Alessandro de Rose & Timex Command

The 2018 Red Bull® Cliff Diving World Series gathers some of the most fearless athletes in the world to perform awe-inspiring acrobatics that toe the line between technical competency and pure adrenaline; a test of mind over matter as each second leading up to the dive is a nerve-wracking experience.

Alessandro de Rose, a native of Calabria, Italy, is one of the sport’s rising stars. Timex is proud to work with him as he continues his quest to be the next World Series champion. Timex spoke to him about his foray into the extreme sport of cliff diving, how he prepares both mentally and physically, and how the Timex Command™ watch helps him train.

“Getting involved in cliff diving took a bit of luck,” he says. “I didn’t know anything about cliff diving and never considered myself to be the extreme athlete type. I did catch a diving show in Rome and then did some searches on YouTube and saw videos for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. I thought it looked crazy but at the same time it was something I really wanted to try.”

red bull cliff diving
Alessandro De Rose

Having a recreational background in springboard diving, he was not entirely new to the idea of diving. But the mental and physical strain of cliff diving from heights nearing 90 feet was something he would have to prepare for.

“I remember my first cliff dive,” he says. “I was really scared. Staying calm plays a big part in whether you can be successful. Many people panic on the platform because your mind is calculating what you are about to do and there’s an inner voice telling you not to jump (laughs).”

timex command watch
Alessandro De Rose

“My goal right now is to be the next World Series champion,” he says. “It may not be this year but it’s something I’m going to fight for. There is also a push to make cliff diving an Olympic sport in time for the Paris games in 2024, something I definitely want to be a part of.”

Helping him along the way is the support he has received from the sponsorship with Timex.

“With Timex, I feel very lucky to have their support, he says. “Red Bull Italy reached out to me and asked if I was interested and of course I accepted. In our job, you need someone to believe in you and for Timex to show that interest and support is a great feeling.”

alessandro de rose
Alessandro De Rose

With the sponsorship came the chance to try out the Timex Command™, especially the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series edition. Featuring a blue silicone strap with the Red Bull® logo and anodized aluminum details, the watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 100 meters. Though rules prohibit the wearing of any jewelry when diving, Alessandro has found the watch to be a perfect training companion.

“I find the watch very useful and very easy to use,” he says. “The chrono feature works really well and I use it when I’m doing interval and cross-fit type training at the gym. My training is not to build muscle but to focus on overall fitness and this watch is perfect for that goal. It’s also very durable. I’ve dropped it quite a few times and nothing I do can break it. Not that I’m trying to (laughs).”

With three more stops to go in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series (August 25th in Copenhagen, September 8th in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina and September 23rd in Polignano a Mare, Italy), he is ready for a strong push to the finish.

“Once I landed my first dive I realized this was something I could do and now I have a very real passion for it,” he says. “It’s hard to find the words to describe it, but it feels like I can do anything. This sport teaches you to control how your mind works, from staying calm on the edge of the platform to planning all the steps it will take to become a champion. I’ll keep diving until I can’t do it anymore.”

timex command watch

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