What Makes a Watch Water-Resistant?

As summer approaches, it’s a great time to think about whether your watch is ready to take you through the season. Swimming, beach trips, water parks, lazy tubing rides down rivers — there are a lot of chances for your watch to get wet this summer.

Understanding water’s impact on your watch is key to taking care of your timepiece. But exactly what makes a watch water-resistant? We dive into the details below.

Water-resistant vs. waterproof watch 
“Waterproof” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but the Federal Trade Commission banned its use in advertising in the watch industry in the late 1960s. This was because no watch — or most other items, for that matter — can truly claim to be unharmed by water in all cases. At some point, and at some degree of water pressure, water will leak through a watch’s intricate mechanics and cause damage.

However, water resistance is a very real concept. It measures how much water pressure a watch can handle before it breaks. This measurement is important to know for the proper care and keeping of your watch.

timex torture test

Timex and water-resistant watches 
What makes a watch water-resistant?
Inside your watch is a network of complicated mechanics, each of which must work in tandem to enable accurate timekeeping. Water seeping into these mechanics will break your watch or affect timekeeping accuracy — sand, perspiration, and soap can also cause damage to your watch. To make watches water-resistant, product designers add a special type of gasket that seals the entryways to the core of the watch and helps keep water out. These gaskets work up to certain water pressure levels. You can also minimize water damage by not pulling out the watch crown or pressing buttons while underwater, offering protection from water damage and allowing the watch to be labeled as “water-resistant.”

Many of Timex’s watches are water-resistant. Our timepieces go through a rigorous testing protocol to assess their water resistance levels.

Our watches feature various levels of water resistance, from 30 meters to 200 meters. Here are the guidelines to help you know which types of exposure your Timex® watch can tolerate:

  • 30 meters: Watch can have an occasional splash of water.
  • 50 meters: Watch can have repeated exposure to moisture and can be used occasionally for swimming or similar activities.
  • 100 meters: Watch can be used for swimming, snorkeling, and similar activities.
  • 300 meters: Wearer can press buttons of the watch while underwater.

Check out some of our water-resistant watches:

Important considerations
Remember that using watches in ways that exceed their water resistance limit can cause damage. In addition, bear in mind that water-resistant watches from Timex are not certified diver’s watches. Finally, know that salt water can harm watches, so be sure to rinse your water-resistant watch with fresh water after exposure to it.

Enjoying your water-resistant watch 
Now that you know the basics of water resistance in timepieces, enjoy the summer activities you love — such as boating, kayaking or fishing — with peace of mind.

How to Clean Your Leather Watch Strap

Leather has been a material choice for clothing, shoes, and accessories for thousands of years, revered for its classic style that is well-suited for formal occasions, as well as casual wear. Many Timex® watches come with leather bands in a range of shades, from traditional black and brown to more modern pops of color.

Part of caring for your Timex watch includes cleaning the leather band. However, it’s important to go about cleaning leather in the right way to keep it looking good and preventing any damage.

Why does leather require special care?

Leather is a unique material that requires special care for cleaning it. Leather absorbs the sweat and dirt that come with regular wear and can be sensitive to liquids. The material is also sensitive to other elements, such as direct sunlight or heat, which can cause cracking.

Fairfield Chrono Leather Strap

Leather has been used by humans for thousands of years.

Here’s how to clean your leather watch band:

1. Remove the strap 
Remove the strap from the watch before cleaning it. This helps protect the watch case and dial.

2. Wipe the leather with a dry cloth
Before getting any liquids involved, wipe down the strap with a dry cloth. This gently removes any grainy dirt or debris that has collected on the strap that could potentially scratch the surface of the leather during more intensive cleaning. Choose a soft cloth – microfiber or jewelry polishing cloth are your best bets.

3. Wash the leather with soap 
The next step is to clean the strap more thoroughly with soap. A gentle soap is best, as stripping formulas found in harsher soaps can dry out the leather. Dampen a separate microfiber or jewelry cloth and apply a small amount of the soap to it. The cloth should be damp, but not sopping wet, to avoid causing water damage to the leather.

Gently rub the inside and outside of the leather band with the damp cloth, using small circular motions across the material.

4. Remove soap residue
After cleaning the strap, rinse the cloth under running water until all of the soap is gone. Squeeze out any excess water from the cloth. Then lightly wipe the leather strap with the clean damp cloth to remove all soap residue from the band.

5. Let band dry 
Once the soap is removed, let the strap air-dry. Do not put the strap in direct sunlight or use a hair dryer to dry the strap.

6. Use leather conditioner
Once your strap has dried, apply the number of drops of leather conditioner specified on the package to a clean cloth. Gently rub the leather strap with the cloth and let it dry. Be sure the conditioner you use is for jewelry, watches, clothing or accessories: leather conditioner for furniture and industrial items will likely be too harsh for contact with your skin.

How often should you clean your leather strap?

If you’re looking for a routine to clean a leather strap that you use often, a good recommendation is to clean the strap once every other week. Follow the steps above to clean your strap, except for the conditioner step. Leather conditioner is meant for occasional use; check the conditioner package for details.

If you live in hot or humid climates, you may want to consider wiping down your leather watch strap more often due to perspiration. Similarly, leather bands may require more frequent cleaning during the summer months.

Revival of Petite Women’s Watches

While large faces have dominated the market at times, timepieces with smaller cases and thinner straps are experiencing a surge in popularity. These sleek, jewelry-inspired watches are a stylish accessory for a range of lifestyles and add an elegant touch to your outfit.

The royal roots of petite watches
While petite watches are currently in the spotlight, it’s not the first time they’ve made an appearance. The origins of the petite watch style actually go back to the royal courts of the 19th century. The Queen of Naples is popularly credited with having worn the first wristwatch, which she had custom designed and resembled a delicate item of jewelry rather than the larger timepieces of today. Other royals and high society women followed the trend, having their own ornate watches designed for them, leading to the popularization of the so-called “bracelet watch.”

Since then, petite watches have been a go-to style for women looking for a slim and feminine timepiece.

Many modern petite watches have leather straps in a variety of colors and stainless-steel gold, silver and rose gold-tone cases. These stainless-steel bracelet watches have an elegant, jewelry-like appearance and can elevate a dressier outfit for a formal event or cocktail parties. Their slim size also makes them great for combining with bangles and rings for a statement look.

Ways to wear petite watches
There are a number of ways to wear a petite watch. Their small size and thin straps give them a minimalist, understated quality that can complement any outfit without overwhelming it, making them perfect for work-to-play looks.

timex watches

Petite watches from Timex 
Timex offers a variety of watches for every taste and budget, including elegant petite timepieces. Here are some of our top picks:

Milano Semi-Bangle 24mm Watch
Make a statement with the ultra-sleek Milano Semi-Bangle. Available in both polished champagne and silver-tone stainless-steel with minimalist hour markers, the Milano Semi-Bangle is a modernist and bold timepiece with a slim profile.

Briarwood Mother of Pearl 27mm Expansion Band Watch
The Briarwood Mother of Pearl is a classic and sophisticated timepiece. It adds a touch of class to everyday outfits, but with its gold- or two-tone stainless-steel expansion band and iridescent Mother-of-Pearl dial, it can also be the perfect accessory for more formal occasions.

Easy Reader® 30mm Leather Strap Watch
Smaller cases don’t necessarily mean harder to read. The Easy Reader® 30mm watch features an enlarged typeface for at-a-glance timekeeping. Available in silver-tone with a white dial and red leather strap or gold-tone with a cream dial and black leather strap, the Easy Reader promises to be durable and always in style.

Expedition® Field Mini 26mm Leather Strap Watch
Outdoor adventurers and urban explorers alike will find a functional and durable petite watch option in the Expedition® Field Mini. A classic outdoor watch, the Expedition® brings together INDIGLO® night-light technology, water resistance up to 50 meters and a durable metal construction to create a dependable timepiece wherever your journey takes you.

What Type of Watch Should I Wear to a Job Interview?

Great news: You’ve been called in for a job interview. As you prepare, be sure to consider what you’ll wear the day of. Even if you have the right skills and experience for the position, an unprofessional outfit can distract the interviewer from your qualifications.

A quality timepiece completes your professional look, and subtly sends the message that you care about getting the little details just right. It’s also a more professional alternative to checking the time on your smartphone.

Below we look at the value of taking the extra time to put together that perfect outfit and tips on which watch you should wear to the interview.

timex watches

The power of confidence 
Confidence wraps up your skills and qualifications for a job in an engaging, presentable package. Putting together a professional outfit for the interview will help you feel more confident when you sit down with the hiring manager.

That sense of confidence can go a long way toward landing the job.

You only get one chance at a first impression; you need to make it count. First impressions are everything. In fact, a LinkedIn @Work study found that 76% of professionals have a hard time getting over a bad first impression. A professional outfit helps you give the best chance of making a great first impression the moment you walk through the door.

Forbes reported another survey, conducted by the branding firm Universum, that professionalism was identified as the number one trait employers look for in new hires. This was followed by high-energy and confidence.

Clothing also affects how you think and act. A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that wearing formal clothing, such as a suit set, makes people feel more powerful and improves big-picture thinking, qualities important to professional success.

These findings make a compelling case that what you wear to an interview really does matter, and a watch is the perfect accessory to tie together your professional look.

Which watch should you wear?
So now you know wearing a watch leads to making a great impression in interviews. Now how do you choose a watch?

It’s best to choose a timepiece that is simple, streamlined and classic. Anything too flashy or gaudy will distract the interviewer. You should also avoid sport watches or those with fabric straps, as they may seem too casual for a professional setting.

Instead, choose a watch with a classic minimalist design. When it comes to a minimalist aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with any of the watches in the Timex Fairfield Collection. Another safe bet is opting for the Easy Reader® Signature 38mm Leather Strap Watch, which comes in gold- and silver-tone cases and a choice of black, light brown and dark brown leather straps. Another great option is the Waterbury Classic 36mm Stainless Steel Watch. The gold- and silver-tone stainless-steel complements professional business attire well while still being sleek and understated.

With their classic style and superior functionality, Timex watches can complete your professional outfit so you can make the best impression at your job interview.

Timex and Our Role in Mid-Century Modern Design

timex watchesThough popularized between the 1930s and 1960s, mid-century modern design remains very relevant today. The style has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with consumers prizing the aesthetic’s streamlined forms and functional style in furniture, clothing, and accessories.

Timex contributed its own pieces to the mid-century modern movement through its watches that blended utility and durability with classic, streamlined style. Timex’s interpretation of the mid-century modern led to the creation of the Marlin®, a classic Timex watch still revered for its refined simplicity today.

Let’s take a closer look at mid-century modern design and Timex’s interpretations of the style:

“The rise of mid-century modern style in the U.S. was inspired by the Bauhaus movement.”

Returning from war
The mid-century modern design movement has its origins in the post-World War II period. Houses and neighborhoods for soldiers returning from war began popping up across the country, with the rise in suburban neighborhoods creating a need for streamlined furniture items that were affordable and functional.

In large part, the rise of mid-century modern style in the U.S. was inspired by the Bauhaus movement taking place in Germany, as well as the influence of Scandinavian designers who valued smooth lines and optimal functionality in their pieces. The Bauhaus movement took its inspiration from modernism and was created to be a counterpoint to the extravagant decorative flourishes of the Art Deco style. In a post-war era, the focus was on utility, but utility in this new age could still be aesthetically pleasing.

timex watches

Icons of the era
Across the Atlantic, mid-century modern designers were making names for themselves. George Nelson and Florence Knoll were two such figures who indelibly changed the American furniture, architecture and design mentality.

Nelson founded the supremely influential design house and manufacturer Herman Miller, which introduced the American public to the iconic Eames chair and “marshmallow” sofa. Florence Knoll, who studied under Bauhaus masters, transformed home and office spaces in the U.S., guided by her ethos of examining every element of a space, from fabrics to the shapes of furniture, and the ways they work together.

Timex and mid-century modern design 
Recognizing the changing tastes and preferences of the consumer, Timex introduced a series of watches in the post-war period that responded to the need for superior function through its timepieces’ industry-leading durability and accurate timekeeping. In the mid-1950s, as consumers’ disposable income increased and the economy improved, Timex unleashed a new series of watches that offered superior functionality as well as aesthetically pleasing design, proving that watch wearers no longer had to choose between form and function – they could have both. This led to the introduction of the Model 22 in 1958, which featured an elegant style and improved engineering. Then came the release of the Marlin in the 1960s, a watch style still prized for its sophistication.

Today, Timex continues its legacy of blending form and function with the Fairfield collection, a contemporary take on mid-century modern design. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the tasteful Fairfield timepieces feature clean and modern designs free of complications.