Time Well Spent: Timex x Patta Team Up for a Second Collaboration

Founded by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt back in 2004, Patta® is a Dutch streetwear brand deeply rooted in Amsterdam’s energetic art and fashion scenes. The brand’s designers had money on their minds when they first joined with Timex® back in 2019, and our synergistic wristwatch, ‘Time is Money,’ proved itself to be a seamless blend between Amsterdam street style and watchmaking ingenuity.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Timex and Patta have teamed up for a second collaboration: the Timex x Patta ‘Time is Money’ wristwatch—now, with a bold color update.

Having donned this watch at the time of its initial release, we can say from experience that the unique dial design of the ‘Time is Money’ collab will likely be the first thing to captivate onlookers as you hit the streets. The new, green color palette, however, ups the ante. Accented with dual branding—our classic Timex logo and Patta’s timeless script—the dial partially features bold worldwide currency signs: the Korean Won, Ghanaian Cedi, Indian Rupee, and Nigerian Naira.

When this iconic collab first dropped, we spoke with Creative Director Vincent van de Waal, who shed some light on the inspiration behind this stylistic choice:

“We wanted to give the dial artwork a bit more than just the function of telling the time,” he said. “The currencies make you aware of the speed of the world we live in. Time is money. But I think it’s up [to] the one who wears it to decide whether that’s something to strive for… or if it’s a sign that we should loosen up.”

This kind of philosophical thought isn’t lost on the watch’s latest iteration. Although we’ve emphasized its familiar, utilitarian traits with a new color palette, the design still points to the modern relationships we have with our time and money. Featuring a green, military-inspired, double-layer fabric slip-thru strap, the watch houses a quartz movement, 50 meters of water resistance, and a blue second hand on its INDIGLO® backlit dial.

The bandana included with the watch strikes those same chords, replicating the watch dial design to further remind its wearer to make these passing moments as valuable as possible. How, you might ask? We’re not saying we have definitive answers, but a watch this good is a great place to start.

Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic: Inspired by Light. Powered by Motion.

Our Milan-based design director Giorgio Galli knows what makes Timex tick better than anyone. That’s why we asked him to create the most “Timex” Timex ever made, a watch that combines our shared love of quality, accessibility, and great design. Giorgio answered with the S1 Automatic back in 2019, only to follow up with the new GG S1 38mm two years later: an elegant and refined series expansion, featuring the kind of details that could only have come from Giorgio. To give this timepiece the introduction it deserves, we sat down with the creative visionary himself and discussed the GG S1’s most anticipated updates.

First, what inspired you to design a smaller case size for the GG S1 Automatic?

“The GG S1 38mm is a continuation of the 41mm’s legacy. I wanted to create a family of product that offers different sizes, proportions, colors, and movements that would appeal to a larger audience. The latest iteration is classic in style, unisex in size, and fully developed to capture the art of design.”

In the past, you’ve noted that the S1 41mm was “inspired by the most beautiful and poetic moment of the day: the blue hour.” What led you to expand upon this series with two new colorways, and what is the significance behind the hues that you chose?

“I’ve always been fascinated by the colors found throughout the landscapes of the natural world. The Inverness Green was influenced by the Scottish Highlands, and certainly aligns with current watch industry trends. The Iceland Stone Gray draws inspiration from its namesake as well; I took a trip to Iceland three or four years ago and was amazed by the beauty of the stone on the seaside. The colors were just fantastic—almost sculpture-like. I chose to incorporate that volcanic gray into the new design, which melds nicely together with the stainless-steel case and buckle. Inspiration is always part of the process.”

Your design approach to this series thus far has been through the lens of a photographer. Can you elaborate on the correlation between photography and the S1 38mm?

“I discovered a passion for photography quite late in comparison to design, but its ability to capture nature’s most profound qualities—light, shadows, reflections, and how these things interact with natural surfaces—has always appealed to me. It’s very much related to design in that if you understand light, you can understand how the product’s shape is influenced when the two come in contact. The S1 38mm is designed to capture as much light as possible, becoming, again, almost sculpture-like in appearance. That dimension is magnified by a unique, fully custom skeleton case.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the 38mm skeleton case and curved dial?

“The term ‘skeleton’ usually refers to a visible movement that can be seen through the dial of the watch. In a way, I transferred that concept from dial to case. Not only does this watch feature a skeleton curved dial, but the entire case has also been perforated using metal injection molding to obtain the most precise shape. Then come the finishes. The watch is polished in a way that enhances its unique structure, the beauty of which is showcased whenever the light hits.”

What do you believe watch enthusiasts will love most about the new GG S1?

“The new proportions are of course very appealing. Bringing the S1 41mm down to a unisex size allows Timex to share this classic design with those who prefer a smaller wristwatch.

Unlike the previous version, the new model also features double-domed sapphire crystal, which—aside from the smaller case size—is one of the series’ biggest improvements. It’s anti-scratch and triple-coated with antiglare, making it one of the more high-end Timex watches, but nothing over the top. I’ve presented the sapphire crystal in a way that’s affordable.”

And finally, what do you believe makes the GG S1 38mm so representative of the Timex brand?

“Timex has a long history, and together, we try to honor it by putting out the best quality product we can. This watch really pays homage not only to the watchmaking industry, but also to the heritage of Timex itself through design, detail, and the way it’s built. Construction-wise, this watch is very unique, and in some ways it’s a culmination of what I’ve been doing for Timex for many years. The cut-out case design is something that I was doing back in 1996, for example. Combined with authentic iconography—the curved dials, 3-D indices—the S1 38mm is a classic interpretation of a Timex watch. It’s a tribute to the history of the brand, as well as a look ahead to the chapters yet to be written.”