Heritage-Inspired Design Takes the Plunge with the Waterbury Dive Automatic

The Waterbury collection is one that never fails to find new ways of telling our story. It’s both retrospective and forward-looking, routinely injecting the essence of our rich heritage into exciting new releases that brim with fresh dimension. From chronographs and date indicators, to GMT movements that tell time across the globe, our innovative feature sets are paired with ageless design and solid construction—two cornerstones of this iconic capsule.

In keeping with the collection’s tradition of evolution, today, we’re releasing the Waterbury Dive Automatic.

Influenced by the purpose-built timepieces of the mid-twentieth century, the dive-inspired Waterbury Dive Automatic beckons to adventure on land and sea. It’s the second dive-style timepiece to join the Waterbury lineup (you might recall the Timex® Waterbury HODINKEE Limited Edition, a dive-style tool watch we added to the series last fall). Much like its predecessor, this new release is highly legible and easy to use, fully equipped with practical dial characteristics like bold, luminous hands.

A rotating top ring brings practicality and vintage appeal to its refined design aesthetic—a feature traditionally used to track elapsed time beneath the waves.  It’s not an ISO-certified watch, to be clear, but it’s tested to 100 meters of water resistance, making this dive-style watch a wearable alternative to the more expensive, true dive watches on the market. After all, premium design without the premium price has and always will be at the heart of this classic collection.

We’ve combined our historical know-how with craftsmanship and detail—just take a look at the finely finished sunray dials, which we’ve made available in green and black. As we often do with timepieces in this collection, we’ve also paid homage to our humble beginnings in Waterbury, Connecticut, by incorporating the iconic Waterbury Watch Company logo on the dial, crown, and sweeping second hand, which bears the stylized W. Powering this watch is a 21-jewel automatic movement that can also be hand-wound at the crown, creating a timepiece that’s packed to the gills with robustness and accuracy.

Explore the full Waterbury collection and take deep dive into heritage design with the Waterbury Dive Automatic.

Preserving the Wild Spaces We Love During Earth Month and Every Month

For nearly 170 years, we’ve been innovative and forward-thinking, implementing bold new ideas for the ever-changing times. Our legacy of rebellion began in 1854 when we moved timekeeping from the pocket to the wrist, only gaining momentum as we navigated our company over the next century-and-a-half that followed. We’ve held ourselves to some of the highest standards in the industry, creating watches that can be worn and loved thanks to their timeless design and legendary dependability. And today, at a crucial time in our planet’s history, we’re calling upon our boundary-pushing innovation once again to help protect the wild spaces we love.

During Earth Month and every month, we’re committed to forging the path to a better future. Explore our collection of eco-friendly watches and read on for the small but mighty steps we’re taking in the direction of sustainability.

Crafting Watches to Last a Lifetime

At Timex, we’re in it for the long haul. Our commitment to crafting well-made products has kept our watches out of landfills and on wrists for generations. We’ve placed product durability at the forefront of what we do since the very beginning, designing high-quality watches that can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Offering Solar-Powered and Hand-Wound Movements

Our solar-powered watches are eco-friendly and maintenance-free with the ability recharge indoors or out. Many of our solar-powered movements boast a four-month power reserve and can be recharged by any light source, while our hand-wound movements allow us to rely less on batteries altogether.

Opting for Ecco™ DriTan™ Leather Manufacturing

Thanks to our zero-water manufacturing process, we help save a whopping 25 million liters of water per year in the tanning and finishing stages of our Ecco™ DriTan™ leather straps. (That’s enough water to keep 9,000 people hydrated annually.) This revolutionary method extracts the natural moisture already present in animal hides, so the amount of water and chemicals required of the traditional tanning process is drastically reduced.

Introducing Upcycled, Ocean-Bound Plastic

Coming soon, Waterbury Ocean is the first ever Timex to be crafted from upcycled, ocean-bound plastic in partnership with award-winning organization, #tide™. It’s our most eco-friendly Timex to date, and its release ignites our company-wide activation to support, fund, and drive initiatives to help clean up our oceans.

Incorporating 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

From Expedition North to Peanuts Take Care, our eco-friendly watch collections feature comfortable fabric straps made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. It’s a material derived from products that have already completed their lifecycle—and one that falls in line with our sincere commitment to taking greater sustainable measures.

Updating Our Manufacturing and Production Lines

Our innovative solutions don’t stop with design. We’re working to build a better tomorrow by making updates to our traditional production lines and supply chains worldwide. We’ve utilized wastewater recovery methods to save millions of gallons of water, converted facility lights from incandescent to LED to save electricity, and switched to variable speed motors in our manufacturing plants. Even our global facilities in the Philippines, France, and Germany are reducing, reusing, and recycling their consumption of paper, plastic, and metal in the range of 10-20 metric tons per year.

Switching to 100% Recyclable Paper Packaging

We’re in the process of transitioning to 100% all-paper packaging—not only to help protect your watch en route to your wrist, but also to spare the planet from unnecessary pollution. It’s a small effort, but like any eco-friendly practice, it’s one that can create a ripple effect of positive change. Have a Timex watch on the way? Don’t forget to recycle your packaging to help protect the home we share.

Stay tuned for more information on our new Waterbury Ocean collection, and become a part of our efforts to build a better tomorrow.

The Q Timex Collection Welcomes a GMT Movement

The dawn of the Jet Age ushered in one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. Commercial air travel became wildly accessible, and for the first time in history, a new class of travelers could now dart across the ocean in a mere number of hours, touching down in time zones entirely different from the ones they’d left behind. The aviation experts navigating these transcontinental flights—and eventually, jetsetters themselves—quickly recognized the need for a way to keep track of time both at home and abroad. And so, from necessity, the GMT watch was born.

This revolutionary advancement brings us to an exciting new release here at Timex®. Today, we’re unveiling the Q Timex GMT, a natural evolution of our original dive-inspired Q, allowing modern-day travelers to set an additional time zone with the collection’s very first GMT movement.

It’s been a big year for the Q Timex series already; its start marked our 50th anniversary of quartz, a milestone we proudly celebrated with the release of the Q Timex 1972 Reissue. Designed with another heavy dose of old-school-cool, new iterations of the Q Timex Malibu followed closely behind. A quick glance at either release will tell you all you need to know about the Q Timex collection: then and now, presenting accurate, cutting-edge technology in a way that’s practical and affordable has always been at its core. This ethos of ours is palpable in just about every quartz watch we’ve put out in the last half-a-century—and the Q Timex GMT is no exception.

Using the dive-style Q’s familiar 38mm stainless-steel case profile as a foundation, our designers in Milan adjusted the top ring insert, dial, and hands to incorporate the coveted Swiss-made GMT movement. It’s a nostalgia-inducing timepiece to say the least, possessing the heritage-inspired look you already love, now featuring a fourth watch hand to track the additional time zone. It displays three in total, making this timepiece the perfect watch for globetrotters looking to keep accurate time, or colleagues aiming to connect with corporate offices across the world.

As the close examination of our Q Timex GMT continues, watch enthusiasts might spot an appearance from the stainless-steel bracelet of our M79 Automatic. In a nod to the retro aesthetics of one of history’s most evocative eras, our designers also updated the construction of the original folded bracelet links, which now appear solid and curved at the top for a more dimensional look. Because it belongs to our Q Timex family, you’ll find that we’ve incorporated some of our favorite vintage styling cues: a period-perfect domed acrylic crystal, rotating bezel, and the Q Timex branding at 12 o’clock, which indicates the quartz movement ticking inside.

We even included an easy-to-use, coin-operated battery hatch on the case back, allowing you to change the battery yourself if you need to. It’s one of those quintessential features that performs an immensely practical function, while also giving our modern-day Q’s the same feel as they would’ve had decades ago. Discover our latest Q Timex for yourself and get in on the re-making of history with our other vintage-inspired reissues.

The Best Graduation Gifts This Commencement Season

As commencement season gets underway, you might be wondering how to really show your pride and admiration for the soon-to-be grad in your life. Whether your loved one is leaving the nest in pursuit of secondary education, or entering the workforce with a post-grad degree, it’s a watershed moment that deserves a gift worthy of the occasion. And all bias aside, we happen to think a well-crafted watch is exactly that.

Practical, symbolic, and deeply personal, Timex watches have long been considered meaningful “milestone” gifts for those graduating college and starting new jobs. In fact, as societal attitudes continued to shift throughout the labor movement of the postwar era, career-driven women often received these commemorative gifts as they set out to chase their ambitions. Then and now, a Timex watch is an heirloom that can represent life’s most pivotal moments, and we offer countless great-looking, high-quality options worthy of them all.

Whether they’re heading to work or off to class, gift your grad something thoughtful, durable, and precise to keep them organized and on time for whatever the real world throws their way.

Marlin Automatic 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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Ticking inside this fresh iteration of our iconic 1960s Marlin® is a tried and true 21-jewel automatic movement, creating a contemporary timepiece that honors our watchmaking history. Powered by your motion, the movement has a 40-hour power reserve and can also be wound with the crown like our original Marlin watch. True to its authentic design, the stainless-steel case and blue dial are complemented by a classic brown natural leather strap and the iconic domed acrylic crystal.

Q Timex Malibu 36mm Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch

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Take the meandering drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to bask in the sweet life of our Malibu collection. Doused in the dreamy, ocean-inspired hues of a Californian golden hour, this wristwatch showcases the quintessential, heritage attributes of our original Q Timex 1979 Reissue—a rotating bezel, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal. The rose gold-tone case is accented with a green dial and our easily adjustable Perfect Fit expansion band for a look and feel your grad will love.

Timex Ironman T200 42mm Silicone Strap Watch

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Any college athletes out there? Our TIMEX® IRONMAN® T200 is a watch dreamed up and created by sportsmen and women, with your grad’s running goals in mind. We packed tons of functionality into a sleek design, with tools to track laps and intervals whether they’re on the trails or the track. And for tempo runs, intervals, and speed-drill sessions, the T200 can signal warm-ups and cool-down segments along with regular interval readouts. With 200-lap data storage and the host of features you’ve come to expect from TIMEX IRONMAN—our classic INDIGLO® backlight, a chronograph, 100 meters of water resistance, and a simple coin-cell battery they’ll never need to charge—this running watch delivers what your athlete needs… and never stops delivering.

M79 Automatic 40mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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Our M79 Automatic is something entirely new, even though it might look familiar. Inspired by the 1970s Q Timex and elevated with a 21-jewel automatic movement, this watch is a fresh interpretation of a much-loved Timex icon. The 40-hour power reserve of its Japan-sourced, self-winding movement is energized by your motion and can also be wound manually by using the crown. We’ve incorporated a stainless-steel bracelet in a nod to the retro design aesthetics of the day, while a curved, solid link construction brings added dimension into the fold. This timepiece is topped off with a black and blue unidirectional bezel, luminous dial markings, and exhibition case back that capture the bold spirit of an era that changed everything.

Waterbury Classic 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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Meet the next generation of an ongoing classic. We traced back to our beginning in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company and found new ways to bring our heritage of craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking into the modern day. This watch features a meticulously stitched brown leather strap, stainless-steel case, and white dial that offers a wearing experience with ageless aesthetics.

Expedition North Field Post Solar Mechanical 38mm Leather Strap Watch

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Directly inspired by military-issued designs from decades past, our Field Post 38 Mechanical watch does more than look the part—it features a sturdy crown and screw-down case back giving it 100 meters of water resistance, plus luminous hands and dial markings, a hand-winding mechanical movement, and an impressively-tough anti-reflective sapphire crystal. All that functionality comes in a 38mm stainless-steel case—perfectly sized for nearly every wrist and every occasion—fitted with a comfortable brown Ecco™ DriTan™ leather strap that is crafted to last using eco-friendly methods. For the mechanical movement, remind your grad to wind the crown until they feel a slight resistance. This is best done at the same time each day to keep the watch continually running.

Q Timex 38mm Synthetic Rubber Strap Watch

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First released in the 1970s, our original Q Timex gave a new generation a modern watch with quartz technology. This natural evolution of our much-loved Q Timex 1978 Reissue includes the iconic features of the original—a rotating bezel, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal—now with a bold, fresh, and durable black synthetic rubber strap that perfectly coordinates with each dial. It’s everything they’ll love, and then some.

Timex Metropolitan S 36mm Silicone Strap Watch

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Metropolitan S has all the functionality your grad will need including up to two weeks of battery life. This sleek design boasts an impressive AMOLED display that they can customize with over 20+ dial designs. Plus, 24/7 activity and sleep tracking for their health and fitness goals, on-board GPS, optical heart rate sensor, notifications, and much more. The blush silicone strap is complemented by a rose gold-tone metal case and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass™ lens.

Midtown Chronograph 40mm Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch

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Chic refinement meets city-slicking edge when it comes to our Midtown collection. A unique, silver, concave dial with a brushed finish adds a layer of depth to this tasteful timepiece, while a brown, natural leather strap with quick-release spring bars; silver-tone, stainless-steel case; and simple, elevated markers offer a touch of delicacy to the design. A chronograph dial layout with a date movement displayed at the 4 o’clock position ensures that—whether your grad is heading to work Uptown or sticking below 14th Street—with this on their wrist, they’ll keep time in style.

Peyton 36mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

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Sweet and subtle florals have bloomed across the pink dial of our stunning Peyton collection. The delicate, raised markers add a level of sophistication and femininity to this timepiece, while a polished, rose gold-tone, stainless-steel bracelet is the reason this watch is one of our top picks for commencement season.

For An Added Touch

Want to really memorialize your grad’s achievement? Design and craft a customized watch with an engraved personal message. Whether you choose to inscribe an inspirational quote, post-nominal title, commencement date, or simple “Congratulations,” a custom case back is the easiest way to gift a sentimental timepiece they’ll cherish for years to come.

Happy gifting, and don’t forget to browse our selection of watch accessories.

Meaningful Gifts for Every Kind of Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s about that time to begin thinking about how to honor some of the most praiseworthy people among us. Whether you’re celebrating your own mom, or the mother-figure in your life—be it a grandmother, sister, friend, or teacher—treat her to something thoughtful and well-crafted, like a Timex watch. Read on for our most memorable Mother’s Day gifts, designed to be worn and loved for years to come.

For the Trailblazer

From the perfectly petite Expedition Field Mini, to the versatile Expedition North Field Post Mechanical, a Mother’s Day gift from our outdoor watch collection will ensure your mom keeps her bearing wherever adventure takes her. These timepieces are durably designed to last for generations, many of which incorporate 100% recycled paper packaging, a zero-water leather tanning process, and materials made from post-consumer recycled plastic. For the mom who loves the great outdoors, a watch that pairs vintage charm with eco-friendly manufacturing is a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned.

For the Fitness Guru

If your mom somehow manages to squeeze fitness into her already-busy routine, she needs a watch that can keep up with her. Built to handle whatever life throws at it, our IRONMAN® collection has been the standard in digital watches for over 30 years. It’s a perfect blend of function and design, made for everyday wear with all the features you’d expect from a high-performing digital watch—from interval training timers and target pacers, to workout memory and customizable alarms. Lightweight and comfortable despite its tough exterior, the IRONMAN is a companion your mom can rely on as she makes her away across the finish line.

For the Trendsetter

A classic gift that’s as practical as it is stylish, our collection of jewelry-inspired bracelet watches pairs feminine design aesthetics with modern watchmaking techniques. From our sweet and subtle Peyton to the beach-inspired Q Timex Malibu, explore the captivating capsule that includes a variety of different dial designs, case sizes, and colors to choose from—including the seasonally appropriate rose gold-tone.

For the Sports Fanatic

Help your mom celebrate her favorite NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, or college sports team with the timeless design, comfort, and durability of the Timex Tribute® collection. We’ve applied our legendary watchmaking ingenuity to an entire series of officially licensed timepieces, so she can show her team spirit—on game day and every day.

For the History Buff

Our Waterbury collection was inspired by the fierce women who worked in our first factory back in 1854. Paving the way for women in the workplace, they helped craft the durable, accurate, and affordable timepieces that disrupted a 300-year-old industry. It’s a collection that honors our century-and-a-half of heritage and craftsmanship, reflecting the beauty and strength of those who wear it. From the Waterbury Traditional to the Waterbury Legacy, ageless design and solid construction are the mainstays of the collection your mom is sure to love.

For the Peacekeeper

If you grew up with siblings, chances are your mom stepped in to keep the peace at one point or another. Show your appreciation for her calm, cool, and collected demeanor by gifting her a watch from the Timex x Coca-Cola 1971 Unity Collection. The capsule highlights three special-edition watches—our Timex Standard, Q Timex, and Timex T80—that bring 70s-era peace, love, and harmony to today’s generation. Detailed with nostalgic and colorful designs, it’s a commemorative series that evokes a message of optimism and inclusion that we know your mom will stand behind.

For An Added Touch

Looking to gift something a bit more personal? Design and craft a customized watch with an engraved personal message. Whether you choose to inscribe an inspirational quote, favorite song lyric, significant date, or simple “I Love You,” a custom case back is the easiest way to gift a sentimental timepiece she can pass down through the years.

Happy gifting, and don’t forget to browse our selection of watch accessories.