Timex x MadeWorn, Years in the Making

From the Brand That Never Stops
Timex x MadeWorn, Years in the Making

Synonymous with passion, quality, and vision – any connoisseur will tell you precision and timing can be everything. That’s why after years in the making, the collaboration between Timex & MadeWorn had to be just the right fit.

Every detail – down to the watch’s most intimate aspects, presentation, and very soul was thoroughly mused over and considered until each part fell into place, revealing its true opus.

But how did we arrive here?

Vintage Watch with leather strap

MadeWorn is helmed by Blaine Halvorson, an LA-based artist who runs his brand with an eye to decades (and centuries) past and a penchant for hands-on manipulation of materials. Timex, of course, came to the table with more than 165 years of watchmaking heritage and global influences on design, manufacturing, and production, all while under the creative design direction of Giorgio Galli, one of the most influential watch designers of his time.

The sum of these parts, which might seem like oil and water from first glance, is a blend like no other. The watches in this collection tick like a Timex and wear like the singular objects of artistic passion that they really are.

On the Timex side, this MadeWorn edition began its life under the American Documents® collection which made its debut in April 2019, when Timex brought watchmaking back to the USA. A natural fit for MadeWorn, staying true to both brands DNA and mission for American-Made products. Keeping true to the original, this unique but limited edition was made by American craftsmen with American materials, each raw piece that was produced in the US was then shipped to Blaine out in LA for his hands-on approach (really his blood, sweat and tears) to ensure that each component was uniquely crafted. From LA the pieces went back to the Timex HQ in Middlebury, CT where our engineering team lead by Dave Quinlan continued that very mission.

But with one look at a MadeWorn watch, you know something diverged somewhere. And for Halvorson, Galli and Quinlan, finding the way to something as wonderful as the Timex x MadeWorn watch is all about process.

For these watches, it’s about many processes separated out and repeated through time. The watch cases are coated with a proprietary plating, and then physically tumbled and distressed to show intentional wear; a similar process was applied to the case back, but separately, with multiple layers of plating applied and then partially worn away through hand-distressing methods. For each individual watch, a special coating was then applied overtop of the worn plating layers to preserve what Timex and MadeWorn achieved together.






Each strap also tells a story of wear, aging and manipulation; soaked in tannin-based dyes and dried with direct-sun exposure, among other methods, the end result is a softened leather strap that’s still sturdy, but definitively broken-in and rich with deep, earthy hues. Years of exposure to sun, sweat and other elements of daily life were compressed into weeks, days and even hours as Halvorson and Quinlan created these watches, assembling parts by hand and navigating each process with a combination of the engineer’s scientific know-how and the artist’s gut instinct.

Of course, the most immediately striking aspect of this watch is its dial. Split into two hemispheres — left brain and right brain, day and night, illusion and reality — it reflects a process that involved basic and acidic compounds, as well as applications of blistering heat and powerful light. With this visual Halvorson evokes the horizon we’re always chasing, as well as the setting sun that we’re trying to beat.

What can we do with the 24 hours we’re given? In Blaine’s own words, “we cannot attempt to cheat time, but we can change how we use and represent it. Will we fall victim to these 24 hours — or choose to conquer them? “

A watch with this much care and passion put into it will, of course, be presented in a setting that warrants such weight. Each watch comes in a box made of American cherrywood and charred by hand, with a sheaf of papers inspired by (and treated to look like) banking and business documents from a century ago, as if rescued from the drawer of an antique desk.

Hand-assembled by American craftspeople and built with materials and parts sourced in the USA, this watch is more than a time-telling device. Every element of its design, from the case and hands to the special dial patina, is completely unique — no two Timex x MadeWorn watches are the same. This collaborative project represents Halvorson’s vision of time: the future to come, the past already gone, and our position straddling the present’s divide as the clock strikes now, now, now.

The true essence and soul of this collaboration could only be captured by renowned film-maker and photographer Dikayl Rimmasch. Each image and video produced tells this unique story but leaves room for personal reflection and thoughtful curiosity.

Discover Timex x MadeWorn here. 

Product Features:

  • Stainless-Steel Case with Aging Process
  • Two-Color Dial with Aging Process
  • Natural Leather Strap with Aging Process
  • Brass Case Back with Custom Plating that was Made to Look Like Aged Aluminum
  • Water Resistant to 30M
  • 41mm case, 20mm lug


  • SRP: $850
  • June 15, 2021
  • Available exclusively on Timex.com

What’s next between Timex and MadeWorn, will we fall victim to these 24 hours – or choose to conquer them…Tick Tick Tick…Check back in 2022.

Timex Celebrates 25 Years of YMC with A Fresh Take on Our T80 Watch

In 2019 we collaborated for the first time with YMC, a British brand focused on the intersection of street style and high fashion. With our joined design sensibilities, we came up with a special edition of our 36mm Camper watch, itself a riff on earlier designs that were made by Timex for the US Military. By rendering our simple and versatile field watch in a rich and unorthodox shade of golden brown, YMC helped us create a watch that quickly found an audience and sold out of the entire production run. 

Timex YMC Gold watchAnd now we’re teaming up again with YMC for a second special collaborative effort, this time focusing on another throwback Timex design — the classic digital T80. 

With a similar eye toward the utilitarian as our first joint effort, this function-forward watch does a lot with a little, leaning more into subtle design elements and understated boldness than eye-catching graphics or loud colors. Indeed, in a translucent muted-green guise, it could pass for just another digital watch when you see it at arm’s length. 

But given a second glance, like everything else YMC designs, the eye for detail and craft become more apparent: the balance of hue and translucency throughout the resin case and strap, the slight view of the watch’s inner workings around the edges of the display, the small-yet-substantial logomark on the face of it. This watch might blend in, when that’s what you’re going for, but it certainly doesn’t hide. 

YMC Timex watch with Indiglo

This watch packs in all the classic functionality you’d expect from a digital Timex — a stopwatch, a day and date display, 30 meters of water resistance, an INDIGLO® backlight and a comfortable, ergonomic design.

Get yours before it’s long gone. 


We’ve got big news: Timex is making a change.


For many decades now — a good chunk of our history, which reaches back to 1854 — we have been known to make watches that “take a licking and keep on ticking.” And that’s a sentiment that holds true to this day. Even our most refined, delicate and polished wristwatches are built to handle the real world and address your most practical time-telling needs.


But how we present ourselves to the world is getting a modern update that better expresses the outlook and mindset of our company in the 21st century: WE DON’T STOP™.


With this campaign’s debut, we’re unveiling a new ad in collaboration with notable change makers from around the world, as well as a charitable partnership with #TOGETHERBAND to further the “We Don’t Stop” mission and provide a platform for everyday heroes. These change makers include athletes, activists, actors, musicians and more. 


MAX EMERSON: Max Emerson is an American actor, model, author, director and YouTuber. A modern champion for LGBTQ+ rights and focused content, Max built his entire social following while championing LGBTQ+ awareness.​”


JASMINE WHIPPS: Jazzy is a YouTube content creator who uses British Sign Language. She is deaf in both ears and uses her YouTube channel as a platform to engage with people around the world and to share her stories and experiences. 


JADAKISS: Def Jam and Roc Nation veteran MC, Jadakiss made his mainstream debut in 1994 as a member of the East Coast rap trio The Lox. Known throughout the 90s and 2000s for his distinctive gravelly voice, he has collaborated with some of the most celebrated hip-hop artists of all time.


CHLOÉ DUBOIS:  Chloé is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Ocean Legacy Foundation, a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 2014 with the goal to end plastic waste in our oceans. Ocean Legacy aims to accomplish this through education, advocacy, research and policy that improves infrastructure and waste management, and the foundation takes part in cleanup and restoration efforts to help catalyze anti-pollution actions worldwide.


SIDHARTH MALHOTRA: Sidharth is an Indian Bollywood actor who started his own career without any background or connections in the Indian film industry. His can-do attitude and upbeat personality have won him millions of fans from all over the world. 


EFRAIN ALVAREZ: Efrain is a 17-year-old midfielder for the LA Galaxy and a soccer phenom taking the world of Major League Soccer by storm. The LA native became the Galaxy’s youngest player with his MLS debut game that included two goals in the last period of play. Alvarez was also named to the 2019 Mexican U-17 FIFA World Cup team. 


OLIVIA SELTZER: Editor and founder of The Cramm, Seltzer’s passion for news and staying informed led her to creating a newsletter for younger readers — one that garners more than 2.5 million monthly views. The Cramm is read in more than 80 countries, and it’s followed by celebrities like PINK, Chelsea Handler, Gwyneth Paltrow and Arianna Huffington. 


LUCIUS — Lucius is an indie-pop band that consists of lead vocalists Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, drummer and producer Dan Molad, and lead guitarist Peter Lalish​. They’ve sold out shows big and small, headlined across US and Europe, played at Bonnaroo, End of The Road, Lollapalooza, Newport Folk Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals and more and shared the stage with a variety of musicians.



NORTHEAST PASSAGE: The joint project of the U.S. Paralympics team and the University of New Hampshire, Northeast Passage is the current model to match for elite-level sled hockey, providing support and development for handicapped athletes to compete at the highest level.


MATT MAXEY: Matt Maxey is the Founder of DEAFinitely Dope, a company that provides sign language interpretation for live music events to make them more inclusive of deaf and hard-of-hearing fans.



WE DON’T STOP™ conveys a message of hope and resiliency as many around the world continue to persevere in the face of difficult circumstances. The campaign’s hero video, shot pre-COVID, now symbolizes a future where people can be brought together again, to work toward common causes and celebrate each other’s achievements. This ethos serves as the inspiration for the campaign’s anthem video, overlaid with a special rendition of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” — a perfect encapsulation of what this change is all about, and how our brand is readying itself for whatever comes next. 


“WE DON’T STOP is a natural progression for the brand,” says Tobias Reiss-Schmidt, President and CEO of Timex Group. “The campaign speaks to the resilience that we are all surrounded by – stories of grit, perseverance, ingenuity and heart – stories that strengthen us to carry on. WE DON’T STOP champions our everyday heroes and everything we have stood for over the past 167 years, without losing a step as we continue forward.”  


For more than a century, we have always been innovative and forward-thinking, with bold new ideas for the ever-changing times. Timex has graced the wrists of presidents, traveled to space, and continued to innovate and collaborate with some of the coolest designers and brands in fashion. The new WE DON’T STOP™ platform symbolizes the continuation of a boundary-breaking mentality, championing everyday heroes that embody We Don’t Stop in everything they do. 


This campaign is here to be more than an ethos at Timex; it provides a platform for all the stories out there that have inspired the company to keep going and to continue reaching toward greater heights.


It is with that outlook that Timex has joined #TOGETHERBAND in driving awareness for this global campaign dedicated to creating a more equitable, peaceful and sustainable future for all. #TOGETHERBAND aims to provide aid and raise funds for the United Nations’ 17 Global Goals to achieve a more sustainable world by 2030. Timex Group has donated funds directly to #TOGETHERBAND, which will be allocated to the critical and life-changing programs supported by the organization. It is just one more step the company is taking toward a better future — something worth striving for as we continue to adapt, grow, learn and collaborate.  


Please share your WE DON’T STOP story by tagging @timex and using the hashtag #WeDontStop on social media.




Announcing Our Special New Feminine-Forward Q Timex Watch

When we first launched the Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch in May of 2019, we knew it would be big. But after multiple sold-out releases in the Q Timex franchise, it became clear that our fans wanted more.  

With this latest release, we’re pleased to offer a Q Timex watch made specifically for women, with all the retro details and design elements that made our originals from the 1970s so great in the first place. Featuring a polished gold-tone case, a bright bi-color bezel in black and pink plus a stylish bracelet made with Perfect Fit technology, this iteration of our classic Q Timex design goes from beach to street without missing a beat. This watch has all the practical features you’d expect — plenty of of water resistance, a day-date display and a coin-slot battery hatch — with a blush-inspired look that takes it to a whole new level.  

The bracelet has alternating gold-tone and pastel pink links, and it features something specific to our watches that you may not have encountered before — Timex Perfect Fit technology. This means it’s made for impressively easy size adjustment, even at home where you probably don’t have a watchmaker’s tools at your disposal. With a Perfect Fit bracelet, your watch can be sized exactly to fit a variety of wrists, no trip to the jeweler required.  

While we love the original Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch just as much as our fans, and we think the range of colors available in the unisex 38mm size offers a lot of style and versatility, this edition for women takes the great original formula and adjusts it just enough to deliver a chic, feminine throwback that tells its own unique story.  

To add that unique story to the one you’re already telling, you can get this special Q Timex watch for just $179 

Timex Collaborates With Japanese Artist ‘Face’ & Anna Magazine

This watch might look a bit far-out, with unfamiliar dial art and a name you don’t recognize. But it’s still a Timex. The 36mm case, lightweight and shaped from resin, is both versatile and adventure-ready; it fits a variety of wrists, and packs a large dose of old-school charm. It’s nostalgic. It’s sensible. It tells the time.

And sitting there on your wrist with its grosgrain strap and domed acrylic crystal, it tells the time in a way that makes you want to listen. The offbeat smiley design on the dial, courtesy of a Tokyo-based collaborating artist, is there to draw and hold your attention in ways that a plain watch dial might not really be able to do.

The Tokyo-based illustrator and designer who created the dial design for this watch goes by the working name Face; this Japanese-Taiwanese artist is a contributor to several magazines and media outlets, and regularly provides graphic design for the brand HUMAN MADE directed by designer, producer and entrepreneur Nigo. Also joining Timex in this collaboration is Japan’s Anna Magazine, a print editorial on style and culture with a social, feminine focus. Anna contributed the “Analog Life” concept that formed the basis for this special watch.

As part of a larger picture, though, our Analog Life Camper watch is about more than just telling time or taking a fashionable angle to watch design. The act of looking down at your wristwatch and reading the hours and minutes is akin, as Anna Magazine would put it, to jotting down the day’s happenings in a journal. Or using a paper map to find your way, taking the time to brew pour-over coffee, taking a photo with a film camera, going out to camp in the woods or getting around town by bicycle.

Nowadays, it’s common to check the time by checking your phone — it’s just part of how our daily lives revolve totally around those little screens. We rely on all that pocketable convenience, the constant access to information and entertainment.

One result is that we’re all more informed and connected than we’ve ever been. But another result is this: even if we know the exact time constantly, we fail to value time the same way we used to. And what good is all that accuracy, if we never slow down to enjoy the minutes we’re measuring so carefully?

More than just being a timepiece, this watch is a call to presence, and to engagement. If that means slowing down because you haven’t smelled the roses in weeks (or years), then that’s okay. If it means speeding up because you’ve just realized you’re late for a meeting, that’s okay too. It’s meant to keep you on time, after all.

PRODUCT LINK: https://www.timex.com/timex-x-face-x-anna-analog-life-36mm-fabric-strap-watch/