into the mix, as well. So it’s even better the second time around.”

With its refined sensibility and period-specific panache, this watch takes its place next to its sibling in the Q Timex lineup to expand our story for a whole new era. Get yours before they’re all gone.


Our High-Flying Collaboration with Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries started as a small clothing manufacturer based in Knoxville, Tennessee; the company won its first contract with the United States Department of Defense in 1959 for production of a super-warm Air Force parka, and continued to supply the US military with outerwear in the decades that followed.

The company, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, now produces apparel for the civilian sector that’s both stylish and effective at warding off the elements. But the Alpha Industries’ legacy of designing and making military-spec gear is carried on in the DNA of everything Alpha Industries does.


That impressive heritage made Alpha a perfect match for our high standards and traditional watchmaking roots at Timex. The resulting design of this collaborative watch leans heavily into military-inspired styling to produce something with a wealth of purpose-tested details, plus a wearing experience that’s mindful of modern needs.

The watch case is made of aluminum with a matte black PVD coating, featuring a sturdy woven strap in olive green drab with orange contrast stitching, plus a black PVD buckle and fastening loops. As for the dial, a riff on our classic MK1 design, luminous hands and hour markers and a high-contrast seconds hand tie the design back to Timex’s own heritage in function-forward watchmaking.

Shop the new Timex x Alpha Industries and learn more about the collab by visiting the product page.



Announcing the Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic


oday we’re proud to announce the launch of the most “Timex” Timex ever made: the Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic. This special timepiece combines the rich watchmaking heritage of Timex with Design Director Giorgio Galli’s sculptural sense of light and shape to create something entirely new, something that Timex has never created before. The S1 Automatic marks the beginning of a series that tells a shared story of the decades-long partnership between the historic brand and Giorgio Galli.

Though Giorgio has worked with many illustrious brands in the watch industry, Timex is his career’s greatest passion. “To me, Timex is different from any other brand, because it stands for independence, timeless beauty, quality and incredible value,” says Giorgio. “Being able to sculpt the legacy of this iconic brand has been a joy, and I’m honored to put my name on the first of many timepieces in this new collection.”

The S1 Automatic is rich with subtle, innovative details and technical mastery, while embracing the simplicity that makes Timex watches unique. With a 24-jewel automatic movement, custom watch case and crown, gently domed dial and exclusive high-durability synthetic rubber strap, the details of this watch elevate it to something sophisticated and elegant. It’s a design that will capture your attention again and again — even when you already know perfectly well what time it is.

One influence on the genesis of this new watch was the recent surge in the popularity of traditional watchmaking, and in turn a strong resurgence of automatic watch production. While Timex has released automatic watches to elevate its most-loved collections — the Marlin®, the Waterbury, Celestial Opulence and now Navi XL — the S1 Automatic marks a higher aim and more advanced focus than ever before.

“The S1 bends the rules of classical watch design into an avant-garde interpretation,” says Galli. “I made it as a tribute to the history of Timex, as well as a look ahead to the chapters yet to be written.”

The first in what will be a series entirely conceived by Galli himself, the S1 Automatic tells a shared story of his passion and influence over design paired with a 165-year heritage in the watchmaking space.


Timex Returns to ComplexCon With Exciting New Drops & Collabs

At this year’s highly-anticipated ComplexCon, where the most exclusive drops in footwear, apparel, accessories and more take place, attendees will find us going big and dropping our own exclusive products and collaborations. We are also serving as the event’s official timekeeper all weekend long. Over the course of two days, we will be transporting attendees back in time with a retro-themed arcade built for the re-release of our iconic T80 digital watch, all while readying for the release of more never-before-seen drops.

Coming off a year of already-exciting collaborative launches that have sold out within hours, featuring brands like SUPREME, Patta, Peanuts and more, we’re continuing to surprise our fans by creating must-have timepieces with some of the best-known brands in streetwear. ComplexCon attendees will be among the first to get their hands on five exclusive collaboration watches:

• PAC-MAN™ burst onto the arcade scene in 1980 and helped create a whole new kind of entertainment, which we are commemorating with a special edition of the T80 watch.
• A continued partnership with GREATS led to a special dive-inspired watch with a strap made of recycled materials, a nod to the our highly successful 2018 collaboration.
• Teaming up with Alpha Industries, we created a throwback watch honoring both Alpha Industries’ history of producing military-grade gear and our own legacy in function-forward watchmaking, resulting in a sturdy timepiece built to last through tough conditions.
• In a bold use of dial graphics, we joined efforts with Canadian brand Raised by Wolves for a design that features snarling wolves illuminated by the iconic INDIGLO® backlight.
• In round two of a highly successful partnership with The Good Company, we’re introducing a new colorway of the 2018 design to the delight of fans who missed out on last year’s release. This watch will be available at The Good Company’s ComplexCon booth, and we’ll be making it available on later in November.

Meanwhile, at the Timex retro-themed arcade, attendees who find themselves on the leaderboard of classic arcade games will have the chance to win special prizes, including a coveted T80 digital watch that’s sure to invoke nostalgia.

“We’re looking forward to being part of this event for the second year, alongside other brands and performers that move our culture forward in brilliant and unexpected ways,” said Silvio Leonardi, Senior Vice President of Timex. “ComplexCon attendees will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Timex and the timepieces we’re debuting – from our collaborative drops to our retro arcade that will bring to life the magic of the 80s.”

The drops at ComplexCon will be available in limited quantities Nov. 2nd and 3rd and will officially drop on beginning Sunday, Nov. 3 at 3 p.m. EST. For more information, visit or follow us on social media @Timex.

The Q Timex 1979 Reissue Is Now Back Online

The watch community has called for more, and we’ve responded — our Q Timex 1979 Reissue is making yet another return to, and we’ll continue to bring it back as much as possible. The only thing getting in the way of a permanent in-stock status is how fast our fans have been buying it; with multiple sold-out runs and tens of thousands of people signed up for restock alert emails, it’s just a matter of fulfilling the demand that we know our fans have. If you’ve missed out on recent restocks, sign up for those alerts and keep an eye on your inbox.

Origins of our Q Timex collection

For centuries, watchmaking was based around complex mechanical movements, but in the late 1960s the introduction of quartz timekeeping began to revolutionize the industry.

Unveiling its first quartz watch in 1972, Timex joined the trend by designing approachable, highly accurate watches. By 1980, quartz watches outpaced mechanical watches in both production and sales, causing a panic for traditional Swiss makers who had tried to stay the course with their traditional mechanical watchmaking.

To many, this period in time is known as the “Quartz Crisis.” But enterprising watchmaking companies – Timex included – were able to turn the so-called crisis into triumph by taking this new technology and maximizing its potential.

Case in point: the source material for our Q Timex 1979 Reissue. The 2019 reiteration is a watch that’s just as stylish, functional and approachable now as it was in the ’70s. We held onto the retro color scheme and period-correct domed acrylic crystal above the dial, and we even included that cool coin-operated battery hatch – allowing you to change the battery yourself, and saving a trip to the nearest jeweler or watch technician – to give our modern-day Q the same feel as it would’ve had decades ago.


Make no mistake, the watch does have a few modern upgrades to offer: it packs a new movement, and the construction uses state-of-the-art methods, the same way we build every modern watch here at Timex. This makes the Q Timex 1979 Reissue as accurate as possible, and it’s also highly resistant to water, dust and other hazards.

Here at Timex we don’t stop innovating, especially when we’re creating something new in the image of a horological icon. Get in on the re-making of history today, and watch out for more great reissues and vintage-inspired watches from us.

Huckberry Teams Up With Timex for a Retro Dive-Inspired Watch

We share a lot of ideals and principles with our friends at Huckberry. One of those shared principles: if no one else is making exactly what you need, make it for yourself — and then share it with everyone else who might be looking for the same thing. That approach to business, coupled with Huckberry’s archival inspiration below, is what led to the exciting collaboration between our watchmaking expertise and their passion for great outdoor goods.

“Vintage Timex watches in good shape aren’t exactly easy to come by. To be fair though, this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. For the better part of the last century, the legendary Connecticut watchmaker has made a name for itself, producing some of the most affordable, but hardest-wearing watches of the era, then daring their owners to put them through hell, promising that anything bearing the Timex name could ‘take a licking, but keep on ticking.’ The now-iconic slogan is handily responsible for the Timex legacy of durability, solidifying it as a brand whose watches could be worn without worry – whether you were spearfishing hogfish in the Florida Keys, making your final push for Katahdin at the end of the Appalachian Trail, or prowling Northern California marshlands for a photograph of the elusive and endangered Ridgeway’s Rail.” – Huckberry

So when the good folks at Huckberry in San Francisco stumbled across a vintage Timex Skin Diver watch at the legendary Alameda Flea Market, it wasn’t just a thrifty thrill — it kicked off a relationship that led us all to the Timex x Huckberry watch. Inspired by that vintage timepiece (what someone at Huckberry dubbed “the barn find of the year”), this new watch features a great retro diver design with modern innovations to back it up.

The rotating friction bezel is highly legible and easy to use, and the white-on-black face with luminous-painted hands and indices is quick to read no matter where you are or what time it is. Our design team included several special elements from Huckberry, including the brand’s pine tree logo at the 12:00 marker, on the crown, on the case back and inside the premium leather slip-thru strap that ships with every Huckberry x Timex Diver.

Add in a charcoal radial-brushed dial, a standout red seconds hand and a bead-blasted stainless steel case rated for water resistance to 100M, and you’ve got a winning design that works just as well with your workday blazer as it does with your off-duty flannels and denim.

To learn more about this collaboration between Timex and Huckberry, and to buy the watch yourself, visit Huckberry’s site here.

Timex x Patta: Amsterdam Street Style Meets American Watchmaking

The designers of Amsterdam-based Patta had money on their minds when they approached this collaboration with Timex. But the money on their minds wasn’t just about their brand doing business with ours — to them, it was about questioning the relationship between money and time, and how much value we all place on that relationship.

Patta got its start in 2004 as a side-hustle to fund travel and music ventures for a group of friends living in Amsterdam. According to a terrific interview The Street UK did with Patta co-founder Guillaume Schmidt, the hobby took off and grew into a small-time business dealing in sneakers and novelty items from around the world. Schmidt and his cohorts used their passion to establish a brand that’s since expanded to multiple retail locations and a large web presence.

When we asked Creative Director Vincent van de Waal about this watch’s dial design, he had a few things to say. “We wanted to give the dial artwork a bit more than just the function of telling the time,” he says. “The currencies make you aware of the speed of the world we live in. Time is money. But I think it’s up for the one who wears it to decide whether that’s something to strive for… or if it’s a sign that we should loosen up.”

As for the general aesthetic – the field-watch color palette, the domed crystal and military dial layout — van de Waal cited an affinity for the functional vibe Timex has always represented. “The reason to collaborate with Timex goes back to the love of for the military aesthetic,” he says. “[I think] military goods are always a big inspiration in what we do.” The bandana included with the watch strikes those same chords in plain black and white, repeating the watch dial design to further remind its wearer of time, money and value.

If you’re trying to spend your 24 hours a day as wisely as you spend your monthly budget, we can help with that — this limited-edition watch is available today on

Timex x Wood Wood Makes a Strong Case for Getting Lost

Our new watch designed in collaboration with Copenhagen’s Wood Wood is notable for a handful of things. One is its clean, contemporary design — it ties together traditional details, like a domed crystal and military-style dial, with an all-black palette that’s decidedly modern. And then there’s the most unique feature of the watch: a message hidden in the INDIGLO® backlight that says “GET LOST.”

It might seem funny, a watch telling you to get lost. After all, the average wristwatch is all about avoiding getting lost. How can you lose your sense of direction or your sense of time and still be on time for whatever’s next? The double meaning that inspired the design is best explained by Brian SS Jensen, a Wood Wood designer and co-founder of the brand.

“I’m intrigued with the idea of getting lost, both physically and as a state of mind,” said Jensen. “We wanted to do something that was really simple and wearable, but still have an element of humor and surprise.” To him, getting lost in a new city is a great way to experience what it has to offer. And getting lost in time simply means being in the present — being mindful, stopping to smell the roses while the world rushes on. Both interpretations of the “get lost” message can help us make the most of the hours passing by.

This new timepiece’s double-entendre message is here to help you along in our over-scheduled, hyperconnected world. You can keep track of the time with a well-designed watch that’s simple and reliable; that’s why you choose Timex. But as for why you might choose this specific Timex, the one we worked with Wood Wood to create? It’s the reminder we all need that sometimes, where the hands on the clock fall isn’t what matters most.

Sometimes, we need to get lost so we can find a new way forward.

Shop the watch today at the Timex website.

We Bring the Night Sky to Your Wrist with the Celestial Opulence Automatic

For thousands of years we relied upon the moon and stars to navigate, track time and help to tell our human story with tales and myths. We built legends around them, drew maps that used constellations as their guides.

Today we mostly look to the stars for their beauty and elegance, things for which there are no substitutes. And when we designed the first automatic watch in our Celestial Opulence collection, a stunning timepiece in midnight blue and rose gold-tone stainless steel, elegance was the first guiding principle we had in mind.

The face of the watch comprises a midnight-blue dial with a floating hour hand and a dauphine-style minute hand orbiting above, with Swarovski® crystals set into the outer perimeter to recall the stars that first inspired this design. We decided to exclude a sweeping seconds hand, simplifying the watch overall and earning its name by design. After all, what could be more opulent than a watch that doesn’t care about mere seconds? Worry about the truly important things, it implores us; look up at the night sky in wonder, and the rest will follow.

This mechanical movement keeps time as you would expect from a Timex®, but this beating heart is precisely what makes the Celestial Opulence so special. And beat it does; the movement inside it rotates approximately six times per second, nearly 22,000 times each hour. Viewed through an exhibition case back that’s tinted morning-blue and etched with constellation patterns, this high-accuracy 21 jewel movement draws its power from the motion of your wrist as you wear the watch throughout your day. And thanks to a 40-plus hour power reserve, you can be sure the watch won’t stop, even after you’ve wound down for the evening.

Shop our new Celestial Opulence Automatic here, and take the star-scattered sky wherever you go.