Back to School Style

There’s a chance you’ll look back on some of your college style choices and cringe – but the right timepiece will always stand the test of time. Watches for college students are the key to elevating casual classroom looks and polishing nighttime glam, accessorizing each outfit with enviable flair.

A fresh semester is a perfect time to add to this finishing touch to your wardrobe. Ace your college style with one of these campus-ready watches.

timex fairfield supernova

The Fairfield Supernova™ 

This modern timepiece features laser-cut perforation on the dial and our INDIGLO® backlight for a sleek timepiece accessory. Upholding the Timex legacy of innovation, the Fairfield Supernova™ is modern and minimalist but far from boring. Wear this watch confidently from class to internship to date night, adding a signature touch to your best looks.

If you’d rather accessorize with a sprinkle of Swarovski® crystal glam, the Fairfield Crystal is the timepiece for you. You’ll shine in class and beyond with this elegant watch, the easiest way to elevate everyday denim and complement your dazzling Friday night look.

timex allied coastline

The Allied® Coastline

Is your college close to the water? Take advantage of your campus’ location with a watch inspired by the ocean, crafted to withstand outdoor adventures. Complete with a resilient silicone strap, this timepiece sits comfortably on your wrist as you explore your campus setting.

timex mk1

The MK1™

Paying homage to military-style watches, this collection features modern, everyday versions of the classic and rugged timepieces. The MK1™ watch is durable enough to trek from class to study group to parties without breaking a sweat. Water-resistant up to 30 meters, you won’t have to worry about splashes or spills.

timex mod 44

The Mod44

With an oversized watch face and large dial markings, the Mod44 makes a bold statement. As a versatile and thoughtfully crafted timekeeping companion, you may find it easier to make it to class on time – and look good while doing it.

Todd Snyder on

Having collaborated with Timex on a series of stylish and coveted timepieces, Todd Snyder is now adding select Timex X Todd Snyder watches to the showcase. Previously, these watches could only be found on and at his flagship store on Madison Square. Now, these vintage-inspired Timex X Todd Snyder watches are available at

Some of the collection highlights include:

The Blackjack: Using a sport watch from the ‘70s as the starting point, the Blackjack timepiece is a sleek, stealthy spin on the silhouette that pulls inspiration from Formula One drivers from the era and the sport’s most famous backyard, Monaco.

timex todd snyder blackjack

The Mod Inspired “Bullseye”: Based on a bullseye design discovered in the Timex archives, this fresh take blends mod style with state of the art functionality. Crafted with a vintage-inspired dial and military fabric strap, this versatile timepiece can dress down an office look or elevate your weekend wear in a split second.

timex todd snyder mod

Military Watch: Inspired by ‘70s military-style watches and reinvented for everyday civilian wear, this collaboration between Todd Snyder and Timex reflects a shared commitment to design, utility and craftsmanship. This watch brings together incredible historic references, military-inspired styling and impeccable yet understated craftsmanship that works for any occasion.

timex todd snyder military watch

Maritime Sport: A modern hybrid with a nautical sensibility that evokes naval academies and life on the eastern seaboard. The timepiece pays homage to iconic diver styling with a fresh look that’s equally at home in Nantucket or New York.

timex todd snyder maritime sport

Alessandro de Rose & Timex Command

The 2018 Red Bull® Cliff Diving World Series gathers some of the most fearless athletes in the world to perform awe-inspiring acrobatics that toe the line between technical competency and pure adrenaline; a test of mind over matter as each second leading up to the dive is a nerve-wracking experience.

Alessandro de Rose, a native of Calabria, Italy, is one of the sport’s rising stars. Timex is proud to work with him as he continues his quest to be the next World Series champion. Timex spoke to him about his foray into the extreme sport of cliff diving, how he prepares both mentally and physically, and how the Timex Command™ watch helps him train.

“Getting involved in cliff diving took a bit of luck,” he says. “I didn’t know anything about cliff diving and never considered myself to be the extreme athlete type. I did catch a diving show in Rome and then did some searches on YouTube and saw videos for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. I thought it looked crazy but at the same time it was something I really wanted to try.”

red bull cliff diving
Alessandro De Rose

Having a recreational background in springboard diving, he was not entirely new to the idea of diving. But the mental and physical strain of cliff diving from heights nearing 90 feet was something he would have to prepare for.

“I remember my first cliff dive,” he says. “I was really scared. Staying calm plays a big part in whether you can be successful. Many people panic on the platform because your mind is calculating what you are about to do and there’s an inner voice telling you not to jump (laughs).”

timex command watch
Alessandro De Rose

“My goal right now is to be the next World Series champion,” he says. “It may not be this year but it’s something I’m going to fight for. There is also a push to make cliff diving an Olympic sport in time for the Paris games in 2024, something I definitely want to be a part of.”

Helping him along the way is the support he has received from the sponsorship with Timex.

“With Timex, I feel very lucky to have their support, he says. “Red Bull Italy reached out to me and asked if I was interested and of course I accepted. In our job, you need someone to believe in you and for Timex to show that interest and support is a great feeling.”

alessandro de rose
Alessandro De Rose

With the sponsorship came the chance to try out the Timex Command™, especially the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series edition. Featuring a blue silicone strap with the Red Bull® logo and anodized aluminum details, the watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 100 meters. Though rules prohibit the wearing of any jewelry when diving, Alessandro has found the watch to be a perfect training companion.

“I find the watch very useful and very easy to use,” he says. “The chrono feature works really well and I use it when I’m doing interval and cross-fit type training at the gym. My training is not to build muscle but to focus on overall fitness and this watch is perfect for that goal. It’s also very durable. I’ve dropped it quite a few times and nothing I do can break it. Not that I’m trying to (laughs).”

With three more stops to go in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series (August 25th in Copenhagen, September 8th in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina and September 23rd in Polignano a Mare, Italy), he is ready for a strong push to the finish.

“Once I landed my first dive I realized this was something I could do and now I have a very real passion for it,” he says. “It’s hard to find the words to describe it, but it feels like I can do anything. This sport teaches you to control how your mind works, from staying calm on the edge of the platform to planning all the steps it will take to become a champion. I’ll keep diving until I can’t do it anymore.”

timex command watch

Timex Kicks-Off with College Tribute Watches

Crisp air, the changing colors of leaves and a renewed excitement on Saturdays… it must be college football season. And this year, Timex is proud to provide dedicated fans of NCAA football teams with our Collegiate Tribute® collection. Perfect for game day, or every day, the collegiate Tribute watches come in dress, casual and sport styles to match your outfit and show your team allegiance at the game, at work or a night on the town.

Many pre-season publications are picking the usual suspects for the top spots. We complete the predictions with our pick for the right watch to match the program.

timex tribute watches

1) Alabama: It’s been said few things are certain in life, but Alabama being in the National title game is one of them.  Alabama has won five national titles and almost won a sixth if it weren’t for late-game heroics by Clemson. The Crimson Tide win games the “old school way” with a punishing ground game, conservative air show and a concrete wall of a defense. We recommend the Timex Tribute Old School watch for raving Crimson Tide fans!

timex tribute watches

2) Clemson: Another familiar face when it comes to the College Football Playoffs are the Tigers of Clemson. A storied program that only had one national title on its resume, Clemson broke through in 2016 and upended Alabama to take home first place. With a defense that consistently turns out 1st round NFL draft picks, particularly on the defensive line, and a mix of capable athletes, Clemson will have no shortage of offensive and defensive firepower. Tiger teams come to play, so for Clemson fans, we recommend the Timex Tribute GAMER!

timex tribute watches

3) Georgia: The pride of the south is college football. Since 2006, 11 of the 12 national champions have come from southern schools with Ohio State being the lone exception. After a heart-breaking loss to Alabama in last year’s title game, the Bulldogs will be looking to prove their run was no fluke. This team has plenty of talent waiting for their shot. Consider the Timex Tribute Pride to show off your Bulldog colors!

timex tribute watches

4) Oklahoma: Back in the 1980’s Oklahoma used the traditional wishbone running game to roll over the competition. Now the Sooners take to the air to pile on points and remain a perennial playoff threat. The Sooners have won 11 of the last 18 Big 12 Titles so expect eager underclassmen to join top returners in keeping the Sooner Schooner rolling. Take a look at the Timex Tribute Citation for a more traditional look that stills shows your Sooner allegiance.

There are a host of teams going into the season that have legitimate shots to upend Alabama. And Timex has a watch to show off who you think will be this year’s national champion. Enjoy the 2018 Season!

Timex and Todd Snyder Release the Beekman

Timex and Todd Snyder are teaming up again. A strong partnership that combines the craftsmanship of Timex with Todd’s style authority, the latest collaboration, the Timex Beekman is based on a Timex racing inspired watch from the ‘60s. While the original watch was intended for racing enthusiasts, the modern version recreates both the finesse and function of the original with unmatched versatility and a unique dial that stands the test of time.

timex todd snyder beekman watch

Todd visited the Timex headquarters in Middlebury and had the chance to go through our extensive archive of vintage watches and found the distinctive tachymeter complication on the dial of the racing watch compelling enough to inspire the Timex Beekman.

timex todd snyder beekman watch

“The Beekman brings together two things I really love: classic cars and classic timepieces. I’m proud to continue the Timex X Todd Snyder partnership with the launch of our first co-created tachymeter watch, and to celebrate the values we both share: iconic design, impeccable craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation and functionality at a great value.” Todd Snyder

The Timex Beekman timepiece features:

– Stainless-Steel Case
– Acrylic Domed Crystal
– Genuine Croco-Pattern Leather Strap
– Quick Release Spring Bars
– Dial feature Tachymeter and Telemeter
– INDIGLO® Backlight
– Water-Resistant to 30m
– 40mm Case Size/20mm Lug Width
– 12mm Case Height (Including Crystal)

timex todd snyder beekman watch

In a classic nod to its racing roots, the watch can measure the speed of a moving object, such as a vintage racing car. Pull out the crown when the second hand is at the 12 position, stopping the hand. When the car passes the starting point, push down the crown to start the secondhand again. When the car reaches the end of a one-mile course, stop the second hand again. Check its position against the tachymeter markings and you can tell how fast the car was moving.

Two styles of the Beekman are available at a stainless-steel case with black leather strap and black dial and a stainless-steel case with brown leather strap and cream dial. The watches can also be found at Todd Snyder’s flagship store on Madison Square in New York.

The Evolution of the Waterbury

It’s been two years since Timex tinkered with its popular Waterbury line. But, in keeping with the Timex tradition of innovation and evolution, a brand-new Waterbury Traditional is now available. An update to a true classic, this timepiece honors our roots with ageless style.

timex waterbury

Three versions of the Waterbury Traditional have been created: a chronograph, day date and sub-second. The new line features case detailing that is more crisp and is defined by a separate looking top ring. The new case design adds a more modern, yet still classic, profile.

Available in genuine leather straps, the Waterbury Traditional has a 42mm dial, quartz analog movement and a stylized “T and X” decoration on the crown that will be featured on most new Boutique case designs. The Waterbury Traditional leather strap models include SB Foot Tanning leather and logo and all models have “The Waterbury” imprinted on the lower dial.

timex waterbury

Other features that will distinguish the Waterbury Traditional include a stainless-steel case, mineral glass crystal, full Arabic dials, two sub-dials and water-resistance up to 50 meters. The watch will also feature the INDIGLO® backlight and plans are being made to add new colorways and movement types by 2019.

Named for the Connecticut town where Timex began, the timepiece is the next generation of the Waterbury and is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship and watchmaking.

timex waterbury

Your Guide to Watch Strap Replacement

Let your watch strap be the detail that makes you stand out from the crowd. Here’s your guide to choosing a watch strap replacement:

What’s your strap size?

Your watch strap length and width depend on a few factors, namely wrist size, wearer preferences and case size. The case is what encloses the watch face, and its thickness is the width between the case back and the top of the crystal. Watch strap thickness complements the dial, with thinner straps reserved for smaller cases and thicker straps used to anchor larger cases. In general, the case size tends to be slightly larger in men’s watches. 

Beyond the strap’s practical purpose, switching up your band is an effortless way to update the look and feel of your watch. Choose different colors, patterns and materials to customize your watch’s look to match the day or your mood.

When it’s time to shop for your watch strap replacements, keep these tips in mind:

Mix up your watch routine

  • Choose the right size – Remember that thick generally works well with large watch faces, while delicate straps are better for smaller cases.
  • Check the hardware – Make sure it’s appropriate for the event and style, such as leather with stitching details for everyday sophistication or colorful nylon for casual weekends.
  • Avoid mixing styles – Respect the character and nature of the dial of your watch, choosing complementary colors and textures rather than contrasting straps.
  • Don’t overlook the finishing – Check for even stitching, consistent dye and high-quality material composition and condition. Also, inquire about ease of care and durability.

watch strap replacement

Choose the right material

The key to looking good is feeling great, so start with choosing the texture and finish of your new watch strap. Common materials to choose from include:


These casual, comfortable fabric straps are easy to swap out and super comfortable on your wrist. Plus, the fabric is washable, so you can keep it looking fresh even after several wears. However, keep in mind that fabric can sometimes fade or fray over time, which makes it a great option for experimenting with a pop of color or reserving it for casual vacations.


There’s something classic about leather straps. They are the perfect companions for your more sophisticated or vintage dials, as their clean and suave finish will only add to rather than distract from the watch’s character. Leather can also complement more casual/traditional looks.


Metal bracelets are well-suited for customizing size and details, as the links are easy to remove and replace. With shiny finishes, metal bracelets are a great option for more formal, cut-above-casual events. Plus, they are super durable and dependable.

Rubber or Nylon

Water-resistant and easily washable with soap and water, these casual and comfortable straps are perfect for outdoor adventures. Rubber and nylon straps are ideal for sport or diving watches. They’re also durable enough to keep up with you for years to come.

Choose from any of these materials, plus a variety of colors, case sizes and buckle or clasp types for endless options to add to your assortment of watch straps. Once you collect several pairings, even just one case can take on the personality of several different watches. Who knew changing the strap was all you needed to acquire a new watch?

With that, we’ll hand it over to you to get creative with your watches.

Watches for the Great Outdoors

You get antsy when you’re indoors for too long. Your adventurous spirit takes you anywhere from the top of mountains to the deepest realms of the ocean. Can your watch keep up with you?

Outdoor watches do far more than tell time. With durable materials and battery life, you can rely on these watches to keep up with your adventurous lifestyle. Most are designed with features specific to particular outdoor activities, but others are versatile enough to manage various experiences.

timex expedition ranger

Features to look for include:

• Water resistance
• Weather resistance
• High-resolution display
• Light-up watch dial
• Stopwatch and timer
• Lap Timer
• Alarm
• Compass
• Time zone settings
• Date display
• Heart rate monitor
• Integrated apps

Designed especially for those with active, outdoor lifestyles, watches with the above features are as prepared for your next outdoor adventure as you are. From scaling mountains to playing fetch in the park with your dog, these timepieces are ready to go.

timex command

If you’re happiest in the ocean, consider outdoor watches with features that are best for water sports, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. That, of course, includes water-resistant materials, as well as GPS and local tide data. Add a stopwatch to the mix and you have a watch that’s ready to help you beat your personal record in the swimming pool.

Lightweight and durable watches with tools like stopwatches, countdown timers, and heart rate monitors are perfect for running and biking, helping you track your outdoor workouts or train for your next marathon.

For serious hiking and camping, heavy-duty watches with shock, altitude and weather resistance, navigation capabilities, built-in compasses and customizable alarms can guide you through the great outdoors with confidence.

If your adventures are limitless, consider a multi-functional outdoor watch that can easily adapt to various open-air activities. Alternatively, choose one that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. With rugged and durable construction, Timex outdoor watches are ready for adventure, but still carefully crafted for regular wear.

timex allied chronograph

Cater to your adventures

Before purchasing a watch, consider your frequent and upcoming outdoor events to narrow your options to a timepiece with the perfect features and styles to suit your needs. Ask yourself questions, such as:

• Does it need to be water resistant for swimming laps or deep sea adventures?
• Do you need a timer or stopwatch for outdoor training?
• Do you want to wear the watch when you’re adventuring outdoors as well as taking it easy?
• Do you prefer a digital or traditional clock face?
• Are styles, colors or materials important factors?

Make a list of your must-have features – down to the details. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to make your decision. Once you find the perfect outdoor watch, you’ll have a trusty timepiece to support all of your adventurous endeavors.