Discover Gifts They’ll Love This Valentine’s Day

Love has long been expressed through the act of giving of gifts, especially on Valentine’s Day. And for us, right up there with the exchange of meaningful mementos is another love language in which we’re fluent: quality time. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve curated a selection of some of our most sentimental styles to help you savor every moment with the ones closest to your heart.


Q Timex Malibu 36mm Stainless Steel Expansion Watch

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From surf to street, this playful look is inspired by the beaches of Malibu and carries forward the cool, heritage-inspired features of our original Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch: a rotating bezel, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal. A rose gold-tone case is accented with a candy-colored pink dial, while vibrant colors of aqua and rose gold-tone alternate throughout the links of our easily adjustable Perfect Fit expansion band.


Celestial Opulence 32mm Stainless Steel Mesh Band Watch

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For some, love is written in the stars. Inspired by the beauty of the vast skies above, the unique details of our Celestial Opulence watch are destined to stand out on the wrist. Featuring our INDIGLO® backlight, the glittering black dial is complemented by a gold-tone stainless-steel mesh bracelet and a polished gold-tone case for a brilliant, eye-catching shine.


Waterbury Traditional 34mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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An update to a true classic, our Waterbury Traditional collection honors our roots with ageless style. This women’s iteration is a testament to our century-and-a-half of craftsmanship and is well-suited for everyday wear thanks to a classic white dial and polished two-tone stainless-steel case and bracelet.


Unveil Automatic 38mm Leather Strap Watch

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We’re revealing all the details with this automatic collection. A stunning translucent dial and dimensional applied indices with crystal accents make for a gift with impressive depth, while an exhibition case back creates further dimension, even from above. On full display is the 21-jewel movement, powered by your motion or hand-wound at the crown with a 40-hour power reserve. This watch is completed with a polished rose gold-tone case and pink soft croco-pattern natural leather strap.


Transcend Floral 34mm Stainless Steel Mesh Band Watch

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Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple. With an elegant yet playful silver-tone floral dial, our ultra-thin Transcend watch is one that understands the power of simplicity—a fact proven by its clean silver-tone case and stainless-steel mesh bracelet. The unique, subtle double-layer dial technique adds dimension and depth, while a beautiful sunray pattern and crystal accents draw just the right amount of attention to the wrist.



American Documents 41mm Leather Strap Watch

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Just like our very first mantel clocks, our American Documents collection pairs American ingenuity with European precision to create a truly amazing timepiece—perfect for yourself or the one you love. Not only is this American-made watch drop forged in US-sourced stainless-steel, but it’s also hand-finished to a brushed satin with a highly polished top ring. Several characteristics still have us swooning: The Gorilla® Glass 3 protects the white sub-second dial and gold-plated Swiss movement with its high resistance to scratches and sharp content damage; the rich black leather strap is made with American hides by American craftsmen; and right down to the details, the “Aged Waterbury Brass” case back coin and crown insert honor our original stamped brass clocks from 1854.


Waterbury Classic 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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We traced back to our beginning in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company and found new ways to bring our heritage of craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking into the modern day. This watch features a meticulously stitched caramel brown natural leather strap, stainless-steel case, and navy dial that offer a wearing experience with ageless aesthetics.


Q Timex Reissue Falcon Eye 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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Following on the heels of our Q Timex 1979 reissue, Q Timex Falcon Eye adds some two-tone refinement to our Q Timex series. Reissued for today, we recreated every detail—a period-correct woven stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch, two-tone case, luminescent paint, and a striated electric-blue dial. The result is a refined watch that retains every ounce of soul and character from the era that inspired it.


Marlin Automatic 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a more timeless gift than the Marlin. Ticking inside this iteration of our iconic 1960s watch is a tried-and-true 21-jewel automatic movement, creating a contemporary timepiece that honors our watchmaking history. Powered by your motion as you wear the watch, this movement can store a maximum 40 hours of energy and can additionally be wound using the crown. The stainless-steel case and silver-tone dial stay true to our original Marlin design, complemented by a classic brown leather strap, featuring leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company, and a handsome domed acrylic crystal.


Navi XL Automatic 41mm Leather Strap Watch

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For the love of vintage. Our Navi XL Automatic brings together design inspiration from our earliest diver-style watches and pairs it with a 21-jewel automatic movement, so your watch keeps ticking as long as you keep moving. Like our Marlin Automatic, the movement in this timepiece can store a maximum 40 hours of energy, although you can wind at the crown if it’s motionless for longer. While everyone else is seeing red this Valentine’s Day, consider going all-black with the Navi XL’s black stainless-steel case, black uni-directional rotating top ring, black dial, and black leather strap—a modern take on this classic design.

Not done browsing? We don’t blame you. All of this and more is available in our Valentine’s Day gift shop.

Timex Takes Care of the Earth with the Peanuts Gang

What does it mean to take care of the earth? For Timex®, it means crafting wrist-hugging watches that reflect the sustainable future our big, green planet needs to keep on spinning. Featuring everyone’s favorite beagle, Charles Shultz’s iconic Snoopy, today’s launch of the Timex x Take Care with Peanuts™ collaboration reminds us all to hit “pause,” appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and make positive lifestyle choices that show compassion for our environment by way of three iconic styles: the Marlin® Automatic, Timex Standard, and Timex Weekender.

True Peanuts fans know that this is far from our first collaboration with the gang. Snoopy, Woodstock, and good ole Charlie Brown have all found their way across plenty of Timex dials in years past; Snoopy dons his cloak and black domino mask as the Masked Marvel on our much-loved M79 Automatic, for example; Woodstock gets the gang in motion on a fresh interpretation of our iconic Marlin®; and together, the two have appeared on festive, holiday-inspired iterations of our Timex Standard on more than one occasion. Our commemorative Take Care with Peanuts collaboration is, however, the first in Peanuts Worldwide’s three-part initiative promoting a trifecta we’re proud to stand behind: care for yourself, care for each other, and, of course, care for the earth.

As a reminder to honor and reconnect with the home we all share, cheerful tones of vibrant green make a splash across each watch throughout the collection—a color currently on trend for a number of reasons, a rise in mainstream environmentalism among the ones we’re most excited about. From a vivid second hand on our Marlin® Automatic to a blue-hued INDIGLO® Backlight on our Standard and Weekender, earth-inspired colorways complement authentic Peanuts graphics, featuring Snoopy treating the planet with kindness and respect.

But when you glance down at one of these watches wrapped comfortably around your wrist, the “Go Green” color palette won’t be the only element to inspire you to slow down, remain present, and take time for what matters most. Each collectible timepiece is mindfully detailed with sustainable materials where possible, and we’re hopeful that the techniques used to bring these styles to life will similarly inspire you to Take Care in your own way. Be it stepping outside to enjoy some fresh air, or finally drafting plans for that DIY backyard compost bin, rest assured that there are countless ways in which we can all show ourselves and the planet some love. After all, this is your time we’re talking about here. Who are we to tell you how to spend it?

Both our Marlin® Automatic—featuring a 21-jewel movement with a 40-hour power reserve—and our tried-and-true Timex Standard incorporate Ecco® DriTan™ Leather straps that rely upon revolutionary water-saving technology throughout the tanning and finishing stages. It’s a method we first adopted for our Expedition North collection, which not only maintains the quality you expect from Timex, but also takes steps to actively lessen our environmental impact. Our INDIGLO® Timex Weekender, on the other hand, boasts eco-friendly slip-thru straps thoughtfully crafted from recycled plastic to prevent unnecessary waste from ending up in landfills. With a sweetly situated Snoopy on the dial’s smiling face, this watch is also 30-meters water resistant, a feature that has you covered no matter how hands-on your earth-friendly practices get.

Inspired by Snoopy’s message of sustainability? Browse the full Timex x Take Care with Peanuts collection and receive your watch in recyclable, all-paper packaging—a clean-and-green finishing touch that shares the kind of nostalgia, optimism, and love for community that only the Peanuts gang can.

Timex & The James Brand Join Forces

Timex® and The James Brand have come together for the duo’s first collaboration—an alliance based firmly on an appreciation for design and attention to detail. Cut from the same cloth, the brands share in their dedication to producing distinctive, quality products that not only sit comfortably between modern minimalism and true craftsmanship, but also work when you need them to, no questions asked.

To help bring the launch of The James Brand x Timex Expedition North Titanium Automatic Watch to life, we sat down with Portland, Oregon-based Ryan Coulter, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of The James Brand.

First, Ryan, why Timex?

“One of our main objectives at The James Brand is to elevate traditional tools, like the pocketknife, from the tactical realm and into a space in which they carry some form of emotional currency. Our collaboration with Timex tells an integrated story—one that’s centered around strengthening the connective tissue between the product and the wearer.”

What inspired The James Brand to collaborate on a wristwatch as its latest product?

“We don’t want to be in the watch business [laughs], my business partner was in the watch business for 17 years. But the idea of coordinating our products between the pocket and the wrist in terms of colors, finishes, materials, and brand is a big part of who we are. That’s really ‘us’ at our best, and we were super excited about this opportunity when it came to us.”

Tell us more about that coordination.

“In our world—the world of everyday carry—everybody has all this stuff in their pockets, but when they put it on a table, there isn’t necessarily a strong connection between any of the objects. We thought bringing some cohesivity to these items would be really valuable.”

What do you think followers of both brands will appreciate most about this collaboration?

“Overall, I think people will celebrate the fact that [both Timex and The James Brand] were able to communicate [our] core values and aesthetics across multiple categories. From the Timex Expedition North customer to the large and growing ‘everyday carry’ crowd, people will appreciate that we’ve managed to expand ourselves without sacrificing who we are.”

What do you believe this watch says about its wearer?

“One, that this person really does care about quality—the premium nature of materials—and really pays attention to details, which is what has always made the watch category so amazing. No one does details like watchmakers. You’re working within such fine spaces and limited real estate. But [this watch also reflects] those who, from the city to the trail, are really going to use all of those features. The key was to design something that could span the distance.”

Part of what makes this timepiece so unique for Timex is the 41mm titanium case. What was the thought process behind that manufacturing decision?

“Titanium is considered to be one of the best materials, not because it’s the most expensive, but because it has such beautiful finish characteristics. It’s also high performing. It expresses an aesthetic all its own, yet it’s the lightest, the strongest, and often the right answer to a particular need [in our industry]. You’re going to be able to depend on this to do what you need it to do in various environments—not just from the top of your dresser, but actually in the field and in use. That’s very much ‘us.’ I hope people love and covet the things we make, but also know that when you need us, we will be there for you.”

What are some of the other stylistic or functional features of this watch that encapsulate The James Brand?

“I think the fact that [this watch has] an automatic movement is a really big deal. It’s such a subtlety to people who don’t know watches, but when you flip it over and see the movement in motion, it’s pretty incredible. The 200-meter water-resistant feature is important too, because again, not only is this thing beautiful, but it also performs in some heavy-duty environments.”

Finally, will you wear one, Ryan?

“Absolutely. I can’t wait. This watch [that I’m currently wearing] is very personal to me, but I’m definitely going to swap it out with this one. I want that coordinated kit—that red thread tie-in between a few of my everyday carry objects. Those kinds of details, and that kind of holistic thinking, matters to me. I want my values expressed, on my wrist, and in my pocket.”

Timex x BCRF Partner for Progress

Throughout the modern history of Timex®, we’ve had the honor of collaborating with countless brands that have laid the groundwork for their own respective industries. Coca-Cola®, Pac-Man®, Supreme®, Judith Leiber®, and more—these brands are the ultimate movers and shakers, demonstrating a level of disruption, fortitude, and vanguard that has and continues to inspire us as fellow go-getters.

Now, joining the ranks of some of our proudest partners is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF): the number one leader in critical funding for the world’s most promising breast cancer research. And to kick off the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, we’re thrilled to announce that Timex will be donating 25% of sales—with a minimum donation of $5,000—from the Timex x BCRF Capsule Collection: a curated assortment of some of our most remarkable timepieces.

Why BCRF, you ask? BCRF is the highest-rated breast cancer organization in the country and the largest private funders of breast cancer research in the world. With the ultimate goal of ending breast cancer once and for all, this unique nonprofit fuels advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis, and survivorship. The statistics speak for themselves: a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes; approximately 1 in 8 women in the country will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime; and for the first time, breast cancer is now the most common cancer diagnosis globally. Though the numbers are staggering, Timex has joined the effort, and with us we carry the belief that no institution can conquer this disease alone. Together, we can—and any purchase from this month’s assortment will help make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of women worldwide.

So, here it is. The Timex x BCRF Capsule Collection is a round-up of some of our brightest and boldest women’s styles, all of which gleam with vivid proof that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for strength. Take our Waterbury Legacy Boyfriend, for example: delicately donning a rose gold-tone case and bracelet, blush acrylic inlay, blush dial, and elegant fluted bezel, this brilliant wristwatch is as strong as steel—stainless-steel, to be exact. But more than that, it’s an ode to the women who created our earliest 19th century timepieces, and a testament to the craftsmanship that helped solidify the brand’s foundation in our early days as the Waterbury Watch Company.

Several iterations of the always-stunning Q Timex also make an appearance throughout this capsule—and how could they not. Inspired by our archival Q Timex designs from the age of Quartz, these iconic wristwatches, much like their wearers, exude an air of timelessness and endurance, staying true to many of the original details that won the hearts of millions in the 1970s. Of note, the Q Timex 38mm Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch—featuring hints of cream and rose gold-tones woven throughout an easily adjustable stainless-steel strap—and the Women’s Q Timex, showcasing a chic, neutral color palette perfect for everyday wear, are impactful pieces you can hold tight or gift forward.

After all, courageous women deserve a timepiece as empowering as they are–something that possesses the kind of tenacity that only a Timex can deliver. Something that, like you, can take a licking and keep on ticking.


Travel Pouches & Watch Rolls from Timex

For the budding watches enthusiast, or really anyone who owns multiple watches for multiple occasions, some sort of travel-friendly storage option is great to have. Sure, you could pack your watches inside running shoes or balled-up wool socks — who hasn’t done that? — but if you’re serious about keeping your favorite watch safe and sound, no matter the destination, it’s time to think about a watch pouch, roll or traveler’s case from Timex. Whether you need to keep extra watches on hand in your daily briefcase, your weekend-trip duffle or your long-haul suitcase, you’ll find options here to help your Timex take a licking and keep on ticking.

Our leather single-watch pouch is lined with a soft microfiber fabric, making for scratch-proof way to transport your watch. This travel pouch fits nicely in a jacket pocket, as well as in any slip-pocket inside your duffle bag or suitcase. Available from Timex for $49.

With two recessed and padded slots as well as a padded flip-over divider, this sleek leather folio case provides a pile of protection without taking up all kinds of space. In fact, measuring just 7″ x 3.5″ x 2.4″, it takes up about as much space as the average laptop charger, and less than the average toiletries kit. If you often find yourself needing the option of a dress watch during the day and a casual watch for off-duty, look no further. Available from Timex for $79.

Got one watch for every occasion? If you’re the kind of person who travels with a dress watch, a casual watch, a sport watch and maybe even one more to spare, our Four-Watch Travel Roll has you covered. Made of rugged 16oz canvas with leather trim and a soft microfiber lining, this watch roll measures 9.75 x 10 inches when fully spread out. When you insert your four watches of choice and roll it up, however, the protective roll is no bigger than an eyeglass case or pair of thick socks. Available from Timex for $49.

Designed with the jet-setter in mind, this black leather zip case with a soft-touch lining and multiple pockets can stand in as a passport holder and even a wallet when you need to keep all your valuables in one easy-to-manage spot. Available from Timex for $69.






The Boyfriend Watch, Revisited

Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweaters… we get it, his threads are worth stealing. But beyond the fact that an article of clothing might be extra-comfortable and cozy, its ability to go back and forth from sleepwear for you and business-casual for him is a big part of the appeal.

In that spirit of versatility — one of the driving forces behind boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweaters and beyond — we’ve put together a handful of great watches you can wear just as well as he can. Technically we designed and crafted these timepieces with men in mind, but thanks to their medium sizes and easy-going good looks, you’ll have no trouble making these your own.

Marlin®️ Hand-Wound
When does a watch become a wrinkle in time? At a period-correct 34mm in diameter our reissue of this iconic mid-century dress watch transports us right back to a 1960s cocktail party. The Marlin®️ Hand-Wound falls on the small side for a men’s timepiece by today’s standards (most modern watches are 40mm or larger), and the reduced case size combined with a metallic dial finish, mechanical movement, slim leather strap and archival dial fonts come together to create something eminently wearable, no matter if you’re going out in a party dress or heading into the boardroom.

Available with a case in lightweight resin or aluminum, our military-inspired MK1™ was originally designed as a disposable plastic tool watch for the US military to use. Our fully-updated new version features a wide variety of color options and sizes, an upgraded quartz movement (the original was hand-winding) and case sizes from 36mm up to 40mm to keep within the range many outdoor enthusiasts prefer in a field watch. With options like these, you’d be hard-pressed not to find an MK1™ to perfectly suit your look, from office-friendly chic to adventure-ready comfort.

Waterbury United 38mm
This little number comes in at 38mm, a truly perfect in-between size for a man’s wrist or a woman’s, with a stonewashed fabric strap that lends itself to casual pairings and all-day comfort. The watch features a clean dial design and retro-inspired domed mineral glass crystal, which stands out confidently from the stainless steel case, giving it a welcome dose of sporty appeal.

Fairfield 37mm
Thanks to our Fairfield Collection’s understated elegance and clean, minimal designs, they make great in-between watches that suit wrists both thick and thin. This particular Fairfield watch in a 37mm case diameter lands on the formal end of the spectrum, so its powers of versatility might end at blue jeans and boots, but it’s your best friend for business casual and beyond.

Waterbury Classic Chrono 40mm
This casual easy-to-use chronograph can help you keep track of anything from parking meters to laundry loads, making it practical for the modern professional who knows time is of the essence. Whether you make use of the stopwatch functions every day or not, the Waterbury Classic Chrono 40 is sized appropriately for its multifunction dial to be easily readable, and the mesh strap makes it extremely comfortable for a wide range of wrist sizes.

Timex Standard
Don’t just steal your boyfriend’s watch; you can also borrow his watchmakers’ style. Our Timex Standard collection is known as “the watchmaker’s casual watch”—and for good reason. We took a vintage-inspired oversized crown and paired it with modern case and strap materials for a watch well-suited for any of your everyday pursuits. And the interchangeable straps allow you to change your look in seconds, which means you can go from casual to dressy and back again as easily as changing your shoes.