Timex Celebrates 50 Years of Quartz

Nearly 170 years ago, Timex® revolutionized the timekeeping industry, making well-built home clocks accessible to more than just the wealthy. When we helped move the pocket watch to the wrist early in the 20th century, it was our ability to join traditional craftsmanship with leading technology that would go on to define our company as an innovative force in the watch world.

Then came the quartz crisis of the early 1970s. The first quartz wristwatch hit the commercial market in December of 1969, and in just a few short years, watches that housed this new battery-powered movement outpaced their mechanical counterparts in both production and sales worldwide. It was an advancement that rocked the industry; quartz suddenly offered consumers something more precise than the mechanical wristwatch, and its advent meant that much of the industry now found itself in jeopardy. Traditional watchmakers like us had to adapt, or risk fading into the history books.

And that’s where the story of Q really begins.

In the spring of 1972, we unveiled our very first quartz watch, aptly called the Q Timex, which not only sold 60% under the market value of the least expensive watch at that time, but also paved the way for a range of approachable, highly accurate timepieces to come.

You see, quartz watchmaking proved to be more than just a way forward for our company—it fulfilled our promise to deliver accurate and affordable wristwatches while staying true to our century-and-a-half of heritage. With one iconic design after another, we made quartz the standard by embracing this revolutionary technology, cutting down the cost, and bringing it to the people. Just like that, quartz was here to stay.

Our first models were stylish for the era but, as our wildly popular reissues have proven, those originals had ageless qual   ities that would see their appeal span across the decades. Case in point, the Q Timex 1979 Reissue sold out almost immediately following its May 2019 release. Kicking off our historical watch reissue project, this timepiece was the first of many revivals from the original Q Timex collection. The Falcon Eye, 1975 Reissue Day-Date, and two reiterations of the original Q Timex 1978 weren’t far behind, nor was the Q Timex LCA Reissue: a retro throwback to an age that brought even greater leaps in technology, from liquid-crystal displays, to boundary-pushing aesthetics.

Our reissue project continues to revive hits from our original Q series. Although, few perhaps have greater significance than the Q Timex 1972 Reissue, proudly released on the 50th anniversary of quartz. With period-perfect design traits pulled straight from the original, this reissue, like all Q Timex watches, recalls a period of upheaval in the watchmaking industry. It captures the bold spirit of an era—an evolution that changed everything.

It’s been half-a-century since the story of quartz began, but watches bearing the Q Timex symbol have always embodied the best of emerging technology and fresh design—qualities linking the originals to their modern-day editions. We’re proud to expand upon this chapter of our history as we move into the future, one tick at a time.

From Waste to Wrist, Timex Launches the Waterbury Ocean Collection

On World Ocean Day, we’re introducing the Waterbury Ocean collection, created using upcycled, ocean-bound plastic, in partnership with award-winning organization, #tide™.

This exciting release comes at a crucial time for our planet; the ocean is suffocating due to plastic pollution, with an estimated 8 million tons of waste finding its way into the sea every year. While the statistics surrounding this global crisis are certainly staggering, they’re unsurprising given the rate at which societies around the world both produce and dispose of nonbiodegradable materials. Roughly 40% of the world’s ocean surface already consists of plastic, and without action, it’s predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

This endemic is affecting marine life and harming ecosystems every day, which is why Timex® is taking an important step in the direction of sustainability. With Waterbury Ocean, we’re redesigning our past to take care of our future by repurposing ocean-bound plastic pollution for a cleaner tomorrow.

Featuring an upcycled case, bracelet, and dial, this remarkable wristwatch is the first Timex of its kind. Our partnership with #tide means that Waterbury Ocean’s circular journey from waste to wrist begins with fishermen collecting plastic from the coastlines; the waste is washed and shredded before making its way to Switzerland via carbon-neutral transportation; and finally, it’s repurposed on-site, resulting in a premium, sustainable material. Available in three colorways, the stunning marine-inspired dial of the resulting wristwatch follows suit in its responsible production, allowing for distinctive flakes of shredded material to make the face of each timepiece gloriously unique.

Of course, it’s only fitting that the classic Waterbury construction serves as the foundation of this wristwatch. Our story of unstoppable innovation began nearly 170 years ago as the Waterbury Watch Company, and what better way to honor our rich legacy in traditional watchmaking than through our eponymous collection? Like a true Timex, Waterbury Ocean also incorporates the trusted functionality features you need to navigate uncharted waters ahead, like luminant hands and 30 meters of water resistance.

Over the course of recent decades, we’ve taken important measures to lessen our environmental impact. We’ve converted facility lights from incandescent to LED to save electricity; utilized wastewater recovery methods to save millions of gallons of water; switched to variable speed motors in our manufacturing facilities; and—with Waterbury Ocean and Expedition North leading by example—launched exciting, new collections that focus on sustainable manufacturing and product longevity. But this is only the beginning.

The watchmaking industry, like much of the world, has leaps and bounds to go in the direction of renewability. As proud as we are of each step taken so far, we know that taking proper care of our planet means looking for additional ways to improve. It’s time to look to the future and take care of our precious waters. From waste to wrist, watch the clock, see the change.


Preserving the Wild Spaces We Love During Earth Month and Every Month

For nearly 170 years, we’ve been innovative and forward-thinking, implementing bold new ideas for the ever-changing times. Our legacy of rebellion began in 1854 when we moved timekeeping from the pocket to the wrist, only gaining momentum as we navigated our company over the next century-and-a-half that followed. We’ve held ourselves to some of the highest standards in the industry, creating watches that can be worn and loved thanks to their timeless design and legendary dependability. And today, at a crucial time in our planet’s history, we’re calling upon our boundary-pushing innovation once again to help protect the wild spaces we love.

During Earth Month and every month, we’re committed to forging the path to a better future. Explore our collection of eco-friendly watches and read on for the small but mighty steps we’re taking in the direction of sustainability.

Crafting Watches to Last a Lifetime

At Timex, we’re in it for the long haul. Our commitment to crafting well-made products has kept our watches out of landfills and on wrists for generations. We’ve placed product durability at the forefront of what we do since the very beginning, designing high-quality watches that can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Offering Solar-Powered and Hand-Wound Movements

Our solar-powered watches are eco-friendly and maintenance-free with the ability recharge indoors or out. Many of our solar-powered movements boast a four-month power reserve and can be recharged by any light source, while our hand-wound movements allow us to rely less on batteries altogether.

Opting for Ecco™ DriTan™ Leather Manufacturing

Thanks to our zero-water manufacturing process, we help save a whopping 25 million liters of water per year in the tanning and finishing stages of our Ecco™ DriTan™ leather straps. (That’s enough water to keep 9,000 people hydrated annually.) This revolutionary method extracts the natural moisture already present in animal hides, so the amount of water and chemicals required of the traditional tanning process is drastically reduced.

Introducing Upcycled, Ocean-Bound Plastic

Coming soon, Waterbury Ocean is the first ever Timex to be crafted from upcycled, ocean-bound plastic in partnership with award-winning organization, #tide™. It’s our most eco-friendly Timex to date, and its release ignites our company-wide activation to support, fund, and drive initiatives to help clean up our oceans.

Incorporating 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

From Expedition North to Peanuts Take Care, our eco-friendly watch collections feature comfortable fabric straps made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. It’s a material derived from products that have already completed their lifecycle—and one that falls in line with our sincere commitment to taking greater sustainable measures.

Updating Our Manufacturing and Production Lines

Our innovative solutions don’t stop with design. We’re working to build a better tomorrow by making updates to our traditional production lines and supply chains worldwide. We’ve utilized wastewater recovery methods to save millions of gallons of water, converted facility lights from incandescent to LED to save electricity, and switched to variable speed motors in our manufacturing plants. Even our global facilities in the Philippines, France, and Germany are reducing, reusing, and recycling their consumption of paper, plastic, and metal in the range of 10-20 metric tons per year.

Switching to 100% Recyclable Paper Packaging

We’re in the process of transitioning to 100% all-paper packaging—not only to help protect your watch en route to your wrist, but also to spare the planet from unnecessary pollution. It’s a small effort, but like any eco-friendly practice, it’s one that can create a ripple effect of positive change. Have a Timex watch on the way? Don’t forget to recycle your packaging to help protect the home we share.

Stay tuned for more information on our new Waterbury Ocean collection, and become a part of our efforts to build a better tomorrow.

The Q Timex Collection Welcomes a GMT Movement

The dawn of the Jet Age ushered in one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. Commercial air travel became wildly accessible, and for the first time in history, a new class of travelers could now dart across the ocean in a mere number of hours, touching down in time zones entirely different from the ones they’d left behind. The aviation experts navigating these transcontinental flights—and eventually, jetsetters themselves—quickly recognized the need for a way to keep track of time both at home and abroad. And so, from necessity, the GMT watch was born.

This revolutionary advancement brings us to an exciting new release here at Timex®. Today, we’re unveiling the Q Timex GMT, a natural evolution of our original dive-inspired Q, allowing modern-day travelers to set an additional time zone with the collection’s very first GMT movement.

It’s been a big year for the Q Timex series already; its start marked our 50th anniversary of quartz, a milestone we proudly celebrated with the release of the Q Timex 1972 Reissue. Designed with another heavy dose of old-school-cool, new iterations of the Q Timex Malibu followed closely behind. A quick glance at either release will tell you all you need to know about the Q Timex collection: then and now, presenting accurate, cutting-edge technology in a way that’s practical and affordable has always been at its core. This ethos of ours is palpable in just about every quartz watch we’ve put out in the last half-a-century—and the Q Timex GMT is no exception.

Using the dive-style Q’s familiar 38mm stainless-steel case profile as a foundation, our designers in Milan adjusted the top ring insert, dial, and hands to incorporate the coveted Swiss-made GMT movement. It’s a nostalgia-inducing timepiece to say the least, possessing the heritage-inspired look you already love, now featuring a fourth watch hand to track the additional time zone. It displays three in total, making this timepiece the perfect watch for globetrotters looking to keep accurate time, or colleagues aiming to connect with corporate offices across the world.

As the close examination of our Q Timex GMT continues, watch enthusiasts might spot an appearance from the stainless-steel bracelet of our M79 Automatic. In a nod to the retro aesthetics of one of history’s most evocative eras, our designers also updated the construction of the original folded bracelet links, which now appear solid and curved at the top for a more dimensional look. Because it belongs to our Q Timex family, you’ll find that we’ve incorporated some of our favorite vintage styling cues: a period-perfect domed acrylic crystal, rotating bezel, and the Q Timex branding at 12 o’clock, which indicates the quartz movement ticking inside.

We even included an easy-to-use, coin-operated battery hatch on the case back, allowing you to change the battery yourself if you need to. It’s one of those quintessential features that performs an immensely practical function, while also giving our modern-day Q’s the same feel as they would’ve had decades ago. Discover our latest Q Timex for yourself and get in on the re-making of history with our other vintage-inspired reissues.

They Say Watch Design Comes Back Around. We Say This One Never Left.

Like most traditional watchmakers within the US as well as abroad, Timex went through a period of serious uncertainty when quartz timekeeping swept the industry between 1969 and the late 1980s. There were military production contracts, personal computers (don’t ask), collaborations with camera makers, joint ventures with NASA, and more. Countless brands, large and small, went under; some have been revived with new ownership and new production. Still others totally disappeared, never to resurface.

But at Timex? We kept on ticking.

It was during our most difficult period — the early 1970s — that Timex pivoted into quartz watchmaking, an absolutely critical move that laid the groundwork for not only saving our company but taking it to altogether new heights.

The decade itself was one of forward-searching strangeness, boldness and beauty, an era marked with groundbreaking ideas across art, music, and design. Clashing patterns, garish colors, flared pants, long hair, expanding consciousness, and deeper understandings of the world — these are the legacies of the era.

Like a funnel, the period’s design language gathered the swirling sensibilities of the time and brought them together — melted ingots in a forge, new combinations never seen before. And some of what came out was bold enough to last.

Speaking of boldness, Timex certainly made its mark. And today, on the 50th anniversary of the quartz watch that started it all, we’re making sure that mark never fades. Introducing the commemorative Q Timex 1972 Reissue: the continuation of a story that just keeps getting better.

Striking bright-red dial? Check. Polished gold-tone case in an uncommon (yet eminently wearable) barrel-shaped profile? Check. Gorgeous dimensional dial markings with joy-inducing hands to match? Check, check, and check. It’s okay if checking the time on this watch makes you giddy. It gets us going too.

The always-practical date window at 3:00 even matches the perspective angles radiating out from the center of the dial, doing its duty in rhomboid proportions. And under the period-correct domed acrylic crystal, with its dreamlike refractions around the edges, the many elements of this decades-old design all come to life like no time’s passed at all.

While most of the design traits of this watch come straight from the original, our design team took its standard dial markings — already gorgeous in their fit and finish — and elevated them, literally. Each applied hour marker is actually suspended above the dial’s surface, casting its own small shadow, extending out from a highly polished ring that runs the inner perimeter of the case. Even when you’re holding the watch up close to admire the details, you’re going to come to one conclusion: it’s far out, man.

Vintage watch collecting has its pitfalls — the passage of time is not always kind to the instruments made for measuring it — and contemporary watch collecting can feel like an exercise in measuring expendable income. Where this watch comes in, and where the rest of our Q Timex Reissue range sits comfortably, is the best of both worlds to the casual wearer and discerning collector alike. It’s practical, it’s reliable. You know what you’re getting when you buy a Q Timex Reissue. Our careful attention to the retro design and period-perfect details never overwhelms the fact that these are watches made to be worn — comfortable, accurate, and honest. A Timex, as it will always be, is a Timex.

It’s been half-a-century since the story of Q began. In celebration of its 50th birthday, we’re deeply proud to bring you this blast from the past as we continue to share the story of who we are. As for your story and the new watch you’re sporting, we say sit back and let the record play on for a little while. We’ll catch you on the flip side.

Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic: Inspired by Light. Powered by Motion.

Our Milan-based design director Giorgio Galli knows what makes Timex tick better than anyone. That’s why we asked him to create the most “Timex” Timex ever made, a watch that combines our shared love of quality, accessibility, and great design. Giorgio answered with the S1 Automatic back in 2019, only to follow up with the new GG S1 38mm two years later: an elegant and refined series expansion, featuring the kind of details that could only have come from Giorgio. To give this timepiece the introduction it deserves, we sat down with the creative visionary himself and discussed the GG S1’s most anticipated updates.

First, what inspired you to design a smaller case size for the GG S1 Automatic?

“The GG S1 38mm is a continuation of the 41mm’s legacy. I wanted to create a family of product that offers different sizes, proportions, colors, and movements that would appeal to a larger audience. The latest iteration is classic in style, unisex in size, and fully developed to capture the art of design.”

In the past, you’ve noted that the S1 41mm was “inspired by the most beautiful and poetic moment of the day: the blue hour.” What led you to expand upon this series with two new colorways, and what is the significance behind the hues that you chose?

“I’ve always been fascinated by the colors found throughout the landscapes of the natural world. The Inverness Green was influenced by the Scottish Highlands, and certainly aligns with current watch industry trends. The Iceland Stone Gray draws inspiration from its namesake as well; I took a trip to Iceland three or four years ago and was amazed by the beauty of the stone on the seaside. The colors were just fantastic—almost sculpture-like. I chose to incorporate that volcanic gray into the new design, which melds nicely together with the stainless-steel case and buckle. Inspiration is always part of the process.”

Your design approach to this series thus far has been through the lens of a photographer. Can you elaborate on the correlation between photography and the S1 38mm?

“I discovered a passion for photography quite late in comparison to design, but its ability to capture nature’s most profound qualities—light, shadows, reflections, and how these things interact with natural surfaces—has always appealed to me. It’s very much related to design in that if you understand light, you can understand how the product’s shape is influenced when the two come in contact. The S1 38mm is designed to capture as much light as possible, becoming, again, almost sculpture-like in appearance. That dimension is magnified by a unique, fully custom skeleton case.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the 38mm skeleton case and curved dial?

“The term ‘skeleton’ usually refers to a visible movement that can be seen through the dial of the watch. In a way, I transferred that concept from dial to case. Not only does this watch feature a skeleton curved dial, but the entire case has also been perforated using metal injection molding to obtain the most precise shape. Then come the finishes. The watch is polished in a way that enhances its unique structure, the beauty of which is showcased whenever the light hits.”

What do you believe watch enthusiasts will love most about the new GG S1?

“The new proportions are of course very appealing. Bringing the S1 41mm down to a unisex size allows Timex to share this classic design with those who prefer a smaller wristwatch.

Unlike the previous version, the new model also features double-domed sapphire crystal, which—aside from the smaller case size—is one of the series’ biggest improvements. It’s anti-scratch and triple-coated with antiglare, making it one of the more high-end Timex watches, but nothing over the top. I’ve presented the sapphire crystal in a way that’s affordable.”

And finally, what do you believe makes the GG S1 38mm so representative of the Timex brand?

“Timex has a long history, and together, we try to honor it by putting out the best quality product we can. This watch really pays homage not only to the watchmaking industry, but also to the heritage of Timex itself through design, detail, and the way it’s built. Construction-wise, this watch is very unique, and in some ways it’s a culmination of what I’ve been doing for Timex for many years. The cut-out case design is something that I was doing back in 1996, for example. Combined with authentic iconography—the curved dials, 3-D indices—the S1 38mm is a classic interpretation of a Timex watch. It’s a tribute to the history of the brand, as well as a look ahead to the chapters yet to be written.”


Give the Gift That Keeps on Ticking

From fresh takes on beloved classics to nostalgic collaborations with new partners, Timex® routinely demonstrates its ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. In fact, the adaptability of the Timex brand has always been one of the driving forces behind its staying power—and the reason why our wristwatches have been thoughtfully given for generations.

Our legendary craftsmanship runs 167 years deep, making it likely that your grandfather was once gifted a Timex, and his father before him. Today, Timex offers a wide variety of timepieces for both men and women, and if you browse our lineup of dress watches, chronographs, divers, and digitals below, we know you’ll find plenty of opportunities to give the gift that keeps on ticking this holiday season.



Marlin® Hand-Wound 34mm Leather Strap Watch

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A reissue of a faithful 1960s timepiece, the Marlin® pairs the purity and pleasure of a hand-wound mechanical movement with the timeless sophistication of a sleek design. Quite literally given for generations, this is the kind of watch that looks like you inherited it from your Grandpa but shines like new. The stainless-steel case and silver sunray dial mirror the original design, with a brushed effect that has a creamy, champagne hue when the light catches it. Stick dial markings alternate with stylized Arabic numerals, a trending look during the 1960s. Wind the crown until you feel a slight resistance—a motion best done at the same time each day to keep the watch continually running—and enjoy a vintage-inspired appeal that has stood the test of time.


Q Timex 1975 Reissue Date Window 38mm Leather Strap Watch

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Our Q Timex Reissue Date Window circa 1975 has been recreated for today’s watch wearers, with inspirations drawn from the louche glamor of 1970s fashion and design. Featuring a stainless-steel case and plated gold-tone finish, functional battery hatch, date window, and a unique, period-correct case design, at first glance this reissue could be mistaken as an artifact of its time, but it’s so much more than that. We took special care in staying true to the original angles and design, so from above it presents on the wrist with a cushion shape, while from the side it offers a plateaued profile that sits comfortably on the wrist with just the right amount of presence.


Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch

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A natural evolution of our much-loved Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch, this timepiece adds a festive new color to the iconic features of the original—a rotating bezel, woven stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal to name a few. We’ve long tested the waters with tasteful tones of forest, olive, and emerald green here at Timex, and this iteration of the Q Timex 1979 is a perfect example of our fortitude. Featuring a merry-and-bright, jewel-toned hue that covers both the dial and bezel, it’s everything you already loved, and then some.


Timex Ironman R300 GPS 41mm Silicone Strap Watch

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We know there’s no finish line. That’s why we built our Timex Ironman® R300 GPS watch for constant improvement. This smartwatch is packed with a powerhouse battery, guided workouts from athletes and coaches, continuous optical heart rate monitoring, and more, delivering a range of performance metrics to help you tune your workouts and reach your running goals. The brilliant sunlight-readable display, simple user interface, and robust mobile connectivity come together for a made-for-sports smartwatch that will have no trouble keeping up with you—or the lucky recipient of this perfect holiday gift.


Waterbury Classic Chronograph 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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With the Waterbury Classic Chronograph, we’re paying homage to our original watch collection by using the Waterbury Watch Company logo on the dial and second hand, which bears the stylized W. Each timepiece displays our attention to craftsmanship and detail, with finely finished surfaces and careful applications of watchmaking ingenuity. Featuring a stainless-steel case, classic black dial with Roman numerals, and a quick-release leather strap, this brilliant wristwatch unites all of these elements into something that delivers function just as well as form.


Expedition North Field Post Solar 36mm Recycled Fabric Strap Watch

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Our Field Post 36 Solar takes what you love about its predecessor, the Field Post 41 Solar, and scales it all down to a slightly retro profile that harkens back to military-issue watches from decades past. At 36mm in diameter, the new iteration is the perfect size for lovers of vintage watch design—and anybody with a smaller wrist. This watch provides a reliable solar movement with up to a four-month power reserve, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, 100 meters of water resistance, a screw-down case back and crown, luminescent hands and dial markings, and a comfortable brown Ecco™ DriTan™ leather strap made with eco-friendly methods. Put all that together and you’re getting a classic field watch with modern tech that keeps up with you day after day.




Q Timex x Judith Leiber and Timex T80 x Judith Leiber

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A name synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication, Judith Leiber has taken two beloved Timex designs and turned them into pieces of high-fashion art. The Q Timex x Judith Leiber clocks in at a versatile 38mm across, and from the Swarovski® crystal-encrusted surface to its all-polished stainless construction, this style guarantees attraction and attention, even when no one’s curious about the time—the mark of a truly stunning watch. For those who prefer the modern appeal of a digital wristwatch, our Timex T80 features a rose gold-tone case with a polished finish while retaining all the same practical features you’d expect: a stopwatch function, alarm, and our classic INDIGLO™ backlight. However, with this on your wrist this holiday season, you’ll be thinking far beyond the basics as it sparkles the hours away.


Waterbury Traditional 34mm Leather Strap Watch

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Go on, go vintage. An update to a true classic, this timepiece honors our roots as The Waterbury Watch Company, and the generations of women watchmakers whose artistry and ingenuity made Timex one of the most popular watch brands in the world. Our Waterbury Traditional not only embodies our commitment to craftsmanship and refined watchmaking, but is also well-suited for everyday wear thanks to its white dial, polished rose gold-tone stainless-steel case, and a natural navy lizard-patterned leather strap.


Q Timex 38mm Stainless-Steel Expansion Band Watch

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Inspired by our archival Q Timex designs from the age of Quartz, we stayed true to the unique case silhouette, rotating top ring, battery hatch, and dial design. The rose gold tone case is accented with alternating blush links on our Perfect Fit™ expansion band for a look and fit you’ll love—and believe us when we say there’s no better time than the present to shop this remarkable timepiece. Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, the Q Timex is one of the many wristwatches included within the Timex x BCRF Capsule Collection: a curated assortment of some of our brightest and boldest women’s styles. Click here to learn more, shop the full collection, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of women worldwide this holiday season.


Timex Metropolitan S 36mm Silicone Strap Watch

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Available in a chic black or rose gold-tone pink, the Timex Metropolitan S has all the functionality you need including up to two weeks of battery life. Its sleek design boasts an impressive AMOLED display that you can customize with over 20+ dial designs. Plus, 24/7 activity and sleep tracking for your health and fitness goals, on-board GPS, optical heart rate sensor, notifications, and much more. The comfortable silicone strap is complemented by a modern metal case and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass™ lens, making this is the perfect smartwatch to hold tight or gift forward.


Celestial Opulence 32mm Stainless-Steel Mesh Band Watch

Coming Soon

Inspired by the beauty of the star-scattered night sky, the unique details of our Celestial Opulence watch stand out on your wrist. Featuring our INDIGLO® backlight, the glittering black dial is complemented by a gold-tone, stainless-steel, mesh bracelet and a polished gold-tone case for a brilliant, eye-catching shine. We’ll never tell you how to style your Timex watch, but rest assured that this one carries the elegance and versatility you need to seamlessly transition from day to night.


Unveil Automatic 38mm Leather Strap Watch

Coming Soon

We’re revealing the details behind this automatic collection. A stunning translucent dial and dimensional applied indices with crystal accents make for a watch with impressive depth on the wrist. An exhibition case back creates further depth, even from above, and shows off the movement on full display. Powered by your motion, the 21-jewel movement has a 40-hour power reserve and can also be hand-wound with the crown. This watch is completed with a polished gold-tone case and black, soft croco-pattern natural leather strap.

Timex x Judith Leiber: Craftsmanship that Sparkles

For decades, Judith Leiber’s artistic genius has dazzled throughout the pages of Vogue and in the hands of some of the biggest names in the entertainment and fashion industry. Crystal-studded evening bags and whimsical minaudières are the luxury brand’s focal point, displaying such meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that the name “Judith Leiber” itself has become synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication.

If you’ve ever so much as glanced in their direction, it’s unequivocally clear that these objects are nothing short of masterpieces, and it’s Judith Leiber’s seamless blend of fashion, function, and fine art that has always made our eyes sparkle at the thought of a potential partnership. Under the creative direction of Dee Ocleppo Hilfiger—Judith Leiber’s co-owner, creative director, and global brand ambassador— the brand granted Timex the honor of collaborating on the ultimate fashion ornament: two limited-edition watches.

Introducing the Timex x Judith Leiber Q analog and T80 digital.

Whether you’re looking to add to your Judith Leiber collection or welcome home your very first piece, these watches guarantee something unique; both styles have been capped at just 200 units each, and every last one of them is adorned with over 900 hand-applied Swarovski® crystals on the cases, dials, and bracelets.

Pulling inspiration from our loved Q Timex, the luxe Timex x Judith Leiber 38mm Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch draws the eye to just about every facet, from its crystal-encrusted surfaces to its all-polished stainless construction. It’s designed with a level of experience, craftsmanship, and pride that only 167 years of watchmaking can bring to the table.

For those who prefer the modern appeal of a digital wristwatch, our Timex T80 features a rose gold-tone case with a polished finish. The 35mm chronograph watch retains all the same practical features you’d expect; it’s water resistant to 50 meters with a stopwatch function, customizable alarm, adjustable stainless-steel bracelet, and our classic INDIGLO® backlight. 

Judith Leiber’s iconic aesthetic combined with our expertise in luxury watchmaking makes a statement—one that brings attention to the wrist in all its shining glory.


An Industry Pioneer Returns to the Trail with Expedition North

Carried on the strapping back of our Timex Expedition collection, the new Expedition North has finally reached its peak. The line features nine reimagined timepieces, and its ascension from the original 1980s release date reveals an even deeper commitment to sustainable manufacturing; connection with the great outdoors; and harmony between the practicality and idyllicism of the Timex brand itself.

Good news for courageous explorers and weekend warriors alike, these outdoor wristwatches are designed to withstand the elements—without sacrificing style. They possess the same outstanding value, rugged appeal, and sure-fire functionality for which Expedition is known, but with an array of enhancements that go above and beyond the treeline. That’s all thanks to the use of modern design aesthetics and premium, eco-friendly materials—the kind of watchmaking ingenuity that future generations can both depend upon and pridefully stand behind.

Of note, our hand-wound movement, which omits the need for batteries, and our solar powered movement, which boasts a four-month power reserve, cut down on hazardous waste. Our sustainable straps, made entirely from post-consumer plastics and Ecco™ DriTan™ leather (apart from the buckle), preserve the earth’s natural resources. And finally, the packaging we use to protect each timepiece en route to your wrist is 100% recyclable. Featuring stainless-steel cases, anti-reflective sapphire crystals, and—true of the Tide – Temp – Compass—bidirectional center hands that navigate the landscape for you, this collection has the power to guide its intrepid traveler from street to summit, reducing the environmental footprint in its wake.

Of course, Expedition North wouldn’t be the renaissance that it is had we not paid homage to the stylistic elements of the Timex line that first forged the path in outdoor watch design. Like its vintage predecessor, Expedition North’s timepieces are ultimately inspired by the military-issue tickers of yesteryear, and it’s this blend of heritage and innovation that really makes them shine. They’re purpose-designed, neatly packaged with all that one might need to get the job done, and then some. Pair its vintage charm with an environmentally conscious manufacturing process, and you’ve got a versatile, utilitarian piece ready to embark on a new frontier.






Timex x MadeWorn, Years in the Making

From the Brand That Never Stops
Timex x MadeWorn, Years in the Making

Synonymous with passion, quality, and vision – any connoisseur will tell you precision and timing can be everything. That’s why after years in the making, the collaboration between Timex & MadeWorn had to be just the right fit.

Every detail – down to the watch’s most intimate aspects, presentation, and very soul was thoroughly mused over and considered until each part fell into place, revealing its true opus.

But how did we arrive here?

Vintage Watch with leather strap

MadeWorn is helmed by Blaine Halvorson, an LA-based artist who runs his brand with an eye to decades (and centuries) past and a penchant for hands-on manipulation of materials. Timex, of course, came to the table with more than 165 years of watchmaking heritage and global influences on design, manufacturing, and production, all while under the creative design direction of Giorgio Galli, one of the most influential watch designers of his time.

The sum of these parts, which might seem like oil and water from first glance, is a blend like no other. The watches in this collection tick like a Timex and wear like the singular objects of artistic passion that they really are.

On the Timex side, this MadeWorn edition began its life under the American Documents® collection which made its debut in April 2019, when Timex brought watchmaking back to the USA. A natural fit for MadeWorn, staying true to both brands DNA and mission for American-Made products. Keeping true to the original, this unique but limited edition was made by American craftsmen with American materials, each raw piece that was produced in the US was then shipped to Blaine out in LA for his hands-on approach (really his blood, sweat and tears) to ensure that each component was uniquely crafted. From LA the pieces went back to the Timex HQ in Middlebury, CT where our engineering team lead by Dave Quinlan continued that very mission.

But with one look at a MadeWorn watch, you know something diverged somewhere. And for Halvorson, Galli and Quinlan, finding the way to something as wonderful as the Timex x MadeWorn watch is all about process.

For these watches, it’s about many processes separated out and repeated through time. The watch cases are coated with a proprietary plating, and then physically tumbled and distressed to show intentional wear; a similar process was applied to the case back, but separately, with multiple layers of plating applied and then partially worn away through hand-distressing methods. For each individual watch, a special coating was then applied overtop of the worn plating layers to preserve what Timex and MadeWorn achieved together.






Each strap also tells a story of wear, aging and manipulation; soaked in tannin-based dyes and dried with direct-sun exposure, among other methods, the end result is a softened leather strap that’s still sturdy, but definitively broken-in and rich with deep, earthy hues. Years of exposure to sun, sweat and other elements of daily life were compressed into weeks, days and even hours as Halvorson and Quinlan created these watches, assembling parts by hand and navigating each process with a combination of the engineer’s scientific know-how and the artist’s gut instinct.

Of course, the most immediately striking aspect of this watch is its dial. Split into two hemispheres — left brain and right brain, day and night, illusion and reality — it reflects a process that involved basic and acidic compounds, as well as applications of blistering heat and powerful light. With this visual Halvorson evokes the horizon we’re always chasing, as well as the setting sun that we’re trying to beat.

What can we do with the 24 hours we’re given? In Blaine’s own words, “we cannot attempt to cheat time, but we can change how we use and represent it. Will we fall victim to these 24 hours — or choose to conquer them? “

A watch with this much care and passion put into it will, of course, be presented in a setting that warrants such weight. Each watch comes in a box made of American cherrywood and charred by hand, with a sheaf of papers inspired by (and treated to look like) banking and business documents from a century ago, as if rescued from the drawer of an antique desk.

Hand-assembled by American craftspeople and built with materials and parts sourced in the USA, this watch is more than a time-telling device. Every element of its design, from the case and hands to the special dial patina, is completely unique — no two Timex x MadeWorn watches are the same. This collaborative project represents Halvorson’s vision of time: the future to come, the past already gone, and our position straddling the present’s divide as the clock strikes now, now, now.

The true essence and soul of this collaboration could only be captured by renowned film-maker and photographer Dikayl Rimmasch. Each image and video produced tells this unique story but leaves room for personal reflection and thoughtful curiosity.

Discover Timex x MadeWorn here. 

Product Features:

  • Stainless-Steel Case with Aging Process
  • Two-Color Dial with Aging Process
  • Natural Leather Strap with Aging Process
  • Brass Case Back with Custom Plating that was Made to Look Like Aged Aluminum
  • Water Resistant to 30M
  • 41mm case, 20mm lug


  • SRP: $850
  • June 15, 2021
  • Available exclusively on Timex.com

What’s next between Timex and MadeWorn, will we fall victim to these 24 hours – or choose to conquer them…Tick Tick Tick…Check back in 2022.