Timex x Huckberry, Take Two: Introducing the Timex Classic

After the standout success and single-day sellout of last year’s collaboration between Timex and Huckberry, we looked forward to joining forces with the brand once again. And in the midst of many other collaborations since, including joint ventures with Nigel Cabourn, Todd Snyder, HODINKEE and the Peanuts franchise, things once again lined up to create a new watch with Huckberry. 

“This year, we took design cues from an iconic piece of Americana to create a watch as refreshing and timeless as its namesake. This super limited run is co-branded on the case back and features countless details that will make it a standout in any collection,” said the brand. We’ll take those compliments, especially from a company that’s steadily become a trendsetter in the menswear and outdoors spaces since its humble beginnings in 2010. 

Starting with a design base that our fans already know and love, with a bi-color rotating bezel and angular, 1970s-inspired case, this new collaboration adds a sector dial with a multi-colored minute track and polished, rectangular indices. The always-wearable 38mm case diameter, domed acrylic crystal, hidden lug design and woven stainless-steel bracelet round out a watch that’s a great homage to the era of early quartz timekeeping 

There’s also a special new case back for the limited-run watch, with both Huckberry and Timex branding and the classic coin-slot battery hatch. And speaking of that limited-run status… the last time Huckberry and Timex collaborated on a watch, it sold out within hours of its launch. We might recommend setting an alarm.  

The Timex x Huckberry Classic watch is available for $189 on Huckberry’s website starting October 25. You can sign up for text messages from Huckberry and get early access to the release… or just go old-school, and keep refreshing the page when you wake up on Sunday 

We’ll have coffee on either way. 

TIMEX x HODINKEE: A Limited-Edition Q Timex Reissue 1979


The following text and images come directly from our friends at Hodinkee, who have collaborated with us to create a new special-edition version of our beloved Q Timex 1979 Reissue wristwatch. Replete with a steel bezel, white dial, vintage lume and a new no-date movement to complete the design, the watch is available from 11am on October 13 for $189. Read an excerpt of Hodinkee’s full feature on the collaboration below, or purchase your watch now by visiting the Hodinkee web shop.



We all know what good watch design looks like, and the Q Timex is exactly that: a classic, recognizable watch that stands out on its own merit. That’s why, for our Q Timex, all we sought to do was make a few simple tweaks to the already-successful formula.

The Q Timex was designed to combine accuracy and ability in a single functional package, which is one reason why a three o’clock day-date display has remained a signature for the model over the decades. On the Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition, we wanted to experiment to see how it would look without the additional calendar complication.


The day-date has been completely removed on the Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition, resulting in a more symmetrical dial layout without a “phantom” date position in the crown. That’s right, there’s absolutely no indication that the watch once featured anything more than its simple three hands ticking above the crisp, clean white dial. The hour markers consist of an intermix of geometric shapes, with triangles, rectangles, and circles all rendered in a pale yellow shade of painted luminous material, matching the color of the lume-filled, black-framed handset.


The Q-topped Timex branding at 12 o’clock remains the same as always – a proud indication of the quartz caliber inside – and we’ve paired it with a small black HODINKEE signature at six o’clock, balancing the dial even further. Underneath the HODINKEE stamp is the water-resistance rating – meters first – that indicates the Q Timex can be worn all day, everyday, regardless of what you’re doing or where you’re going. We’ve also removed the bicolor anodized coating on the steel 12-hour bezel, leaving the cool tone of bare metal behind; this is one the first contemporary Q Timex models to feature a steel, rather than aluminum, bezel. A concentric brushed surface finish has been applied to the friction-lock, bidirectional bezel, while the carved numerals and dashes are each colored in black. You can use the 12-hour bezel to track a second time-zone, or even to measure elapsed time by the half-hour.

This remains a Q Timex through and through, of course, so there were a few elements we knew we had to retain. Those include the acrylic crystal up top and the classic screw-in battery hatch around back, which can be quickly unlocked with the edge of a coin.


One thing we appreciate about the Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition is how it’s very clearly the Q Timex at a glance, but the details come alive on close inspection to indicate that it’s truly something special. For example, the lack of a colored coating on the bezel makes the unique barrel-shaped case profile of the Q Timex even more apparent. Just take a look at the concave sloping caseband that curves directly into your wrist from the side. Or examine the sharply beveled – and brushed – front and back elements that act as a hood for how the slinky, woven stainless steel bracelet integrates into the case. There are so many fluid lines in the compact 38mm × 11.5mm case of the Q Timex that we have always felt were underappreciated, and they are now placed on center stage in the Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition.


The Q Timex is the kind of watch that is approachable for all and lighthearted to its core, with real, authentic history standing behind it. There’s a clear passion for watches and watch design that is evident in the Q Timex’s appearance and construction, something that became apparent to us as soon as we strapped one on the wrist for the first time.

Our goal with the Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition was to share those details, and the excitement that comes with them, in as pure and refined a way as possible. Of course, the set-it-and-forget-it quartz movement inside goes a long way in ensuring that the trade-off between price ($189) and precision is more equitable than nearly any previous HODINKEE Limited Edition.




Timex Collaborates With Japanese Artist ‘Face’ & Anna Magazine

This watch might look a bit far-out, with unfamiliar dial art and a name you don’t recognize. But it’s still a Timex. The 36mm case, lightweight and shaped from resin, is both versatile and adventure-ready; it fits a variety of wrists, and packs a large dose of old-school charm. It’s nostalgic. It’s sensible. It tells the time.

And sitting there on your wrist with its grosgrain strap and domed acrylic crystal, it tells the time in a way that makes you want to listen. The offbeat smiley design on the dial, courtesy of a Tokyo-based collaborating artist, is there to draw and hold your attention in ways that a plain watch dial might not really be able to do.

The Tokyo-based illustrator and designer who created the dial design for this watch goes by the working name Face; this Japanese-Taiwanese artist is a contributor to several magazines and media outlets, and regularly provides graphic design for the brand HUMAN MADE directed by designer, producer and entrepreneur Nigo. Also joining Timex in this collaboration is Japan’s Anna Magazine, a print editorial on style and culture with a social, feminine focus. Anna contributed the “Analog Life” concept that formed the basis for this special watch.

As part of a larger picture, though, our Analog Life Camper watch is about more than just telling time or taking a fashionable angle to watch design. The act of looking down at your wristwatch and reading the hours and minutes is akin, as Anna Magazine would put it, to jotting down the day’s happenings in a journal. Or using a paper map to find your way, taking the time to brew pour-over coffee, taking a photo with a film camera, going out to camp in the woods or getting around town by bicycle.

Nowadays, it’s common to check the time by checking your phone — it’s just part of how our daily lives revolve totally around those little screens. We rely on all that pocketable convenience, the constant access to information and entertainment.

One result is that we’re all more informed and connected than we’ve ever been. But another result is this: even if we know the exact time constantly, we fail to value time the same way we used to. And what good is all that accuracy, if we never slow down to enjoy the minutes we’re measuring so carefully?

More than just being a timepiece, this watch is a call to presence, and to engagement. If that means slowing down because you haven’t smelled the roses in weeks (or years), then that’s okay. If it means speeding up because you’ve just realized you’re late for a meeting, that’s okay too. It’s meant to keep you on time, after all.

PRODUCT LINK: https://www.timex.com/timex-x-face-x-anna-analog-life-36mm-fabric-strap-watch/