What Makes a Watch Water-Resistant?


As summer approaches, it’s a great time to think about whether your watch is ready to take you through the season. Swimming, beach trips, water parks, lazy tubing rides down rivers — there are a lot of chances for your watch to get wet this summer.

Understanding water’s impact on your watch is key to taking care of your timepiece. But exactly what makes a watch water-resistant? We dive into the details below.

Water-resistant vs. waterproof watch 
“Waterproof” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but the Federal Trade Commission banned its use in advertising in the watch industry in the late 1960s. This was because no watch — or most other items, for that matter — can truly claim to be unharmed by water in all cases. At some point, and at some degree of water pressure, water will leak through a watch’s intricate mechanics and cause damage.

However, water resistance is a very real concept. It measures how much water pressure a watch can handle before it breaks. This measurement is important to know for the proper care and keeping of your watch.

Timex and water-resistant watches 
What makes a watch water-resistant?
Inside your watch is a network of complicated mechanics, each of which must work in tandem to enable accurate timekeeping. Water seeping into these mechanics will break your watch or affect timekeeping accuracy — sand, perspiration, and soap can also cause damage to your watch. To make watches water-resistant, product designers add a special type of gasket that seals the entryways to the core of the watch and helps keep water out. These gaskets work up to certain water pressure levels. You can also minimize water damage by not pulling out the watch crown or pressing buttons while underwater, offering protection from water damage and allowing the watch to be labeled as “water-resistant.”

Many of Timex’s watches are water-resistant. Our timepieces go through a rigorous testing protocol to assess their water resistance levels.

Our watches feature various levels of water resistance, from 30 meters to 200 meters. Here are the guidelines to help you know which types of exposure your Timex® watch can tolerate:

  • 30 meters: Watch can have an occasional splash of water.
  • 50 meters: Watch can have repeated exposure to moisture and can be used occasionally for swimming or similar activities.
  • 100 meters: Watch can be used for swimming, snorkeling, and similar activities.
  • 300 meters: Wearer can press buttons of the watch while underwater.

Check out some of our water-resistant watches:

Important considerations
Remember that using watches in ways that exceed their water resistance limit can cause damage. In addition, bear in mind that water-resistant watches from Timex are not certified diver’s watches. Finally, know that salt water can harm watches, so be sure to rinse your water-resistant watch with fresh water after exposure to it.

Enjoying your water-resistant watch 
Now that you know the basics of water resistance in timepieces, enjoy the summer activities you love — such as boating, kayaking or fishing — with peace of mind.

Timex INDIGLO®, the Fairfield Supernova™ and a Legacy of Innovation


This month Timex presents the Fairfield Supernova™, a celestially sleek and innovative timepiece that takes the Fairfield collection to the next level.

The Fairfield Supernova™ watch features a new INDIGLO® perforated laser-cut backlight dial to create a watch that suits modern lifestyles. The Fairfield Supernova™ is the latest incarnation of Timex’s commitment to innovation in watchmaking.

The Fairfield Supernova has landed
INDIGLO® Night-Lights gave watches additional much-needed functionality that struck a chord with consumers and which has become a mainstay in the contemporary watch market.

The Fairfield Supernova™ is a new way to experience Timex’s INDIGLO® Night-Light technology. The Fairfield Supernova™ is cut from metal and shaped by light, crafted using precision laser-cutting techniques on a thin layer of metal. This perforated layer of metal is then placed on top of the dial to allow for the light to pass through, creating a dazzling and contemporary way to illuminate the time. The laser-cut backlight INDIGLO® dial complements the perforated leather strap for a streamlined aesthetic. And with a date display and chronograph function with 4-hour capacity, the appeal of this watch is all in the details.

The Timex Fairfield collection is known for its thoughtfully designed timepieces and sleek, minimalist style that is a reliable accessory for your modern lifestyle. Now, with its updated functionality, the Fairfield Supernova™ expands the Fairfield universe of timepieces by giving watch wearers a new way to enjoy INDIGLO® Night-Light technology.

Backlit watches may seem standard today, but, inspired by its legacy of giving consumers timepieces with functionality and style, Timex continues to innovate with its new Fairfield Supernova™ technology.

INDIGLO®: A luminous history
Backlights seem like a standard feature on watches today, but this wasn’t always the case. Until the early ’90s, there was no easy way to read a watch in the dark.

Timex presented a solution to this frustrating problem with its INDIGLO® night-light feature. The invention was the next in a sequence of thoughtful, innovative watch features designed by Timex to respond to changing consumer needs.

“Backlights seem like a standard feature on watches today, but this wasn’t always the case.”

Following the successful release of the Timex® Ironman® Triathlon® watch, which became the best-selling watch in America within a year of its release, the company began exploring other innovations that could target gaps in the market. While efficient timekeeping and water-resistance were two main areas Timex developed, it felt that night-lights were a new functional feature for which consumers were searching.

Timex researchers had been experimenting with electroluminescent technology in different consumer applications and decided to try out the technology in timepieces. In 1993, Timex released a series of digital and analog watches with a new INDIGLO® night-light feature. The dials of these INDIGLO® watches were covered with a thin paper film which acted as a light bulb when lit up via battery power.

Timex’s hunch was right — the INDIGLO® night-light was a major success.