The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

Father’s Day will be here before you know it, and whether you’re shopping for your own dad, or the father-figure in your life, we recommend treating him to something timeless. This year’s hand-picked selection of Timex® watches is a roundup of some of our best Father’s Day gifts, designed to be worn and loved for years to come, by every kind of dad. If you find that your hunt for the perfect gift requires further research, check out our top 10 recommended watches for men and go ahead and explore the full men’s collection while you’re at it.

For the King of Comfort

Our Q Timex 1979 Reissue has made yet another return, this time with a bold, fresh, and durable synthetic rubber strap in tow. The latest iteration of the iconic 2019 release, this ergonomic watch is just as stylish and functional now as it was in the ’70s. We held onto the retro color scheme and period-correct domed acrylic crystal above the dial, and we even included that cool coin-operated battery hatch—allowing Dad to change the battery himself and saving him a trip to the nearest jeweler or watch technician. Because it belongs to our Q Timex family, we couldn’t forgo the Q Timex branding at 12 o’clock, which indicates the reliable quartz movement ticking inside.

For the Kid at Heart

Packed with nostalgia and honest to goodness fun, the iconic Timex T80 pays homage to our earliest digital watches. They were some of the first to hit the market, born among the big hair, big music, and big dreams of one of history’s most expressive decades. Depending on the era Dad came of age, he might recall the way these early devices dominated the scene with their futuristic feature sets—and at the very least, will almost certainly be familiar with the T80’s recent collaborators. Always one for a throwback, the T80 returned as the commemorative style in our partnerships with SPACE INVADERS® and The Coca-Cola Company®, to name a couple, bringing retro flair and infinite wearability right to the wrist. No matter the style, period-perfect details equip this digital watch with all the functionality you’d expect: an alarm, stopwatch, date display, and comfortable design at 30-meters water resistance.

For the 70s Wild Child

Okay, so Dad’s style is a little more refined than retro. Not to worry—the 1970s and early 80s were an electrifying time for watches, and we’ve made a habit of interpreting their era-defining design elements in a number of different ways. Following on the heels of our Q Timex 1979 reissue, the Q Timex Falcon Eye (available in both a striated blue and vivid green) adds some finesse to our Q Timex series. Reissued for today, we recreated every detail, and the result is a watch that retains every ounce of soul and character from the generation that inspired it. Not only does it follow the quartz trend of the day, but it also incorporates a period-correct woven stainless-steel bracelet, fully functional battery hatch, luminescent paint, and brushed and polished finishing that invokes the ’70s in a way that Dad will love today.

For the All-American

Inspired by the people, culture, and landscape of the great U.S. of A, we set out on a search for the highest quality materials to craft small batches of American-made watches for our American Documents collection. Just like our very first mantle clocks created over a century-and-a-half ago in Waterbury, Connecticut, this collection blends American craftsmanship with European precision to create a truly remarkable capsule. Premium components include US-sourced stainless-steel, a highly polished top ring, impact-resistant Gorilla® Glass 3, a gold-plated Swiss movement, and a stitched leather strap, courtesy of the Minnesota-based S.B. Foot Tanning Company. The result is a handsome, everyday timepiece that proudly brings watchmaking back to America. Is there a better gift than that?

For the Outdoorsman

A Father’s Day gift from our outdoor watch selection will help Dad keep his bearing wherever adventure takes him. Directly inspired by military-issued designs from decades past, our Field Post 38 Mechanical watch, for one, does more than look the part. As a member of our trail-ready Expedition North® collection, it features a sturdy crown and screw-down case back giving it 100 meters of water resistance, plus luminous hands and dial markings, and an impressively tough anti-reflective sapphire crystal. All that functionality comes in a 38mm stainless-steel case, fitted with a comfortable Ecco™ DriTan™ leather strap crafted using eco-friendly methods. This watch relies on a traditional hand-wound mechanical movement, so remind Dad to wind the crown until he feels a slight resistance—a motion best done at the same time each day to keep it continually running.

For the Coach

Maybe Dad once led your team to the little league championship, or maybe getting together to watch the game has become one of your favorite ways to spend time. Whatever role sports play in your lives, help him celebrate his favorite NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, or college team with the timeless design, comfort, and durability of the Timex Tribute® collection. We’ve applied our legendary watchmaking ingenuity to an entire series of officially licensed timepieces, so he can show his team spirit—on game day and every day.

For the Seafarer

For our seasoned boaters and backyard pool-floaters, might we recommend the Waterbury Dive Automatic? Inspired by the purpose-built timepieces of the mid-twentieth century, it’s a gorgeous dive-style watch with just the right amount of nautical influence at the helm. A rotating top ring brings practicality and vintage appeal to its refined design aesthetic—a feature traditionally used to track elapsed time beneath the waves. You can let Dad know that this beauty is not an ISO-certified watch, to be clear, but it is tested to 100 meters of water resistance, making it a wearable alternative to the more expensive, true dive watches that are out there.

For an Added Touch

Looking to gift something a bit more personal? Design and craft a customized watch with an engraved personal message. Whether you choose to inscribe an inside joke, favorite song lyric, significant date, or simple “I Love You,” a custom case back is the easiest way to gift a sentimental timepiece he’ll keep close at hand.

Happy gifting, and don’t forget to browse our selection of watch accessories.

The Best Graduation Gifts This Commencement Season

As commencement season gets underway, you might be wondering how to really show your pride and admiration for the soon-to-be grad in your life. Whether your loved one is leaving the nest in pursuit of secondary education, or entering the workforce with a post-grad degree, it’s a watershed moment that deserves a gift worthy of the occasion. And all bias aside, we happen to think a well-crafted watch is exactly that.

Practical, symbolic, and deeply personal, Timex watches have long been considered meaningful “milestone” gifts for those graduating college and starting new jobs. In fact, as societal attitudes continued to shift throughout the labor movement of the postwar era, career-driven women often received these commemorative gifts as they set out to chase their ambitions. Then and now, a Timex watch is an heirloom that can represent life’s most pivotal moments, and we offer countless great-looking, high-quality options worthy of them all.

Whether they’re heading to work or off to class, gift your grad something thoughtful, durable, and precise to keep them organized and on time for whatever the real world throws their way.

Marlin Automatic 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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Ticking inside this fresh iteration of our iconic 1960s Marlin® is a tried and true 21-jewel automatic movement, creating a contemporary timepiece that honors our watchmaking history. Powered by your motion, the movement has a 40-hour power reserve and can also be wound with the crown like our original Marlin watch. True to its authentic design, the stainless-steel case and blue dial are complemented by a classic brown natural leather strap and the iconic domed acrylic crystal.

Q Timex Malibu 36mm Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch

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Take the meandering drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to bask in the sweet life of our Malibu collection. Doused in the dreamy, ocean-inspired hues of a Californian golden hour, this wristwatch showcases the quintessential, heritage attributes of our original Q Timex 1979 Reissue—a rotating bezel, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal. The rose gold-tone case is accented with a green dial and our easily adjustable Perfect Fit expansion band for a look and feel your grad will love.

Timex Ironman T200 42mm Silicone Strap Watch

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Any college athletes out there? Our TIMEX® IRONMAN® T200 is a watch dreamed up and created by sportsmen and women, with your grad’s running goals in mind. We packed tons of functionality into a sleek design, with tools to track laps and intervals whether they’re on the trails or the track. And for tempo runs, intervals, and speed-drill sessions, the T200 can signal warm-ups and cool-down segments along with regular interval readouts. With 200-lap data storage and the host of features you’ve come to expect from TIMEX IRONMAN—our classic INDIGLO® backlight, a chronograph, 100 meters of water resistance, and a simple coin-cell battery they’ll never need to charge—this running watch delivers what your athlete needs… and never stops delivering.

M79 Automatic 40mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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Our M79 Automatic is something entirely new, even though it might look familiar. Inspired by the 1970s Q Timex and elevated with a 21-jewel automatic movement, this watch is a fresh interpretation of a much-loved Timex icon. The 40-hour power reserve of its Japan-sourced, self-winding movement is energized by your motion and can also be wound manually by using the crown. We’ve incorporated a stainless-steel bracelet in a nod to the retro design aesthetics of the day, while a curved, solid link construction brings added dimension into the fold. This timepiece is topped off with a black and blue unidirectional bezel, luminous dial markings, and exhibition case back that capture the bold spirit of an era that changed everything.

Waterbury Classic 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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Meet the next generation of an ongoing classic. We traced back to our beginning in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company and found new ways to bring our heritage of craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking into the modern day. This watch features a meticulously stitched brown leather strap, stainless-steel case, and white dial that offers a wearing experience with ageless aesthetics.

Expedition North Field Post Solar Mechanical 38mm Leather Strap Watch

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Directly inspired by military-issued designs from decades past, our Field Post 38 Mechanical watch does more than look the part—it features a sturdy crown and screw-down case back giving it 100 meters of water resistance, plus luminous hands and dial markings, a hand-winding mechanical movement, and an impressively-tough anti-reflective sapphire crystal. All that functionality comes in a 38mm stainless-steel case—perfectly sized for nearly every wrist and every occasion—fitted with a comfortable brown Ecco™ DriTan™ leather strap that is crafted to last using eco-friendly methods. For the mechanical movement, remind your grad to wind the crown until they feel a slight resistance. This is best done at the same time each day to keep the watch continually running.

Q Timex 38mm Synthetic Rubber Strap Watch

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First released in the 1970s, our original Q Timex gave a new generation a modern watch with quartz technology. This natural evolution of our much-loved Q Timex 1978 Reissue includes the iconic features of the original—a rotating bezel, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal—now with a bold, fresh, and durable black synthetic rubber strap that perfectly coordinates with each dial. It’s everything they’ll love, and then some.

Timex Metropolitan S 36mm Silicone Strap Watch

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Metropolitan S has all the functionality your grad will need including up to two weeks of battery life. This sleek design boasts an impressive AMOLED display that they can customize with over 20+ dial designs. Plus, 24/7 activity and sleep tracking for their health and fitness goals, on-board GPS, optical heart rate sensor, notifications, and much more. The blush silicone strap is complemented by a rose gold-tone metal case and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass™ lens.

Midtown Chronograph 40mm Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch

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Chic refinement meets city-slicking edge when it comes to our Midtown collection. A unique, silver, concave dial with a brushed finish adds a layer of depth to this tasteful timepiece, while a brown, natural leather strap with quick-release spring bars; silver-tone, stainless-steel case; and simple, elevated markers offer a touch of delicacy to the design. A chronograph dial layout with a date movement displayed at the 4 o’clock position ensures that—whether your grad is heading to work Uptown or sticking below 14th Street—with this on their wrist, they’ll keep time in style.

Peyton 36mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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Sweet and subtle florals have bloomed across the pink dial of our stunning Peyton collection. The delicate, raised markers add a level of sophistication and femininity to this timepiece, while a polished, rose gold-tone, stainless-steel bracelet is the reason this watch is one of our top picks for commencement season.

For An Added Touch

Want to really memorialize your grad’s achievement? Design and craft a customized watch with an engraved personal message. Whether you choose to inscribe an inspirational quote, post-nominal title, commencement date, or simple “Congratulations,” a custom case back is the easiest way to gift a sentimental timepiece they’ll cherish for years to come.

Happy gifting, and don’t forget to browse our selection of watch accessories.

How to Adjust Your Timex Perfect Fit Expansion Band

Stainless-steel bracelets and bands have long been adored for their versatile nature. Durable and tough, yet sleek enough for an evening out, it’s an undeniably wearable material that can be found throughout many Timex® watch attachments. As strong and refined as it may be, however, we know that sizing a stainless-steel watch to your wrist can require a few minor adjustments if it doesn’t fit right out of the box. The good news is that we’ve simplified that process tenfold by offering a selection of timepieces designed with an equally wearable alternative: The Timex Perfect Fit™ expansion band.

A hallmark feature of the Q Timex, Q Timex Malibu, and a variety of Timex T80s (let’s not forget the fun-sized Mini), the stainless-steel Perfect Fit expansion band is yet another attribute that makes styling your Timex your way such a cinch. Not only does the technology allow you to easily slip the expansion band on and off, but the length of the band itself can also be adjusted to fit your unique wrist size—quickly, and without a fuss. It’s an easy task that can be done at home where you likely don’t have a watchmaker’s toolset on hand.

Need a quick tutorial?

Here’s how to adjust your Timex Perfect Fit expansion band, for a look and fit you’ll love:

  1. Place the watch on your wrist and estimate how many links will need to be removed from your watch band.
  2. Locate the links in the center of the bracelet with the texture.
  3. Squeeze the textured part of the link opposite the link you want to remove.
  4. Pull the band apart while still pressing down on the link.
  5. Count the links you need removed and follow the same process to remove the appropriate section of links.
  6. Squeeze down again on the textured part of the link and insert the opposite end of the band into the opening.

Top 10 Watches for Men Under $200

When it comes to pulling the trigger on the best men’s watch, either for yourself or a lucky recipient, chances are you’re seeking something well-rounded—something that looks good, feels comfortable, and doesn’t break the bank.

Now, we’re not the betting kind, but if you’ve already embarked upon your search, we’d say chances are even greater that you’ve found the pricing across the new and vintage watch markets to be a little startling. After all, watches are an investment, and from refined and formal, to high-tech and sporty, just about every watch category out there has its range of heavy hitters with the price tags to match.

But at Timex, we’ve always taken great pride in crafting affordable watches that still embody the best of emerging technology, ergonomics, and design. From budget-friendly time-tellers to heirloom-worthy dress watches, Timex offers countless accessible ways to put something practical and stylish on your wrist. Read on for our top 10 best men’s watches that deliver value just as well as va-va-voom, and feel free to shop our full men’s collection while you’re at it.

Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

First released in the 1970s, our original Q Timex gave a new generation a modern watch with quartz technology. This timepiece is a natural evolution of our much-loved Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch, adding new color and a reasonable $179 price tag to the iconic features of the original: a black rotating bezel, woven stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal.

Easy Reader 35mm Leather Strap Watch

The direct descendant of our 1960s televised torture test survivors, today’s Easy Reader® is as durable as it is classically cool. This watch has been a best-seller for Timex since it first launched in 1977, and it continues to persevere due to two key factors: its simplicity and accessibility. Devoid of frills and fancy add-ons, the Easy Reader is just that, an easy-to-read watch that does nothing more than what’s it’s supposed to do: tell the time.

Expedition Field Mini 26mm Leather Strap Watch

Our best-selling Field Mini seamlessly blends military-derived design with a relaxed look you can wear every day. Featuring a petite 26mm case, this well-crafted field watch sports a rugged metal construction, natural fabric strap with a rich tan leather trim, INDIGLO® backlight, and water resistance rating of 50 meters.

Timex Ironman® R300 GPS 41mm Silicone Strap Watch

Wallet-friendly and sport-ready, the Timex Ironman® R300 features a GPS as fast and accurate as you are. This smartwatch is packed with a powerhouse battery, guided workouts from elite athletes and coaches, continuous optical heart rate monitoring, and more, delivering a range of performance metrics to help you tune your workouts and reach your running goals. The crisp sunlight-readable display, simple user interface, and robust mobile connectivity come together for a made-for-sports smartwatch that will have no trouble keeping up with you.

Marlin® 34mm Hand-Wound Leather Strap Watch

Our iconic Marlin was released at a time when the “Timex All Star Jazz Show” aired live from New York City, and when one third of all watches sold throughout the country were a Timex. In the years since, the evolution of this beloved, mid-century watch has brought classic design to the contemporary consumer, solidifying the notion that nothing “keeps on ticking” like a Timex. This reissue of our handsome 1960s Marlin pairs the purity and pleasure of a hand-wound mechanical movement with timeless sophistication, and it happens to clock in just below budget at $199.

Q Timex 1978 Reissue Date 35mm Leather Strap Watch

Inspired by one of our first and most iconic quartz movement watches, the Q Timex 1978 Reissue is an ode to innovation, then and now. Fusing a sleek 35mm stainless steel case and angled date window with vintage details—a period-correct domed acrylic crystal, battery bump, and faceted, hand-applied hour markers that catch the light from any angle—this timeless classic captures the bold spirit of an era that changed everything.

Expedition North Field Post Solar 41mm Recycled Fabric Strap Watch

Featuring a solar-powered movement that lasts up to four months and eliminates the need for battery changes, our Field Post 41 Solar is a military-inspired outdoor men’s watch made to accompany you anywhere. It also boasts an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, 100-meter water resistance rating, and a screw-down case back and crown in a perfect 41mm case profile. And thanks to the luminescent hands and dial markings, the sun works overtime to make this watch legible in the dark. Equipped with a comfortable green fabric strap made from 100% recycled plastic, this watch can stay on your wrist all the way to the top.

Waterbury Classic 40mm Leather Strap Watch

We traced back to our beginning in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company and found new ways to bring our heritage of craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking into the modern day. This men’s watch features a meticulously stitched caramel brown natural leather strap, stainless-steel case, and navy dial that offers a wearing experience with ageless aesthetics.

Q Timex 1972 Reissue 43x39mm Leather Strap Watch

Released in celebration of the Q Timex collection’s 50th anniversary, this archival quartz watch delivers boldness from every angle, boasting a gold-tone tonneau case profile, 43mm long and 39mm wide, with all-around polished finishing. The original’s 1972 release proved that quartz watchmaking could fulfill our promise to deliver accurate, reliable, and affordable wristwatches—and with its reissue priced at a palatable $169, we like to think that promise still holds true.

Fairfield 41mm Leather Strap Watch

The Timex Fairfield collection is known for its thoughtfully designed timepieces and sleek, minimalist aesthetics. This particular iteration teams a clean white dial with a silver-tone steel case and smooth black leather strap, and at just under $100, it’s tastefully free of complications—financial and otherwise.

Timex Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass User Guide

Last fall we released the Expedition North collection, a series of trail-ready watches that meld quality craftsmanship with the sure-fire functionality required of outdoor watch design.

Among them, the Timex Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass.

Boasting ergonomic capabilities, premium materials, and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, this powerful piece of gear is purpose-designed to take you from street to summit and back again. A stainless-steel case ensures it’s up to the task, while a number of new design elements enhance those we’ve carried over from the original Expedition collection: an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, luminescent hands and hour markers, and comfortable fabric strap made from 100% recycled plastic.

What really sets this watch apart from the pack, of course, is our proprietary Tide-Temp-Compass movement. Its bidirectional center hand is designed to help you not only navigate earth’s varied landscapes, but best enjoy the time you spend doing so, too. And like any gadget worth bringing out into the wilderness, this watch won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why we’re breaking down the basics, so you don’t have to.

Here’s how to get the most out of your Timex Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass.

Understanding the Basics:

How do I set the date and time?

To set the date, pull the crown to the middle position and turn until the correct date appears. To set the time, pull the crown all the way out and turn until the correct time is shown. Ensure the correct AM/PM setting by verifying that the date changes at midnight, not noon. When you’re done, push the crown back in.

How do I adjust the indicator hand?

The indicator hand shows either the tide or temperature constantly. To adjust the indicator hand before use, pull the crown all the way out. The indicator hand should point to 12 o’clock. If it does not, press either the “tide” or “temp” push button to move the hand until it points to 12 o’clock. When you’re done, push the crown back in.

Understanding the Tide Clock:

How do I set the tide clock?

To set the tide clock, pull the crown to the middle position. Press either the “tide” or “temp” push button to move the hand to the current tide. You’ll notice that the “tide” and “temp” push buttons move the hand clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively. Push the crown back in when you’re done.

How do I view the tide clock?

To view the tide clock when the temperature is shown, press the “tide” push button to select the tide clock. The hand will move to low tide and then to the current tide.

How do I interpret the tide clock?

The tide clock’s indicator hand always rotates clockwise. Meaning, if the tide is rising, the hand will point left. If the tide is falling, the hand will point right.

How are high and low tides determined?

The primary factor in determining the tides is the moon’s position. The tide clock uses the moon’s position to predict high and low tides, which are 6 hours and 12.5 minutes apart. Keep in mind that tides are also influenced by the position of the sun and the shape of the shoreline, so the tide clock cannot precisely give times of high and low tides. Periodic adjustment may be necessary.

Understanding the Thermometer:

How do I view the thermometer?

Remember, the indicator hand shows either the tide or temperature constantly. To view the thermometer when the tide clock is shown, press the “temp” push button to select the thermometer. First, the hand will move to the beginning of the thermometer scale. Then, the hand will move to the current temperature.

How do I measure air temperature?

The thermometer will measure air temperature automatically. However, when worn on the wrist, the thermometer reading is affected by body heat. For the most accurately reading, remove the watch and put in shade for at least several minutes.

How do I measure water temperature?

To measure water temperature, select the temperature display before submerging the watch, as the buttons should not be pressed when watch is underwater.

Understanding the Compass:

What are best practices for calibrating the compass?

  1. Keep the compass level.
  2. Calibrate the compass in the area of intended use.
  3. Avoid areas that may exhibit higher than normal concentrations of hard and soft iron.
  4. Do not store the watch near any source of magnetism, such as computers, appliances, or TVs.
  5. And as a general a rule of thumb, whenever a heading is suspect, recalibrate.

What is the difference between true north and magnetic north?

True north is a fixed point on the earth. Magnetic north is the direction that a compass needle points to as it aligns with the earth’s magnetic field. The difference between them is called declination. Your watch can be calibrated taking declination into account for more accurate orienteering.

To find the declination angle for your location visit

How do I calibrate the compass?

  1. Keeping the watch level, pull the crown to the middle position. If the watch band interferes, place the watch on an inverted cup. Alternatively, you may also place the watch face down, but take care to protect the watch face.
  2. Press the “compass” push button. The indicator hand rotates two revolutions to remind you to rotate the watch. While level, SLOWLY rotate watch two revolutions, taking at least 15 seconds per revolution. This is critical in achieving proper calibration.
  3. When you’re done, continue keeping the watch level and press any push button. The indicator hand moves back and forth to acknowledge the end of calibration, and then moves to the current declination angle setting.
  4. If you do not wish to set the declination angle, push the crown in. Otherwise, to have the watch automatically compensate for the declination angle, turn the compass ring until north is at 12 o’clock. Press either the “tide” or “temp” push buttons to move the indicator hand east (+) or west (-) to point to your location’s declination angle using the declination scale in our Product User Manual (available for download on the product page). Hold the push button to move the hand fast. Push the crown back in when done.

How do I operate the compass?

Normally, the compass is off, and the indicator hand shows the tide or temperature. To operate the compass, hold the watch level and press the “compass” push button. The indicator hand moves to point north. If the watch is turned, the indicator hand will continue to move, always pointing north. After 20 seconds, the compass will automatically turn off and the hand will return to its normal operation to conserve battery life. Press the “compass” push button at any time to keep the compass on for another 20 seconds.

How do I interpret which way I’m headed?

Hold the watch so that 12 o’clock is in the direction of your travel. Turn the compass ring until the indicator hand is pointing to north on ring. Your heading is the direction on the ring at 12 o’clock.

How do I interpret which way I should go?

If you know the direction you want to go, turn the compass ring until that direction appears at 12 o’clock. Hold the watch so that you are facing 12 o’clock. Then, turn your body until the indicator hand points to north on the compass ring. You are now facing the direction you want to go.

For more information on how to use your Expedition North Tide-Temp-Compass, visit the product page to download our Product User Manual.





The Timex Guide to Common Watch Bracelets


If you’re shopping for a watch today, you likely have hundreds of options to choose from — and that’s even after you’ve narrowed down important characteristics like case size and color. But one thing that can define a watch’s look, as well as how it wears on the wrist, is the way it attaches to your wrist. Do you want a steel bracelet? Do you want that with a fully brushed or fully polished finish, or something in between? Should your watch look sleek and modern or old-world and rugged? Depending on when and where you plan to wear the watch, your answer (and mileage) may vary.

Below is a guide outlining the different kinds of straps, bracelets and bands we offer on our watches at Timex, as well as a handful of options should you choose to go outside the fold. Happy strapping!


The Oyster Bracelet

Technically the oyster bracelet, like a few other bracelet styles here, is a Rolex invention. But because of the 1947 design’s enormous versatility and its widespread use by practically every watchmaker in the world, the name has been co-opted by the industry at large, and now refers to any watch bracelet made after the original, no matter the brand.

This popular bracelet style is characterized by a sturdy-yet-comfortable three-link pattern, sometimes referred to as an H-link pattern depending on the watchmaker and exactly how the links are arranged. You’ll usually find oyster bracelets on dive and sport watches, and almost never on true dress watches. Some oyster bracelets taper from lug to clasp, and some remain at lug width all the way around.

[insert 3 Timex watches with oyster bracelets]


The Jubilee Bracelet

Another Rolex invention, created for the company’s 40th year in business — a 40th anniversary is commonly referred to as a “jubilee” celebration, hence the name. This style of bracelet has been applied to plenty of sport watches and casual styles throughout watchmaking, but it’s decidedly more refined in feel than an oyster bracelet. This bracelet style typically has five links across with smaller polished links down the middle, and tapers down a few millimeters in width from the lugs to the clasp.


[insert 3 Timex watches here]


The Milanese Bracelet

Sometimes referred to as shark mesh, this woven style in stainless steel was invented in Milan and perfected in Germany over a hundred years ago. It’s now found across all watch categories, from casual and sporty to the most refined of dress watches. Milanese mesh is lightweight and breathable, making it an excellent option for wearing a watch in hot and humid weather, and it’s also known for being comfortable on the skin for extended wear.


[insert 3 timex watches here]


Woven Bracelets

Most popular in the 1970s and ‘80s, woven-style bracelets in stainless steel are back again thanks to several retro-inspired Timex watches. Woven bracelets can take some getting used to, but once you’re in the club, it’s a type of bracelet that wears well all day long. These are lightweight, breathable and totally capable of handling sweat and water exposure, as long as the watch itself features a water resistance rating of 30 meters or more.


[insert 3 watches here]


Expansion Bracelets