You know what they say: Timing is everything.

Ariel Adams—owner, publisher and editor-in-chief of aBlogtoWatch—decided to take his first ever visit to our Timex headquarters in Middlebury, Connecticut and managed to get an exclusive first look at our American Documents™ collection.

Prior to taking a trip with our Design Director, Giorgio Galli, to visit the American suppliers coming together to make our made in America watches, Adams took the time to chat with us about his take on the collection, how he thinks it will shift perspectives on the Timex brand and the emotional connection people will make with this timepiece.

A noted watch enthusiast with a dedicated following, Adams admits he wasn’t expecting the news of our American Documents collection—our first American-made watch in decades.

“I would say I was pleasantly surprised and curious,” he says about his initial reaction to the project. “It makes sense for Timex to do this project, but it isn’t one that even serious brand devotees might expect. I recognize the large storytelling effort required to educate people like me as to what the product and the project are all about.”

Our American Documents collection brings together time-tested Swiss movement with beautiful, carefully-crafted American materials—including crystal made in Massachusetts, leather straps sourced and tanned in Minneapolis and a case back coin stamped in US-sourced brass and plated with “Aged Waterbury Brass,” all assembled by hand at our headquarters (located just seven miles from our original factory).

“American Documents watches contain a Swiss watch movement, but everything else you see and touch on the watch is made in the USA and uses parts from over a dozen American manufacturers, all curated by the Timex team,” Adams notes.

Adams has seen many of our watches and thought he had a pretty solid grasp on the brand and its direction. That is, until American Documents came along.

“Did I expect this from Timex? No,” Adams says. “But it’s very welcome and not something predictable from the brand.”

While many know us as an American brand, this collection is our first American-made watch in decades. What started as an idea quickly became a project the entire team was passionate about, setting us out to search for the highest quality American-made materials to create a watch that reflects the diverse people, culture and landscapes that inspire us every day.

“This is not a standard production,” Adams notes. “New supply chain, new development, new materials… this fundamentally changed how Timex made a watch. It’s not your everyday Timex.”

Adams had the chance to visit with some of the manufacturers whose parts were used in creating the American Documents watches.

“What an adventure it was to visit both a selection of the manufacturing partners and Timex’s incredible headquarters. It’s hard to package that experience for others, but it proved to me that American Documents isn’t just a marketing campaign but something real that is worth sharing. What I’ll remember most is the massive investment of time and effort the Timex team put into this project. What is also cool is the story of all the skills Timex as a historic watchmaker needed to relearn.”

“I think what was most interesting was the authentic pride and interest all the manufacturing partners had in this project,” Adams says. “They saw it as more than just another parts order and saw their relationship with Timex as different than that of just another client. I also think it’s interesting how challenging it is to make watch parts correctly and that many people have the notion it’s easy and that these parts can be made anywhere with relative ease.”

During his time at our headquarters, Adams also took note of how we fit into the narrative: Time as a brand and product that is quintessentially American.

“America has been one of the world’s most important makers of democratized technology. What they didn’t invent, they often made accessible to the masses. Timex has been integral with timepieces in this regard and now they release an emotional product, but one that maintains and serves those very same values.”

When asked about what he meant when he talked about the emotional value of the watch, he explains that people don’t buy watches because they need one; they buy watches because they want one. In the ‘90s, watches solidified its place in the fashion and style sphere. Consumers were now looking for more than just a watch; they wanted a watch that aligned with their style and their values.

So, what does this mean for the American Documents collection?

“For me, Timex always sat to the side,” Adams says. “The brand is so popular and well-known, I didn’t think there was anything they could add. They didn’t need me to talk about their products.”

But now, as American Documents is introduced for the first time, there is plenty to talk about.

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Every year, we struggle to find the perfect gift for mom. She’s not difficult to shop for; it’s just hard to find anything that can match all she’s done for us over the years. (Let’s admit that moms are basically superheroes.)

Because Mom’s style is completely unique, the solution is getting her something thoughtful and well-crafted.


Your mom’s catchphrase is, “I’ve got this.” There was never a leaky faucet, science fair project or giant work presentation that she couldn’t handle. You need a gift that is just as strong and resilient as the woman you’re lucky enough to call “Mom.”

Our Waterbury Women’s collection was inspired by the fierce women who worked in our first factory back in 1854. Paving the way for women in the workplace, these women helped craft timepieces that helped disrupt a 300-year-old industry. Honoring 165 years of heritage and commitment to craftsmanship, our Waterbury Women’s collection reflects the beauty and strength within.


She buys a class pass to spin, mastered just about every yoga pose and constantly impresses her kickboxing instructor. Your mom somehow manages to squeeze fitness into her already-busy routine, so she needs a watch that can keep up with her.

Built to handle whatever life throws at it, our IRONMAN® collection has been the standard in digital watches for over 30 years. Our modern IRONMAN® watches blend design and function, made for everyday wear with all of the features you’ve come to expect from a Timex digital watch—including a countdown timer, customizable alarm and water-resistance up to 100 meters.


Your mom is always the first to jump on the latest trends and has even been known to start a few of her own. She’s fashionable, yet sensible. Basically, she’s your style icon.

Whether your mom prefers minimalist chic or leans towards glamour, our Milano collection is a reliable wardrobe staple as trusted as a favorite pair of jeans. A classic gift that is as practical as it is stylish, Mom can dress our Milano collection up or keep it casual with its simple dial and sleek bracelet or strap options.


There’s something that’s true about moms: They’re the person that keeps us out of trouble, shares our secrets and seemed genuinely excited about that macaroni necklace we gave her for Mother’s Day. (To moms everywhere: We’re so sorry about that one.) So let’s step it up this year with a gift that’s definitely a classic and perfect for every awesome mom.

Help Mom put her best look forward with our Transcend collection. We put a spin on “back to basics” with a watch that is well-suited for every occasion and every mom. We found several ways to rock the ultra-thin case—from understated grey tones with subtle crystal details to watches with a mother-of-pearl dial.

Whatever you choose, we made a thoughtful gift just for mom—in designs created to fit any lifestyle. And once you find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your posts using @timex and #timex!

What would you do with an extra hour?

At TIMEX we take watchmaking very seriously. It’s no joke, consumers want more time. If you are ever among a group of busy people and want to start an interesting conversation, ask what they would do with an extra hour in the day. Would they spend more time with family. Get more sleep? Try something adventurous?

Our timepieces use thoughtful design and expert craftsmanship to accurately tell time. And while we know a watch won’t change your life, we know more time will. And an extra hour gives you the time for what matters most.

So, what does time mean to you? And how would you use that extra hour?

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