Announcing Our Special New Feminine-Forward Q Timex Watch

When we first launched the Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch in May of 2019, we knew it would be big. But after multiple sold-out releases in the Q Timex franchise, it became clear that our fans wanted more.  

With this latest release, we’re pleased to offer a Q Timex watch made specifically for women, with all the retro details and design elements that made our originals from the 1970s so great in the first place. Featuring a polished gold-tone case, a bright bi-color bezel in black and pink plus a stylish bracelet made with Perfect Fit technology, this iteration of our classic Q Timex design goes from beach to street without missing a beat. This watch has all the practical features you’d expect — plenty of of water resistance, a day-date display and a coin-slot battery hatch — with a blush-inspired look that takes it to a whole new level.  

The bracelet has alternating gold-tone and pastel pink links, and it features something specific to our watches that you may not have encountered before — Timex Perfect Fit technology. This means it’s made for impressively easy size adjustment, even at home where you probably don’t have a watchmaker’s tools at your disposal. With a Perfect Fit bracelet, your watch can be sized exactly to fit a variety of wrists, no trip to the jeweler required.  

While we love the original Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch just as much as our fans, and we think the range of colors available in the unisex 38mm size offers a lot of style and versatility, this edition for women takes the great original formula and adjusts it just enough to deliver a chic, feminine throwback that tells its own unique story.  

To add that unique story to the one you’re already telling, you can get this special Q Timex watch for just $179 

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