How to Clean Your Stainless-Steel Watch

With its sophisticated surfaces and tough exterior, stainless steel is a common metal in the watchmaking world. Many Timex® watches come with stainless-steel cases and bracelets, from classic silver to brushed metal finishes.

While a hardy material, stainless steel still requires love and care if you want to keep it looking fresh and bright. An important part of maintaining the look and function of your Timex is regular cleaning. Below, we discuss how to clean your stainless steel watch to maintain its polished shine and prevent damage to the bits inside.

clean a watch

Why does stainless steel require special care?

Over time, the polished look of a stainless-steel watch can begin to dull. The slight openings between the links of metal bracelets are also privy to settling dust and dirt, which can lead to wear or even corrosion. Even with water-resistant designs, stainless steel watches can be vulnerable to rust due to frequent swimming, saltwater exposure or even just frequent sweating.

If you do own a dive watch that’s used frequently in saltwater or even in freshwater lakes, it will need a bit of special care to make sure it stays clean, fresh and functional. Here’s a short video from the experts at Gear Patrol on how to maintain a dive watch:

Here’s how to clean your stainless-steel watch:

1.  Wipe it down
Start by wiping down the watch with a soft cloth to remove initial layers of dirt, dust or grime. You can use paper towel for this, but a microfiber or chamois cloth is recommended. In a pinch, a clean dish towel or t-shirt hem will work just fine, but likely won’t remove as much grime as a finer, softer cloth.

2. Dip the watch in warm soapy water
First it’s important to note that you want lukewarm water, not hot or steaming water. And here’s why: temperature fluctuations can cause the gaskets that keep water out to expand or contract, potentially allowing water to penetrate the watch itself and damage the delicate components inside. Even the most robust and water-resistant dive watches can fail after an evening in the hot tub or sauna, and most watch manufacturers recommend against showering with your watch on your wrist because of the exposure to water above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

So to clean your watch, fill up a sink basin or clean bowl with lukewarm water. A short soak and some gentle wiping with a cloth should remove most grime from your watch. If not, you can add a drop of antibacterial dish soap to the water. Dish soap is formulated to dissolve grease, which is why it works to remove oils and debris from stainless steel. If the watch is not water-resistant, be careful to dip only the strap in the water — you wouldn’t want to damage a watch by trying to clean it.

3. Gently scrub the stainless-steel bracelet
Use a damp, clean toothbrush to get into the crevices of the stainless-steel bracelet. Be mindful of how much pressure you apply, as a heavy hand can cause unwanted scratches.

4. Rinse with warm water
Dip the bracelet in warm water or run it under the sink to rinse away the soap. Leaving soap residue on the steel can cause it to tarnish and look dull, while a proper rinse will help preserve the fresh brushed or polished surfaces like new.

5. Dry with a soft cloth
Pat the watch dry with a bath towel, or use a hair dryer on a low-heat setting to quickly dry in between the links. If you wear the watch immediately after you clean and rinse it, your body heat will help get rid of water between bracelet links and in other little nooks and crannies.

6. Add sparkle and shine
Spray glass cleaner on a soft cloth, and wipe down the watch face, case and bracelet to refresh the shine. If the cleaning is overdue, you can get deeper into the bracelet and its crevices by dipping the soft brush in glass cleaner and gently scrubbing the bracelet. If you’re comfortable removing the bracelet, you can remove it from the case and soak it in glass cleaner for about 15 minutes, and then rinse with clean water. Make sure to wipe it clean with a soft cloth when you’re finished.

How often should you clean your stainless-steel watch?

If you wear your watch every day, give it a deep clean once a month. The most meticulous watch wearers will wipe down their timepieces daily. Just like washing your face and brushing your teeth before bed, your watch can benefit from a quick clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe down the inside of the band, plus the back and front of the case. This will help remove any excess moisture or lotion that rubbed off your skin and onto the watch throughout the day. Regular maintenance and care for your watch will make your monthly deep cleaning even easier.

Every once in a while, it’s also worth taking your watch in for a professional service and cleaning. An expert can polish away scratches that your toothbrush can’t.  A jeweler can also perform regular tune-ups, including gasket replacement to maintain water resistance, to ensure your timepiece is in solid working order.


Timex American Documents: American Watchmaking

American watchmaking isn’t a new concept.

In 1854, as the Waterbury Clock Company, we took clocks from the mantels of the 1% and brought them to the world. Our roots in Waterbury, Connecticut—the Brass City—allowed us to evolve clockmaking, switching from wooden gears to gears made of brass. This, along with our modernized factories, allowed us to create longer lasting, more affordable timepieces.

We didn’t stop there though. We’ve always been forward-thinking innovators. In 1901, produced the famous Dollar Pocket Watch that was so popular, writer Mark Twin bought two. Not too long after, we moved the pocket watch to the wrist. Originally issued as standard military equipment, wristwatches became the new civilian timepiece of choice after World War I came to an end.

Throughout the years, we introduced character watches and the nearly-indestructible V-Conic movement. With the belief that “good enough” wasn’t good enough, our watchmakers continued to think outside of the box and we continued to evolve.

In the mid-century, we introduced the world to the Timex name and what would become our modern brand with the watch that “takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Every week, America tuned in as John Cameron Swayze put our watches to the test on live television. The slogan and our watches cemented Timex as a cultural icon.

The industry continued to evolve and change, shifting towards quartz watch movement for a longer lasting, more accurate timepiece that was more affordable to produce. This transition to quartz movement brought production to Asia.

And now, after decades, we brought watchmaking back home. Inspired by our people, culture and landscape, we set out to discover what it means to make a modern watch in America. Our watchmakers dusted off old tools and created new techniques to craft small batches of American-made watches at our headquarters in Connecticut—only seven miles away from our original factory.

Just like our very first mantle clocks created 165 years ago, our American Documents™ collection layers American ingenuity and craftsmanship with European precision to create truly amazing timepieces.

The collection currently features four striking American-made watches, drop forged in US-sourced stainless steel and hand finished to a brushed satin with a highly polished top ring. Impact-resistant Gorilla® Glass 3 protects the sub-second dial and gold-plated Swiss movement. The rich leather straps are made with American hides by American craftsmen. And right down to the details, the “Aged Waterbury Brass” case back coin and crown insert honor our original stamped brass clocks and our roots in Waterbury, Connecticut—the Brass City.

Creating an American-made Timex wasn’t easy.  We invested nearly three years to find and qualify America’s best craftsmen, capable of creating the precision parts worthy of a Timex. We had to invent new processes for making hands and convince auto parts manufacturers they were capable of making something as beautiful as a watch case.

We’re excited to bring watchmaking back to the US, and even more excited for you to join us on this journey.

Click here to learn more about American Documents


You know what they say: Timing is everything.

Ariel Adams—owner, publisher and editor-in-chief of aBlogtoWatch—decided to take his first ever visit to our Timex headquarters in Middlebury, Connecticut and managed to get an exclusive first look at our American Documents™ collection.

Prior to taking a trip with our Design Director, Giorgio Galli, to visit the American suppliers coming together to make our made in America watches, Adams took the time to chat with us about his take on the collection, how he thinks it will shift perspectives on the Timex brand and the emotional connection people will make with this timepiece.

A noted watch enthusiast with a dedicated following, Adams admits he wasn’t expecting the news of our American Documents collection—our first American-made watch in decades.

“I would say I was pleasantly surprised and curious,” he says about his initial reaction to the project. “It makes sense for Timex to do this project, but it isn’t one that even serious brand devotees might expect. I recognize the large storytelling effort required to educate people like me as to what the product and the project are all about.”

Our American Documents collection brings together time-tested Swiss movement with beautiful, carefully-crafted American materials—including crystal made in Massachusetts, leather straps sourced and tanned in Minneapolis and a case back coin stamped in US-sourced brass and plated with “Aged Waterbury Brass,” all assembled by hand at our headquarters (located just seven miles from our original factory).

“American Documents watches contain a Swiss watch movement, but everything else you see and touch on the watch is made in the USA and uses parts from over a dozen American manufacturers, all curated by the Timex team,” Adams notes.

Adams has seen many of our watches and thought he had a pretty solid grasp on the brand and its direction. That is, until American Documents came along.

“Did I expect this from Timex? No,” Adams says. “But it’s very welcome and not something predictable from the brand.”

While many know us as an American brand, this collection is our first American-made watch in decades. What started as an idea quickly became a project the entire team was passionate about, setting us out to search for the highest quality American-made materials to create a watch that reflects the diverse people, culture and landscapes that inspire us every day.

“This is not a standard production,” Adams notes. “New supply chain, new development, new materials… this fundamentally changed how Timex made a watch. It’s not your everyday Timex.”

Adams had the chance to visit with some of the manufacturers whose parts were used in creating the American Documents watches.

“What an adventure it was to visit both a selection of the manufacturing partners and Timex’s incredible headquarters. It’s hard to package that experience for others, but it proved to me that American Documents isn’t just a marketing campaign but something real that is worth sharing. What I’ll remember most is the massive investment of time and effort the Timex team put into this project. What is also cool is the story of all the skills Timex as a historic watchmaker needed to relearn.”

“I think what was most interesting was the authentic pride and interest all the manufacturing partners had in this project,” Adams says. “They saw it as more than just another parts order and saw their relationship with Timex as different than that of just another client. I also think it’s interesting how challenging it is to make watch parts correctly and that many people have the notion it’s easy and that these parts can be made anywhere with relative ease.”

During his time at our headquarters, Adams also took note of how we fit into the narrative: Time as a brand and product that is quintessentially American.

“America has been one of the world’s most important makers of democratized technology. What they didn’t invent, they often made accessible to the masses. Timex has been integral with timepieces in this regard and now they release an emotional product, but one that maintains and serves those very same values.”

When asked about what he meant when he talked about the emotional value of the watch, he explains that people don’t buy watches because they need one; they buy watches because they want one. In the ‘90s, watches solidified its place in the fashion and style sphere. Consumers were now looking for more than just a watch; they wanted a watch that aligned with their style and their values.

So, what does this mean for the American Documents collection?

“For me, Timex always sat to the side,” Adams says. “The brand is so popular and well-known, I didn’t think there was anything they could add. They didn’t need me to talk about their products.”

But now, as American Documents is introduced for the first time, there is plenty to talk about.

To learn more about our American Documents collection, visit

What would you do with an extra hour?

At TIMEX we take watchmaking very seriously. It’s no joke, consumers want more time. If you are ever among a group of busy people and want to start an interesting conversation, ask what they would do with an extra hour in the day. Would they spend more time with family. Get more sleep? Try something adventurous?

Our timepieces use thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship to accurately tell time. And while we know a watch won’t change your life, we know more time will. And an extra hour gives you the time for what matters most.

So, what does time mean to you? And how would you use that extra hour?

To learn more, go to:

The 25th Hour

One hundred and sixty-five years in the making.

An unprecedented achievement in engineering.

A milestone of epic proportion.

TIMEX has done the impossible.

The company that brought the world the first wristwatch… INDIGLO – the first lighted watch… the first smart watch… and the first quartz, among many other innovations, brings to the world the next generation of timekeeping: THE 25TH HOUR.

Time. It is the most valuable resource mankind has ever known. And now, in an event unprecedented in human history, there is: MORE TIME. Introducing THE 25TH HOUR. A revolutionary new timepiece that doesn’t simply tell time, it creates more of it – altering the space-time continuum as we know it.

“At Timex, we’ve always worked 24/7 to innovate, push the envelope, to really make something special,” says CEO Tobias Reiss-Schmidt. “Project 25 will change everything. It’s literally taken generations to get here. But we’ve made every second count. And, it was all worth it.”

Consumer research confirms, we all need more time. Age doesn’t matter. We all want it. More time with the family. More time to sleep. More time to exercise. We always say, “there are not enough hours in the day”. Until now.

“The discovery was right there, right in front of us, for centuries,” says Reiss-Schmidt.

Now at TIMEX, we don’t just make timepieces… we make time.

What would you do with an extra hour?

To learn more, visit:

Choosing a Watch for your Wrist Size

Watches come in all shapes and sizes. From oversized to petite, you’ll have no trouble finding a watch size that suits your style. However, you will want a balanced and proportional timepiece that feels and looks right. Here are some tips for finding the right watch for your wrist size.

The first thing you should do is measure your wrist. Knowing your wrist size will be helpful in selecting a watch that feels comfortable and will also help when shopping online so you can choose a style that will fit without having to try it on. You can easily measure your wrist by using a tape measure and wrapping it around your wrist.

When selecting a watch, there are several things to consider: the case diameter, watch band material and the watch details.

Waterbury Traditional Chronograph 42mm Leather Strap Watch

The case diameter will important in choosing the right watch for your wrist size. While there is not a set rule for men’s or women’s watches, it is best to match the case diameter with your wrist size. If you have a large wrist, case diameters ranging between 38mm to 46mm will look best. If you have a thin wrist, look for watches with case diameters between 34mm to 22mm.

Fashion Stretch Bangle 25mm Expansion Band Watch

Watch band materials will also impact how a watch looks on your wrist. Stainless steel bands appear heavier and thicker than leather or fabric straps so if you have a thin wrist, you may want to consider a less heavy material. Leather, fabric and silicone are great materials for medium to thin wrists but also look good on large wrists.

Timex Command™ Shock 54mm Resin Strap Watch

Another detail to pay attention to are the unique details of a watch. Markers, hands, subdials and crowns vary in size on watches. The larger these elements and extra details can affect how large a watch appears to be. For larger wrists, large dial elements won’t appear out of place but if you have a medium or thin wrist it is best to stick to minimal features that won’t make the watch look too complicated and distracted.

Spring Newness

Every spring we launch a new collection of watches for men and women that continue our passion for watchmaking and innovation. And this year is no different. We’ve added new timepieces to popular collections including the Waterbury and MK1™, as well as new launches for Variety™ and the solar-powered Expedition® Solar Ranger.


This year’s Waterbury Collection continues to honor our 1854 watchmaking roots and a time when how you made something was just as important as what you made. The Waterbury Women’s Traditional provides an update to a true classic and is well-suited for everyday wear. Discover the rose gold-tone stainless steel case with cream dial and the two-toned stainless steel case with a cream dial. Each has a 34mm case and INDIGLO® backlight to provide an elegant women’s timepiece that is perfect for the office or a night out.

Waterbury Traditional Chronograph 42mm Leather Strap Watch

Our Men’s Waterbury Traditional continues an ageless design that uses carefully stitched leather and solid stainless steel construction that honors our heritage of authentic watchmaking. The chronograph features a watch/date window, 42mm case, 20mm lug, genuine leather strap and is water resistant to 50m. The finish with cream dial produces a refined men’s dress watch gentlemen will cherish.

MK1 Supernova™ Chronograph 42mm Leather Strap Watch

After the success of the 2017 Fairfield Chrono Supernova™ we decided to continue its evolution by adding the Supernova™ technology to our popular MK1 model. This watch features a thin layer of perforated pad printed phosphorus material that is placed over the dial and allows light to pass through, creating a unique way to illuminate the dial. The MK1™ Chrono Supernova™ features a date window, stainless steel case, acrylic lens and fabric strap.

Variety™ 34mm Leather Strap Watch Box Set

For women who like to switch up their style, we offer the new Variety Collection. The Variety boxed sets allow women to show the many sides of her character. With interchangeable top rings and slip-thru straps, women have multiple options to customize her watch wardrobe.

Expedition Ranger Solar 43mm Leather Strap Watch

This spring, our Expedition Collection gets a burst of sunlight. The Expedition Solar Ranger features solar movement functionality to create an environmentally-friendly timepiece that can be charged through indoor fluorescent light or outdoor sunlight. The Ranger is available in rich tan, brown and black genuine leather straps with silver-tone cases and black, blue and green dial colors.

NHL® Tribute Collection: Midseason

With the NHL 2018-19 season in the midst of its exciting stretch run, it’s time to look closer at the division races and see which storylines will lead to playoff berths. Many teams are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and here are division races to keep an eye on.

Tampa Bay Lightning Gamer Watch from Timex Tribute Collection

Atlantic Division

Last year’s two top finishers, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins, again lead the way but two of Canada’s storied franchises, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, also have an eye on the postseason. While Tampa Bay holds a commanding lead, time will tell if they have the stamina to fight off the contenders all the way to June.

New York Islanders Old School Watch from Timex Tribute Collection


This division is truly up for grabs as just a handful of points separate the top five teams. The razor-thin margin among the defending champion Washington Capitals, Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins ensure that this division race will go down to the wire.

Nashville Predators Price watch from the Timex Tribute Collection


Currently, the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators top the division but don’t count out the St. Louis Blues just yet. The Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild have some ground to makeup but this is the time of year when streaks start and either one could disrupt the current balance of power.

Calgary Flames Acclaim watch from the Timex Tribute Collection


The Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks have staged a classic race for first place down the stretch, trading places on several days. However, last year’s Stanley Cup® finalist the Vegas Golden Knights and the upstart Arizona Coyotes are lurking in the shadows and would be strong challengers in the postseason.

Show your support for your favorite NHL team right on your wrist. Timex helps NHL fans honor their team with the Timex Tribute® Collection. Complement your jersey (or your ‘sweater,’ depending on where you’re reading this) with a Timex Tribute watch. Even when you don the full uniform, you can still subtly show your support. Check out the complete NHL® Tribute Collection.

NHL, the NHL Shield and the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. NHL and NHL team marks are the property of the NHL and its teams. © NHL 2019. All Rights Reserved.

A New Generation of Supernova

We introduced the INDIGLO® technology in 1992 with our TIMEX IRONMAN® line and due to its popularity, expanded its use to nearly 70% of the Timex collection. With a simple press on the crown, users could see the entire watch dial light up in a high-visibility green-blue light.

In 2017 the same technology was added to the Fairfield collection producing a hit with the Fairfield Chrono Supernova™ watch. Unlike other models where the dial lights up entirely, the Supernova™ technology features a dial treatment with perforated metal with small holes that emit light in a starry field, hence the Supernova™ name.

mk1 chrono supernova

Now, with our new MK1™ Chronograph Supernova, we provide a new way to experience our INDIGLO technology. The next generation of INDIGLO® technology will now be featured on the military-inspired MK1 model. The watch features a date window, stainless steel case, acrylic crystal dial, easy-to-read Arabic numerals, genuine leather straps and is water resistant to 30 meters.

The watches come in a variety of colorways including a brown leather strap with gray case and black dial, black leather strap with black case and black dial and striped fabric strap with black case and dial.

mk1 chrono supernova

A popular watch for outdoor use while still looking great in casual settings, the MK1 is a natural fit for the Supernova technology. Instead of metal, the new Supernova technology features a thin layer of perforated pad printed phosphorus material that is placed over the dial and allows light to pass through, creating a new and unique way to illuminate the dial.

Shop the new MK1™ Chrono Supernova™ today.

The New Variety Collection from Timex

Fun, fresh and feminine, the new Variety Collection from Timex gives young women a unique fashion watch that is made to match her outfits and moods. Revolutionary 1960s design influenced this beautiful, mod-inspired style that features clean and geometric silhouettes. The Variety Collection offers interchangeable top rings and slip-thru straps with multiple options to customize your watch wardrobe.

Timex Variety Collection

Customization is a key trend that is important to express personal style. Having a women’s watch that can match different outfits and moods by easily changing the strap or top ring is a great way to go from one occasion to another with a simple change on the wrist.

Timex is launching this collection with three plating color options; silver-tone, rose-gold tone, and gold-tone. The silver-tone set features a silver-tone base and metal frame on a black leather strap with a blue interchangeable strap and black and white resin frames. The rose-gold set includes a rose-gold tone base and metal frame on a white leather strap with an interchangeable black leather strap and nude and white resin frames. The gold-tone set comes with a yellow-gold tone base and metal frame on a tan leather strap with an interchangeable black leather strap and black and petrol resin frames.

timex variety collection

Each Variety set can be mixed and matched to create six different looks by simply changing the strap and top rings. Changing the accessories is fast and easy so you can quickly switch up your look for that next important moment. Top ring accessories can be purchased individually and include navy, red, teal and tortoise shades so you can have fun when switching up styles.

Watches have always been a great way to reflect your personality, and the Variety boxed sets are the perfect example of this, allowing women to show the many sides of her character. Feminine, playful and with a hint of 60s retro design, these boxed sets allow for fun creativity when it comes to watch accessorizing.

Great for a watch gift or a must-have addition to your wardrobe, the Timex Variety Collection offers practically endless options.

Play. Switch. Repeat.

Shop the Timex Variety Collection.