Timex x Finisterre Bring Function and Form to the Seaside

Time and tide wait for no man.

Luckily, the Timex® x Finisterre® Tide Tracker keeps track of both.

Crafted with our seafaring folk in mind, this newly released timepiece is the result of our first collaboration with Finisterre: a Cornwall, UK-based outdoor apparel company that designs functional and sustainable lifestyle products for the cold-water surf community. In the years since the brand’s establishment in 2003, Finisterre has made a point to put product, environment, and people first, earning itself a B Corporation certification and—as far as we’re concerned—the reputation as a fellow industry pioneer.

Today’s release of the Timex x Finisterre Tide Tracker brings an added layer of function and form to the coast, the topic of which we were excited to discuss with Finisterre Founder Tom Kay all the way from the “end of the earth” itself, St. Agnes, Cornwall.

Tom, we’d love to hear a bit about the Finisterre brand from your perspective. What makes it tick?

“I founded Finisterre in 2003, born from my love of the sea and a belief that there was a better way of making product. Since day one, we have committed to this, always challenging what has gone before, pushing innovation and sustainability in all that we do. We became a B Corps certified business in 2018.”

What inspired you to expand the Finisterre product line to include a wristwatch?

“I’ve always loved watches. I lead quite a rugged life; I’m in the sea as often as I can be and am a volunteer helm of the RNLI lifeboat here in St. Agnes, so any watch I wear gets quite a beating! I wanted to design a watch that could cope with these challenges—one you could wear every day no matter what, yet wasn’t too bulky.”

What are the ways in which this wristwatch encapsulates Finisterre’s ethos?

“It’s quite low-profile, tough, and obviously waterproof. It has a unique tidal movement so—at a glance—you can know the state of the tide for the coast/beach you set it to. I love this; no matter where I am, I know the state of the tide for my local beach. There is a connection to the sea—this is what Finisterre is all about, our ethos. We believe by connecting people to the sea, we can inspire people to protect it. The canvas strap is also made from #tide recycled ocean material and we have engraved the back of the casing.”

What was it that intrigued you most about collaborating with Timex to bring this project to fruition?

“Timex’s reputation for beautifully crafted, hard-wearing, yet accessible watches made them the ideal partner to collaborate with on the design of the watch. The whole process took about two years, and it was a privilege to work with the team at Timex.”

The Tide Tracking feature is one of the most exciting things about the Timex x Finisterre watch. What was your thought process behind its incorporation?

“Yes, this is my favourite–and arguably the most defining—feature of the watch. The idea was to create a watch that, as well as being practical, would also emotively connect the wearer to the sea. The cyan blue tide hand is on a tidal cycle; this is set for your favourite beach/coast, so anytime you look at the watch—and you could be miles from that place—you can see the state of the tide and be taken there. Or you can plan your day around the right tide height for the best surf.”

Why do you believe followers of both brands will appreciate the Timex x Finisterre collaboration?

“I think there is a shared ethos of enduring product that has been brought to life in a unique timepiece that’s both practical and romantic.”

Where was the first place you headed with your own Timex x Finisterre Tide Tracker?

“I’ve been wearing the original sample for some time now and it is truly a great product. I went in the sea as soon as I got my hands on it!”

Timex Takes Care of the Earth with the Peanuts Gang

What does it mean to take care of the earth? For Timex®, it means crafting wrist-hugging watches that reflect the sustainable future our big, green planet needs to keep on spinning. Featuring everyone’s favorite beagle, Charles Shultz’s iconic Snoopy, today’s launch of the Timex x Take Care with Peanuts™ collaboration reminds us all to hit “pause,” appreciate the beauty of the world around us, and make positive lifestyle choices that show compassion for our environment by way of three iconic styles: the Marlin® Automatic, Timex Standard, and Timex Weekender.

True Peanuts fans know that this is far from our first collaboration with the gang. Snoopy, Woodstock, and good ole Charlie Brown have all found their way across plenty of Timex dials in years past; Snoopy dons his cloak and black domino mask as the Masked Marvel on our much-loved M79 Automatic, for example; Woodstock gets the gang in motion on a fresh interpretation of our iconic Marlin®; and together, the two have appeared on festive, holiday-inspired iterations of our Timex Standard on more than one occasion. Our commemorative Take Care with Peanuts collaboration is, however, the first in Peanuts Worldwide’s three-part initiative promoting a trifecta we’re proud to stand behind: care for yourself, care for each other, and, of course, care for the earth.

As a reminder to honor and reconnect with the home we all share, cheerful tones of vibrant green make a splash across each watch throughout the collection—a color currently on trend for a number of reasons, a rise in mainstream environmentalism among the ones we’re most excited about. From a vivid second hand on our Marlin® Automatic to a blue-hued INDIGLO® Backlight on our Standard and Weekender, earth-inspired colorways complement authentic Peanuts graphics, featuring Snoopy treating the planet with kindness and respect.

But when you glance down at one of these watches wrapped comfortably around your wrist, the “Go Green” color palette won’t be the only element to inspire you to slow down, remain present, and take time for what matters most. Each collectible timepiece is mindfully detailed with sustainable materials where possible, and we’re hopeful that the techniques used to bring these styles to life will similarly inspire you to Take Care in your own way. Be it stepping outside to enjoy some fresh air, or finally drafting plans for that DIY backyard compost bin, rest assured that there are countless ways in which we can all show ourselves and the planet some love. After all, this is your time we’re talking about here. Who are we to tell you how to spend it?

Both our Marlin® Automatic—featuring a 21-jewel movement with a 40-hour power reserve—and our tried-and-true Timex Standard incorporate Ecco® DriTan™ Leather straps that rely upon revolutionary water-saving technology throughout the tanning and finishing stages. It’s a method we first adopted for our Expedition North collection, which not only maintains the quality you expect from Timex, but also takes steps to actively lessen our environmental impact. Our INDIGLO® Timex Weekender, on the other hand, boasts eco-friendly slip-thru straps thoughtfully crafted from recycled plastic to prevent unnecessary waste from ending up in landfills. With a sweetly situated Snoopy on the dial’s smiling face, this watch is also 30-meters water resistant, a feature that has you covered no matter how hands-on your earth-friendly practices get.

Inspired by Snoopy’s message of sustainability? Browse the full Timex x Take Care with Peanuts collection and receive your watch in recyclable, all-paper packaging—a clean-and-green finishing touch that shares the kind of nostalgia, optimism, and love for community that only the Peanuts gang can.

Give the Gift That Keeps on Ticking

From fresh takes on beloved classics to nostalgic collaborations with new partners, Timex® routinely demonstrates its ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. In fact, the adaptability of the Timex brand has always been one of the driving forces behind its staying power—and the reason why our wristwatches have been thoughtfully given for generations.

Our legendary craftsmanship runs 167 years deep, making it likely that your grandfather was once gifted a Timex, and his father before him. Today, Timex offers a wide variety of timepieces for both men and women, and if you browse our lineup of dress watches, chronographs, divers, and digitals below, we know you’ll find plenty of opportunities to give the gift that keeps on ticking this holiday season.



Marlin® Hand-Wound 34mm Leather Strap Watch

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A reissue of a faithful 1960s timepiece, the Marlin® pairs the purity and pleasure of a hand-wound mechanical movement with the timeless sophistication of a sleek design. Quite literally given for generations, this is the kind of watch that looks like you inherited it from your Grandpa but shines like new. The stainless-steel case and silver sunray dial mirror the original design, with a brushed effect that has a creamy, champagne hue when the light catches it. Stick dial markings alternate with stylized Arabic numerals, a trending look during the 1960s. Wind the crown until you feel a slight resistance—a motion best done at the same time each day to keep the watch continually running—and enjoy a vintage-inspired appeal that has stood the test of time.


Q Timex 1975 Reissue Date Window 38mm Leather Strap Watch

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Our Q Timex Reissue Date Window circa 1975 has been recreated for today’s watch wearers, with inspirations drawn from the louche glamor of 1970s fashion and design. Featuring a stainless-steel case and plated gold-tone finish, functional battery hatch, date window, and a unique, period-correct case design, at first glance this reissue could be mistaken as an artifact of its time, but it’s so much more than that. We took special care in staying true to the original angles and design, so from above it presents on the wrist with a cushion shape, while from the side it offers a plateaued profile that sits comfortably on the wrist with just the right amount of presence.


Q Timex Reissue 38mm Stainless-Steel Bracelet Watch

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A natural evolution of our much-loved Q Timex 1979 Reissue watch, this timepiece adds a festive new color to the iconic features of the original—a rotating bezel, woven stainless-steel bracelet, functional battery hatch, and domed acrylic crystal to name a few. We’ve long tested the waters with tasteful tones of forest, olive, and emerald green here at Timex, and this iteration of the Q Timex 1979 is a perfect example of our fortitude. Featuring a merry-and-bright, jewel-toned hue that covers both the dial and bezel, it’s everything you already loved, and then some.


Timex Ironman R300 GPS 41mm Silicone Strap Watch

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We know there’s no finish line. That’s why we built our Timex Ironman® R300 GPS watch for constant improvement. This smartwatch is packed with a powerhouse battery, guided workouts from athletes and coaches, continuous optical heart rate monitoring, and more, delivering a range of performance metrics to help you tune your workouts and reach your running goals. The brilliant sunlight-readable display, simple user interface, and robust mobile connectivity come together for a made-for-sports smartwatch that will have no trouble keeping up with you—or the lucky recipient of this perfect holiday gift.


Waterbury Classic Chronograph 40mm Leather Strap Watch

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With the Waterbury Classic Chronograph, we’re paying homage to our original watch collection by using the Waterbury Watch Company logo on the dial and second hand, which bears the stylized W. Each timepiece displays our attention to craftsmanship and detail, with finely finished surfaces and careful applications of watchmaking ingenuity. Featuring a stainless-steel case, classic black dial with Roman numerals, and a quick-release leather strap, this brilliant wristwatch unites all of these elements into something that delivers function just as well as form.


Expedition North Field Post Solar 36mm Recycled Fabric Strap Watch

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Our Field Post 36 Solar takes what you love about its predecessor, the Field Post 41 Solar, and scales it all down to a slightly retro profile that harkens back to military-issue watches from decades past. At 36mm in diameter, the new iteration is the perfect size for lovers of vintage watch design—and anybody with a smaller wrist. This watch provides a reliable solar movement with up to a four-month power reserve, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, 100 meters of water resistance, a screw-down case back and crown, luminescent hands and dial markings, and a comfortable brown Ecco™ DriTan™ leather strap made with eco-friendly methods. Put all that together and you’re getting a classic field watch with modern tech that keeps up with you day after day.




Q Timex x Judith Leiber and Timex T80 x Judith Leiber

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A name synonymous with elegance, style, and sophistication, Judith Leiber has taken two beloved Timex designs and turned them into pieces of high-fashion art. The Q Timex x Judith Leiber clocks in at a versatile 38mm across, and from the Swarovski® crystal-encrusted surface to its all-polished stainless construction, this style guarantees attraction and attention, even when no one’s curious about the time—the mark of a truly stunning watch. For those who prefer the modern appeal of a digital wristwatch, our Timex T80 features a rose gold-tone case with a polished finish while retaining all the same practical features you’d expect: a stopwatch function, alarm, and our classic INDIGLO™ backlight. However, with this on your wrist this holiday season, you’ll be thinking far beyond the basics as it sparkles the hours away.


Waterbury Traditional 34mm Leather Strap Watch

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Go on, go vintage. An update to a true classic, this timepiece honors our roots as The Waterbury Watch Company, and the generations of women watchmakers whose artistry and ingenuity made Timex one of the most popular watch brands in the world. Our Waterbury Traditional not only embodies our commitment to craftsmanship and refined watchmaking, but is also well-suited for everyday wear thanks to its white dial, polished rose gold-tone stainless-steel case, and a natural navy lizard-patterned leather strap.


Q Timex 38mm Stainless-Steel Expansion Band Watch

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Inspired by our archival Q Timex designs from the age of Quartz, we stayed true to the unique case silhouette, rotating top ring, battery hatch, and dial design. The rose gold tone case is accented with alternating blush links on our Perfect Fit™ expansion band for a look and fit you’ll love—and believe us when we say there’s no better time than the present to shop this remarkable timepiece. Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, the Q Timex is one of the many wristwatches included within the Timex x BCRF Capsule Collection: a curated assortment of some of our brightest and boldest women’s styles. Click here to learn more, shop the full collection, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of women worldwide this holiday season.


Timex Metropolitan S 36mm Silicone Strap Watch

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Available in a chic black or rose gold-tone pink, the Timex Metropolitan S has all the functionality you need including up to two weeks of battery life. Its sleek design boasts an impressive AMOLED display that you can customize with over 20+ dial designs. Plus, 24/7 activity and sleep tracking for your health and fitness goals, on-board GPS, optical heart rate sensor, notifications, and much more. The comfortable silicone strap is complemented by a modern metal case and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass™ lens, making this is the perfect smartwatch to hold tight or gift forward.


Celestial Opulence 32mm Stainless-Steel Mesh Band Watch

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Inspired by the beauty of the star-scattered night sky, the unique details of our Celestial Opulence watch stand out on your wrist. Featuring our INDIGLO® backlight, the glittering black dial is complemented by a gold-tone, stainless-steel, mesh bracelet and a polished gold-tone case for a brilliant, eye-catching shine. We’ll never tell you how to style your Timex watch, but rest assured that this one carries the elegance and versatility you need to seamlessly transition from day to night.


Unveil Automatic 38mm Leather Strap Watch

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We’re revealing the details behind this automatic collection. A stunning translucent dial and dimensional applied indices with crystal accents make for a watch with impressive depth on the wrist. An exhibition case back creates further depth, even from above, and shows off the movement on full display. Powered by your motion, the 21-jewel movement has a 40-hour power reserve and can also be hand-wound with the crown. This watch is completed with a polished gold-tone case and black, soft croco-pattern natural leather strap.