A Signature Timex Collection Takes Flight with the Timex x Pan Am Waterbury

One of the most iconic global airlines in aviation history, Pan American World Airways®, LLC has set the gold standard for international air travel since 1927. With its sights fixed on the horizon, the company single-handedly ushered in the dawn of the Jet Age, an era that launched a new class of passengers into the skies and across the oceans for the very first time. Flying with the leader quickly became as much about the journey as it was the destination; Pan Am offered unparalleled value, comfort, and service not yet seen in the friendly skies. The airline brought luxury to long-range travel—and the world a little bit closer together.

Today, in proud partnership with this industry innovator, we’re releasing the Timex® x Pan Am Waterbury: a nostalgic collaboration that harkens back to one of aviation’s most evocative periods.

With coursed gourmet meals and comfortable, roomy seats, those who flew with Pan Am by the mid-century did so with the splendor of a glamorous globetrotter. Our collaborative timepiece not only channels the charm and grandeur of travel’s early days, but also the precision, ergonomics, and unencumbered legibility of a traditional pilots’ watch. The resulting collection is one that captures the essence of a bygone era.

Featuring either a date display or chronograph movement, the Timex x Pan Am Waterbury packs the vintage aesthetics of an aviation tool watch into the 42mm stainless-steel construction of one of our most classic case profiles. Our designers kept the sleek, navy-blue dial clean and spacious, crafted—like its predecessors—with the purpose of allowing navigators to quickly decipher the time and orient themselves while flying. Bold Arabic numerals 1 to 11 appear around the dial, while the signature triangular marker seen at the 12 position draws the eye toward the top of the watch.

In the darkness of a red-eye or the brightness of the tarmac, heroic, sword-shaped luminant hands also make for clear legibility. We’ve paired the streamlined aesthetic with a comfortable brown leather strap featuring Pan Am’s unmistakable “globe” accent plates. And like the memento that it is, this watch ships as a gift set with a Pan Am lapel pin, perfect for everyone from airline captains and aircraft enthusiasts, to collectors of American treasure. Don’t miss your chance to own a classic watch that embodies the spirit of American ingenuity—these are going to fly.

Stay Present with the Timex x Adsum MK1

An American clothing company founded in Brooklyn, New York, Adsum has elevated an iconic Timex tool watch with their unmistakable street-meets-summit aesthetic. The brand’s creators combine their deep love for music, sports, and tactical gear with inspiration pulled from the varied landscape of the American Northeast. A sense of irreverence, simplicity, and timelessness is the common thread woven throughout Adsum’s seasonal collections—and one that’s deeply embedded in our latest MK1.

To celebrate this exciting release, we sat down with Adsum Founder and Creative Director Pete Macnee to get his take on this no-nonsense, military-inspired throwback from the Timex® archives.

To start things off, what intrigued the Adsum team most about collaborating with Timex on a wristwatch?

“Firstly, our respect and admiration for the Timex brand. Most of us at one point in our lives had a Timex watch that a store employee retrieved from a plexiglass merchandising unit in a local independent store near where we lived. I vividly remember getting a Timex Ironman® watch. I never figured out how to use all of the timing functions for sports, but the big INDIGLO® button mesmerized me. So, there is deep respect for such a globally recognized brand.

We also were intrigued by the opportunity to design and market a hard accessory that would be difficult for us to design and develop [by ourselves.] Timex creates watches in a special way. We like to think we design and market in a special way, too, so this collaboration is about bringing the two brands together to make something a little different and meaningful for both of our core customer sets.”

What are some of the stylistic or functional features of this watch that feel the most ‘Adsum’?

“Simplicity and timelessness. The numerals used on the watch face are Helvetica Neue, the same font we use in our logo mark. We think it is one of the best looking, most universally loved fonts. The colors are also classic to our idea of benchmark watch design: a black dial and 36mm stainless-steel case that houses a functional, cost-efficient quartz movement. Our MK1 collab does everything that we think a simple watch should do, most importantly, tell the time.”

Can you describe the significance behind the green dial accents and slip-thru fabric strap?

“Dark green has become a core color to Adsum. It sits just outside of our fundamental clothing colors—which are navy, white, grey, and black—and can really be placed on any wearable, everyday clothing item. The green dial accents are a nod to INDIGLO®, which is a huge part of Timex’s identity to the Adsum team. The color is also a reference to nature; it represents our love for the great outdoors and the reminder to stay present.”

Speaking of remaining present, one final, stand-out detail of our MK1 is the engraved case back that reads, “I am Present.” What does this statement mean to you?

“We don’t talk about it much, but ‘I am present’ is the meaning of the Latin word ‘Adsum.’ This takes us back to the formation of our brand; we landed on ‘Adsum’ because of its simplicity. We believe being present is a good way to go about every day, and wearing a watch like our MK1, which does nothing more than tell the time, is a great way to make life just a little bit simpler.”

Discover the history of the Timex MK1 and shop our latest collab, now available via Adsum online, Timex.com, and select retailers.

Suit Up with the Timex x Cynthia Rowley Navi

Fashion should be an adventure. This is the philosophy of the iconic Cynthia Rowley, the Manhattan-based designer behind the eponymous global lifestyle brand. If her coveted line of girl-on-the-go Surf & Swim hasn’t already given it away, Cynthia, herself, is an avid surfer, having gotten hooked on the lifestyle when she first moved to Montauk, New York. A genuine love for the sport has inspired collection after collection—and now, a special-edition wristwatch with Timex®. The result, as you may have guessed, is an empowering companion designed to express yourself with fearlessness and spontaneity.

“The legacy of the Timex brand’s tough, adventurous spirit was a natural for our brand to collaborate on a water-resistant timepiece. Wear it in the waves with our Surf & Swim or as a sporty accessory with our pretty dresses.” – Cynthia Rowley

As long-time believers in fashionable practicality, we jumped at the chance to suit up for a collaboration that evokes this shared spirit. The Timex x Cynthia Rowley® Navi is designed for life on sand and sea, featuring the 38mm stainless-steel case profile of one of our best-selling, dive-style watches. This timepiece is directly inspired by the fashion brand’s boundary-pushing neoprene wetsuit: a fabulous intersection of fashion and function, and undeniably, one of the signature pieces that solidified Cynthia Rowley as an innovator of “surf-leisure” in the eyes of Vogue.

Bold colors and eccentric patterns are mainstays of the brand’s pretty-meets-sporty assortment, and this watch delivers on both. A soft, beautifully crafted silicone rubber strap features Cynthia Rowley’s unmistakable color block design, allowing you to let your vibrant personality shine through. Like the designer’s full Surf & Swim collection, this watch pairs sophisticated style with high performance, making it the ideal sidekick for all of your adventurous, water-based activities. It’s even equipped with an impressive water-resistant rating of up to 100 meters—a feature we agreed was a non-negotiable in the initial stages of this exciting collaboration.

Of course, teaming up with a designer known for her daringness (both in and outside the world of fashion) meant that we needed to bring the kind of durability that only a Timex can. A mineral glass crystal lens protects the date window and luminant handset on the light blue or black and white dials, while a tried-and-true quartz movement ticks away inside. Packed inside a custom neoprene pouch for an extra dose of beach-ready brilliance, the Timex x Cynthia Rowley Navi is the free-spirit you can rely on in and out of the surf.

Announcing the First Round of Watches from the Official Timekeeper of UFC

Known for over a century for crafting some of the toughest watches in the industry, Timex® is entering the Octagon® as the first-ever Official Timekeeper and Watch Partner of UFC®. We’re kicking off this incredible partnership with the launch of our first round of product: an ultra-limited run of UFC-branded timepieces from two collaborative collections. Expertly engineered with no-nonsense materials and best-in-class design, the selection presents an unbeatably tough, sport-centric wearing experience for fighters and fans alike.

“Every fight fan knows the importance of time and clock management in this sport. Every second counts, and the ticking clock adds to the drama and the fun of a great UFC fight. Now Timex is going to be associated with UFC’s biggest moments as they’re broadcast around the world. Timex is an iconic brand, and we’re looking forward to having them as an official UFC partner.” – UFC President Dana White

This exclusive first look coincides with the 10th Annual UFC International Fight Week™, a week-long celebration of all things combat sports. Whether you’re catching the action from home or bearing witness to the excitement in (where else but) Las Vegas—the entertainment capital of the world—now you can do so with a tough and tenacious piece of gear by your side. Just a small handful of styles from the TIMEX UFC Strength and Street collections will be available while supplies last, but we have a stacked card up our sleeve. Come the fall, more well-rounded watches will be added to the roster, featuring the indestructible design and core timing features you need to compete at the highest level.

Here’s what to know:

Comprised of multifunctional digital and analog-digital timepieces, the Strength collection is built as tough as they come thanks to the rugged case design, molded rubber straps, and ISO shock-resistant construction of its standout styles. It’s a collection that’s going to tick a lot of boxes for those with an affinity for high-performing watch design. So, too, will its dapper counterpart, the Street collection: a series of self-expressive watches directly inspired by the panache of UFC’s greatest fighters. From the bold detailing on the dials and comfortable straps, to the Octagon-shaped bezels and crowns, we’ve injected this ready-to-wear capsule with an inimitable sense of character—something that fans of both powerhouse brands will certainly recognize.

Timex and UFC share a heritage of determination, ingenuity, and grit. We’re honored to join the most innovative force in combat sports to clock its greatest moments—and yours. Don’t miss your first chance at getting the only watch tough enough for UFC, and join the email list to gain members-only access to the prizes, sweepstakes, and product still to come.

Announcing Our Second Collaboration with The James Brand

At the heart of “everyday carry” is a trifecta of utilitarian essentials: the knife, pen, and watch. When The James Brand partnered with Timex® to design the latter back in 2021, the result was a pared-down and practical timepiece that helped close the circle of this function-first assortment. Together, we moved “everyday carry” from the pocket to the wrist, and after a sold-out run, The James Brand has returned to the horological world for a second collaboration.

An adventurous, modern maker of knives and other useful tools, The James Brand is deeply entrenched in a culture that—much like the watch scene—values dependability, ergonomics, and emotional connection. Naturally, we were a great fit from the start. With the Timex Expedition North® collection providing the perfect playing field, we teamed up to design the collection’s pinnacle product: The James Brand x Timex Expedition North 41mm Automatic, an embodiment of our shared devotion to quality design, premium materials, and unmatched performance.

“Beyond the product itself, I think the idea of everyday carry resonates with watch fans. There is a very direct line between the things that you wear on your wrist and the things that you put in your pockets on a daily basis.”

Like its predecessor, our latest collaborative watch falls right in line with the outdoor-ready capsule. It features an exciting pro-planet improvement: a two-piece, quick-release fabric strap made from #tide® upcycled, ocean-bound plastic. “We wanted to update the strap, and having this material available made this choice easy,” explains Ryan Coulter, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of The James Brand. He continues, “We try to make solid environmental decisions any time that we can, and this one was a no-brainer for us. There are no compromises in functionality or hand feel, and we are happy to be able to use upcycled materials. This is where all manufacturing is headed, and we want to do all that we can, when we can.”

The new watch also boasts an easily legible dial layout with a white color update, showcasing lume-filled markings and watch hands of some pretty bold proportions. “We really wanted to work with a white dial, as we had gone back and forth with that as an option in the first collaboration, and it was a toss-up,” recalls Ryan. “We went with the black version, but we knew that we had unfinished business with the white dial. It really looks great.”

The familiar case profile is rendered in true 6AL4V titanium—a durable material all but required by those of us who are tough on our gear out in the field. While last year’s release was the first time we used this amazing material in almost two decades, The James Brand is no stranger to titanium, featuring it throughout many of their “everyday carry” designs. Not only does it vaunt some swoon-worthy finish characteristics, but it also has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than stainless-steel, making this watch comfortable enough on the wrist for all-day wear.

You’ll recall that a tried-and-true 21-jewel Miyota 8215 automatic movement is seated comfortably beneath the screw-down case back, and we’ve kept the anti-glare sapphire crystal so you can catch a glimpse at the machinery working inside. Being a limited-edition collab and all, you can bet that we’ve finished things off with dual branding and the TJB Clovis inlay on the screw-down crown, which provides an impressive water resistance rating of up to 200 meters.

Lightweight, accurate, and built to last, this new release embodies peak outdoor watch design. But beyond the high-performing feature-set and premium materials lies perhaps its greatest strength: an innate ability to bring who you are and what you value, from your pocket, and to the wrist.

To learn more about our partnership with The James Brand, you can check out last year’s interview with Ryan here.

Stranger Things are Happening at Timex

As season 4 of Stranger Things makes its debut, Timex® is entering the gate to the Upside Down with the Timex x Stranger Things collection: the culmination of two cultural phenoms that routinely bring wistful, period-specific elements out of the darkness and into the light. This hair-raising collaboration is packed with nostalgia, applying otherworldly inspiration to three of our most iconic cult classics—Timex Camper, Timex T80, and Timex Atlantis—and bringing reliable timekeeping to every dimension.

First, if you aren’t one of the whopping 196 million global Netflix users to have tuned into the series since its launch in 2016, allow us to fill you in. Stranger Things, set in the early 1980s, follows a group of friends as they navigate the eerie supernatural events that begin occurring in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. The sudden disappearance of young Will Byers galvanizes the crew to unearth a parallel universe known as the Upside Down—and the evil forces that hail from deep within it. It’s a pseudo-period piece that not only goes all-in on the 80s throwbacks, but also gets them right, from the banana-seat bicycles to the retro timepieces presented on the very wrists of its brave protagonists.

Sported by Lucas Sinclair in the forthcoming season, our original Timex Camper has been overtaken by paranormal forces in the time since its last release; Upside Down numbers are now featured on the dial, while a red INDIGLO® backlight permeates the darkness with sinister Demogorgon imagery. Eagle-eyed watch enthusiasts may have already spotted Sheriff Hopper’s Timex Atlantis in previous seasons (a timepiece we were thrilled to learn Stranger Things Prop Master, Lynda Reiss, discussed in an interview with Hodinkee back in 2020).

We’ve rereleased the aforementioned relic in Hopper’s honor, giving it an ominous black resin case, black strap, and—like the collection’s Timex T80—an INDIGLO® backlight and customizable alarm that plays the unforgettable Stranger Things melody. As if things couldn’t get any more mental, each of the two digital watch displays reveal a backwards number 3 when the clock strikes 3:00pm—a nod to the shattered grandfather clock that mysteriously chimes in the focal point of season 4: The Creel House. Why? Not even we know for sure. The only thing that’s certain is that Stranger Things are sure to come.


We Come in Peace with the Timex T80 x SPACE INVADERS

Always one for a throwback, the Timex® T80 has returned as the commemorative style for yet another iconic collaboration: TIMEX T80 x SPACE INVADERS®, our classic digital watch reimagined to celebrate the peaceful meeting between two cultural phenoms.

For those of you who didn’t spend your weekends raiding the arcade in the 70s and 80s, allow us to set the scene.

The year is 1978, and TAITO’s SPACE INVADERS, the first fixed-target shoot ‘em up video game, has just launched at an arcade near you. Coins in-hand, you finally approach the machine for a turn at the controls. Swarms of aliens begin descending in waves from the top of the glowing screen, and it’s up to you, dear player, to shoot and destroy your attackers with a laser canon, the only weapon available to prevent the impending invasion.

The pulsating, bass-heavy, electronic music intensifies, as does your heartrate. One, two, three lives lost—and just like that, it’s game over. Though defeated, you’re hooked, and SPACE INVADERS will go on to win the hearts of billions worldwide, becoming the most influential game in modern history.

The limited-edition TIMEX T80 x SPACE INVADERS release embodies this experience like nothing else. It’s nostalgic to say the least, paying tribute to the game’s 40+ years at the top of the leaderboard, a legacy that began not long before Timex launched its first round of digital watches. As SPACE INVADERS singlehandedly ushered in the golden age of arcade video games, we were marking a turning point in timekeeping. This period of innovation, which kicked off with the world’s first sports watches to cross the finish line, continues to serve as the foundation for our digital wristwatch design even to this day.

Period-correct details, including the commemorative T80’s stainless-steel bracelet and INDIGLO® backlight, give it a straight-out-of-the-arcade feel, as does its three collectible colorways of silver, gold, and black. A 34mm case provides the structure we need to highlight the retro palette, not to mention the pixelated alien “INVADERS” imagery on the lens and case back. Of course, the watch is equipped with all the functionality you’d expect from Timex T80: an alarm, stopwatch, date display, and comfortable, ergonomic design at 30-meters water resistance.

Finally, the ultimate game-changer: this watch scores even higher with the ability to play SPACE INVADERS’ unforgettable electronic sounds. In all its 70s glory, the melody is guaranteed to not only launch our alumni back to the era from which it came, but also introduce a new generation to the moment that changed entertainment forever.

See you at the arcade.


The Timex x HYPEBEAST M79 “Fuchsia” Automatic

From humble beginnings dating back to the early aughts, HYPEBEAST has transformed itself into a booming multimedia company that lives at the forefront of global culture. In the years since the internet’s infancy, the brand has become one of the leading online destinations for contemporary fashion and streetwear; it showcases the latest in style, art, and design by way of gripping editorial content and an expansive online store frequented by audiences around the globe.

“When HYPEBEAST first started writing about things like collaborations and luxury fashion’s blending of urban culture, the world was still new to the concept,” says HYPEBEAST Senior Editor Ambrose Leung. “Fast-forward to today, and it’s become the norm.” They’ve covered it all—from newly established brands to the most high-end on the market—and today, we’re honored to announce the launch of the Timex® x HYPEBEAST M79 “Fuchsia” Automatic: a vintage-inspired version of the watchmaker’s workhorse, the Timex M79.

“When it comes to wearability, Timex is one of those brands that sticks out. The watch we created is something that we would want to wear. It is both functional and it looks good.” – HYPEBEAST Founder Kevin Ma

Of course, a collaboration with one of the most influential arbiters of fashion required a construction that could hold its weight. The M79 was a no-brainer. A fresh interpretation of a beloved icon, the Timex M79 is the mechanical successor of the Q Timex (the “M” represents “Mechanical” and “79” the year of the Q’s release). And like its predecessor, this collaborative timepiece showcases a classic sport watch design, featuring a domed acrylic crystal, unidirectional bezel, luminous hands, and exhibition case back. A stainless-steel H-link bracelet drives its sporty aesthetic home, while the 21-jewel Miyota automatic movement ticking inside provides the power. At 40mm in diameter, it’s a modern watch that still manages to capture the spirit of a transformative era—one that Leung himself acknowledges.

In his words, the Timex x HYPEBEAST M79 is “based on a model that was right there during the quartz crisis and challenged a lot of watches that were much more expensive. There’s just so much value in [this watch] … It carries a lot of what we hope our readers take away from the HYPEBEAST site—discovery, education, and history.” Leung continues, “The watch beckons consumers to dive a little deeper into the product and learn more about the story and vision behind it.”

The plot to this particular story thickens, especially when we consider the inspiration behind the timepiece’s unique fuchsia and navy colorway. “Not only is the color combination a chance to maintain the ongoing theme of incorporating our navy into our collaborative releases,” Leung explains, “but it’s also a play on one of the more interesting variations of a classic dive watch.” The fuchsia, which of course nods to the Rolex GMT reference 1675, pays respect to the obscurities found within the world of vintage watches.

Leung continues, “Mainly from the 1950s-1970s, bezel fading occurred when certain—now considered defective—paints were used, which resulted in a number of imperfections when exposed to UV light from the sun over a long period of time. The pink hue in this watch mimics a bold red that has been subjected to years of sunlight, resulting in a washed fuchsia color, while navy has been one of our signature colors since the beginning of HYPEBEAST.”

The details don’t stop there. At the three o’clock position lays the day/date indicator with a Chinese/English date wheel, which replaces the English/French version found on previous models. Yet another thrilling feature, this bilingual window pays homage to the rare, region-specific date wheels that occasionally crop up at auctions. “We wanted to encapsulate that feeling of landing on an interesting reference without having to bid on one,” explains Leung. While close examination of this watch reveals plenty of “Easter eggs, if you will,” the Timex x HYPEBEAST M79 keeps many signature details of the original, celebrating not only the histories of both brands, but also the greater watch world as a whole.

What more could it possibly have in store? Shop this limited-edition timepiece on HBX to find out.

Time Well Spent: Timex x Patta Team Up for a Second Collaboration

Founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt back in 2004, Patta® is a Dutch streetwear brand deeply rooted in Amsterdam’s energetic art and fashion scenes. The brand’s designers had money on their minds when they first joined with Timex® back in 2019, and our synergistic wristwatch, ‘Time is Money,’ proved itself to be a seamless blend between Amsterdam street style and watchmaking ingenuity.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Timex and Patta have teamed up for a second collaboration: the Timex x Patta ‘Time is Money’ wristwatch—now, with a bold color update.

Having donned this watch at the time of its initial release, we can say from experience that the unique dial design of the ‘Time is Money’ collab will likely be the first thing to captivate onlookers as you hit the streets. The new, green color palette, however, ups the ante. Accented with dual branding—our classic Timex logo and Patta’s timeless script—the dial partially features bold worldwide currency signs: the Korean Won, Ghanaian Cedi, Indian Rupee, and Nigerian Naira.

When this iconic collab first dropped, we spoke with Creative Director Vincent van de Waal, who shed some light on the inspiration behind this stylistic choice:

“We wanted to give the dial artwork a bit more than just the function of telling the time,” he said. “The currencies make you aware of the speed of the world we live in. Time is money. But I think it’s up [to] the one who wears it to decide whether that’s something to strive for… or if it’s a sign that we should loosen up.”

This kind of philosophical thought isn’t lost on the watch’s latest iteration. Although we’ve emphasized its familiar, utilitarian traits with a new color palette, the design still points to the modern relationships we have with our time and money. Featuring a green, military-inspired, double-layer fabric slip-thru strap, the watch houses a quartz movement, 50 meters of water resistance, and a blue second hand on its INDIGLO® backlit dial.

The bandana included with the watch strikes those same chords, replicating the watch dial design to further remind its wearer to make these passing moments as valuable as possible. How, you might ask? We’re not saying we have definitive answers, but a watch this good is a great place to start.

Timex x Finisterre Bring Function and Form to the Seaside

Time and tide wait for no man.

Luckily, the Timex® x Finisterre® Tide Tracker keeps track of both.

Crafted with our seafaring folk in mind, this newly released timepiece is the result of our first collaboration with Finisterre: a Cornwall, UK-based outdoor apparel company that designs functional and sustainable lifestyle products for the cold-water surf community. In the years since the brand’s establishment in 2003, Finisterre has made a point to put product, environment, and people first, earning itself a B Corporation certification and—as far as we’re concerned—the reputation as a fellow industry pioneer.

Today’s release of the Timex x Finisterre Tide Tracker brings an added layer of function and form to the coast, the topic of which we were excited to discuss with Finisterre Founder Tom Kay all the way from the “end of the earth” itself, St. Agnes, Cornwall.

Tom, we’d love to hear a bit about the Finisterre brand from your perspective. What makes it tick?

“I founded Finisterre in 2003, born from my love of the sea and a belief that there was a better way of making product. Since day one, we have committed to this, always challenging what has gone before, pushing innovation and sustainability in all that we do. We became a B Corps certified business in 2018.”

What inspired you to expand the Finisterre product line to include a wristwatch?

“I’ve always loved watches. I lead quite a rugged life; I’m in the sea as often as I can be and am a volunteer helm of the RNLI lifeboat here in St. Agnes, so any watch I wear gets quite a beating! I wanted to design a watch that could cope with these challenges—one you could wear every day no matter what, yet wasn’t too bulky.”

What are the ways in which this wristwatch encapsulates Finisterre’s ethos?

“It’s quite low-profile, tough, and obviously waterproof. It has a unique tidal movement so—at a glance—you can know the state of the tide for the coast/beach you set it to. I love this; no matter where I am, I know the state of the tide for my local beach. There is a connection to the sea—this is what Finisterre is all about, our ethos. We believe by connecting people to the sea, we can inspire people to protect it. The canvas strap is also made from #tide recycled ocean material and we have engraved the back of the casing.”

What was it that intrigued you most about collaborating with Timex to bring this project to fruition?

“Timex’s reputation for beautifully crafted, hard-wearing, yet accessible watches made them the ideal partner to collaborate with on the design of the watch. The whole process took about two years, and it was a privilege to work with the team at Timex.”

The Tide Tracking feature is one of the most exciting things about the Timex x Finisterre watch. What was your thought process behind its incorporation?

“Yes, this is my favourite–and arguably the most defining—feature of the watch. The idea was to create a watch that, as well as being practical, would also emotively connect the wearer to the sea. The cyan blue tide hand is on a tidal cycle; this is set for your favourite beach/coast, so anytime you look at the watch—and you could be miles from that place—you can see the state of the tide and be taken there. Or you can plan your day around the right tide height for the best surf.”

Why do you believe followers of both brands will appreciate the Timex x Finisterre collaboration?

“I think there is a shared ethos of enduring product that has been brought to life in a unique timepiece that’s both practical and romantic.”

Where was the first place you headed with your own Timex x Finisterre Tide Tracker?

“I’ve been wearing the original sample for some time now and it is truly a great product. I went in the sea as soon as I got my hands on it!”