Timex Celebrates 50 Years of Quartz

Nearly 170 years ago, Timex® revolutionized the timekeeping industry, making well-built home clocks accessible to more than just the wealthy. When we helped move the pocket watch to the wrist early in the 20th century, it was our ability to join traditional craftsmanship with leading technology that would go on to define our company as an innovative force in the watch world.

Then came the quartz crisis of the early 1970s. The first quartz wristwatch hit the commercial market in December of 1969, and in just a few short years, watches that housed this new battery-powered movement outpaced their mechanical counterparts in both production and sales worldwide. It was an advancement that rocked the industry; quartz suddenly offered consumers something more precise than the mechanical wristwatch, and its advent meant that much of the industry now found itself in jeopardy. Traditional watchmakers like us had to adapt, or risk fading into the history books.

And that’s where the story of Q really begins.

In the spring of 1972, we unveiled our very first quartz watch, aptly called the Q Timex, which not only sold 60% under the market value of the least expensive watch at that time, but also paved the way for a range of approachable, highly accurate timepieces to come.

You see, quartz watchmaking proved to be more than just a way forward for our company—it fulfilled our promise to deliver accurate and affordable wristwatches while staying true to our century-and-a-half of heritage. With one iconic design after another, we made quartz the standard by embracing this revolutionary technology, cutting down the cost, and bringing it to the people. Just like that, quartz was here to stay.

Our first models were stylish for the era but, as our wildly popular reissues have proven, those originals had ageless qual   ities that would see their appeal span across the decades. Case in point, the Q Timex 1979 Reissue sold out almost immediately following its May 2019 release. Kicking off our historical watch reissue project, this timepiece was the first of many revivals from the original Q Timex collection. The Falcon Eye, 1975 Reissue Day-Date, and two reiterations of the original Q Timex 1978 weren’t far behind, nor was the Q Timex LCA Reissue: a retro throwback to an age that brought even greater leaps in technology, from liquid-crystal displays, to boundary-pushing aesthetics.

Our reissue project continues to revive hits from our original Q series. Although, few perhaps have greater significance than the Q Timex 1972 Reissue, proudly released on the 50th anniversary of quartz. With period-perfect design traits pulled straight from the original, this reissue, like all Q Timex watches, recalls a period of upheaval in the watchmaking industry. It captures the bold spirit of an era—an evolution that changed everything.

It’s been half-a-century since the story of quartz began, but watches bearing the Q Timex symbol have always embodied the best of emerging technology and fresh design—qualities linking the originals to their modern-day editions. We’re proud to expand upon this chapter of our history as we move into the future, one tick at a time.

Announcing the First Round of Watches from the Official Timekeeper of UFC

Known for over a century for crafting some of the toughest watches in the industry, Timex® is entering the Octagon® as the first-ever Official Timekeeper and Watch Partner of UFC®. We’re kicking off this incredible partnership with the launch of our first round of product: an ultra-limited run of UFC-branded timepieces from two collaborative collections. Expertly engineered with no-nonsense materials and best-in-class design, the selection presents an unbeatably tough, sport-centric wearing experience for fighters and fans alike.

“Every fight fan knows the importance of time and clock management in this sport. Every second counts, and the ticking clock adds to the drama and the fun of a great UFC fight. Now Timex is going to be associated with UFC’s biggest moments as they’re broadcast around the world. Timex is an iconic brand, and we’re looking forward to having them as an official UFC partner.” – UFC President Dana White

This exclusive first look coincides with the 10th Annual UFC International Fight Week™, a week-long celebration of all things combat sports. Whether you’re catching the action from home or bearing witness to the excitement in (where else but) Las Vegas—the entertainment capital of the world—now you can do so with a tough and tenacious piece of gear by your side. Just a small handful of styles from the TIMEX UFC Strength and Street collections will be available while supplies last, but we have a stacked card up our sleeve. Come the fall, more well-rounded watches will be added to the roster, featuring the indestructible design and core timing features you need to compete at the highest level.

Here’s what to know:

Comprised of multifunctional digital and analog-digital timepieces, the Strength collection is built as tough as they come thanks to the rugged case design, molded rubber straps, and ISO shock-resistant construction of its standout styles. It’s a collection that’s going to tick a lot of boxes for those with an affinity for high-performing watch design. So, too, will its dapper counterpart, the Street collection: a series of self-expressive watches directly inspired by the panache of UFC’s greatest fighters. From the bold detailing on the dials and comfortable straps, to the Octagon-shaped bezels and crowns, we’ve injected this ready-to-wear capsule with an inimitable sense of character—something that fans of both powerhouse brands will certainly recognize.

Timex and UFC share a heritage of determination, ingenuity, and grit. We’re honored to join the most innovative force in combat sports to clock its greatest moments—and yours. Don’t miss your first chance at getting the only watch tough enough for UFC, and join the email list to gain members-only access to the prizes, sweepstakes, and product still to come.

Announcing Our Second Collaboration with The James Brand

At the heart of “everyday carry” is a trifecta of utilitarian essentials: the knife, pen, and watch. When The James Brand partnered with Timex® to design the latter back in 2021, the result was a pared-down and practical timepiece that helped close the circle of this function-first assortment. Together, we moved “everyday carry” from the pocket to the wrist, and after a sold-out run, The James Brand has returned to the horological world for a second collaboration.

An adventurous, modern maker of knives and other useful tools, The James Brand is deeply entrenched in a culture that—much like the watch scene—values dependability, ergonomics, and emotional connection. Naturally, we were a great fit from the start. With the Timex Expedition North® collection providing the perfect playing field, we teamed up to design the collection’s pinnacle product: The James Brand x Timex Expedition North 41mm Automatic, an embodiment of our shared devotion to quality design, premium materials, and unmatched performance.

“Beyond the product itself, I think the idea of everyday carry resonates with watch fans. There is a very direct line between the things that you wear on your wrist and the things that you put in your pockets on a daily basis.”

Like its predecessor, our latest collaborative watch falls right in line with the outdoor-ready capsule. It features an exciting pro-planet improvement: a two-piece, quick-release fabric strap made from #tide® upcycled, ocean-bound plastic. “We wanted to update the strap, and having this material available made this choice easy,” explains Ryan Coulter, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of The James Brand. He continues, “We try to make solid environmental decisions any time that we can, and this one was a no-brainer for us. There are no compromises in functionality or hand feel, and we are happy to be able to use upcycled materials. This is where all manufacturing is headed, and we want to do all that we can, when we can.”

The new watch also boasts an easily legible dial layout with a white color update, showcasing lume-filled markings and watch hands of some pretty bold proportions. “We really wanted to work with a white dial, as we had gone back and forth with that as an option in the first collaboration, and it was a toss-up,” recalls Ryan. “We went with the black version, but we knew that we had unfinished business with the white dial. It really looks great.”

The familiar case profile is rendered in true 6AL4V titanium—a durable material all but required by those of us who are tough on our gear out in the field. While last year’s release was the first time we used this amazing material in almost two decades, The James Brand is no stranger to titanium, featuring it throughout many of their “everyday carry” designs. Not only does it vaunt some swoon-worthy finish characteristics, but it also has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than stainless-steel, making this watch comfortable enough on the wrist for all-day wear.

You’ll recall that a tried-and-true 21-jewel Miyota 8215 automatic movement is seated comfortably beneath the screw-down case back, and we’ve kept the anti-glare sapphire crystal so you can catch a glimpse at the machinery working inside. Being a limited-edition collab and all, you can bet that we’ve finished things off with dual branding and the TJB Clovis inlay on the screw-down crown, which provides an impressive water resistance rating of up to 200 meters.

Lightweight, accurate, and built to last, this new release embodies peak outdoor watch design. But beyond the high-performing feature-set and premium materials lies perhaps its greatest strength: an innate ability to bring who you are and what you value, from your pocket, and to the wrist.

To learn more about our partnership with The James Brand, you can check out last year’s interview with Ryan here.